The Shroud of Turin a Fake? Scientist Repeats the Process

I don’t know about you, but whew, glad that that mystery is once for all settled An Italian scientist says

Old Testament

Boldness: The Center of the Old Testament

Kevin Edgecomb at Biblicalia writes, ….I’ll get right to it: the center of the Old Testament is the Anointed, the


Intersection: 1st Enoch 82.4-7 and Daniel 7.25

The Book(s) of Enoch are a series of mini-sections touching on differing themes and providing fodder for biblical studies, especially


George Marsden on Jonathan Edwards’ Surrender

Today is the Birthday of ‘America’s Theologian.’ Almost all his life had been preparing for this moment. He had often


Christian America and the Kingdom of God (Introduction)

The author, far from disparaging those sincere believers in the myth of the Christian nation, does his best to set