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My Daughter – The Singer

We bought my daughter an mp3 player for a certain holiday, and loaded her songs up for her. The problem

Church History

Tertullian, On Modesty XII – Verdict of the Apostles

Reading Tertullian’s On Modesty as been beneficial to me – as a mental and a spiritual exercise. I have come

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Doug Kutilek: "Roots" of the KJV Controversy

Robert Dick Wilson, the great Princeton Seminary Old Testament Scholar who died in 1930, was well-practiced in exposing and refuting


Waite's Three Errors in the Oxford KJV Edition by Rick Norris

Most KJV’s on the market are the Oxford variety – does this mean that the users of the Oxford KJV


10 Questions for KJV-only Supporters

We are continuing with our week long argument against King James Version Onlyism. I implore those that hold to such