2009 Biblioblogger Dinner and thoughts

As you all know, the SBL annual meeting was this week and in conjunction was the biblioblogger dinner. I had originally planned to go to the entire thing, but with the baby being born, we decided that the weekend of family, friends, and the dinner would suffice. So, on Friday about noon, my son and I picked up a buddy of mine (who I would drop off in McComb, MS) and headed south. We arrived in McComb at 2, camped out on his sofa for a few hours, then headed into Baton Rouge where my son and I visited with several of my great aunts for a few hours. Then we headed to my old hometown of Central to visit with my former (Baptist) pastor before heading back to our hotel room to get ourselves ready for Mike Anderson’s seafood.

At Mike’s, I visited with several old high school buddies over copious amounts of fried seafood. I mean, I had fried everything that night. But, the friendship was better. As one said, we had all gone our separate ways, and had been over 10 years since we saw each other last, but it felt like yesterday. Baton Rouge is booming and is so much larger than I remember or like. Soon, from Hammond to Baton Rouge and from Baton Rouge to La Place will be one large metropolis (but without Superman). The traffic is terrible and makes me laugh when people in Charleston whine a bit about rush hour.

The next morning, we heading to New Orléans which was the complete opposite of Baton Rouge. I don’t think that city has changed since I first started going down there when I was 8.

We had lunch with Michael Halcomb and Jeremy Thompson where I had a crawfish poboy. I gave half to my son who promptly removed the crawfish and ate them separately from the bread. Yes, he was born in Charleston, so I have to look past certain culinary related things. That afternoon, of course, was the 2009 biblioblogger dinner where I met some of the best people. I have a great conversation on house churches with Bill Heroman and Jason Staples which has really helped me along – more than they know. All of the people in attendance were fantastic and I had a great time. I even got to visit with Rick Mansfield a bit afterward.

When I first started this blog, nearly two years ago now, I was a bit of a fundamentalist, and had great disdain for academics. Well, really anyone that was unlike me. However, as I blogged, I progressed. I become more interested in the academic side of biblical studies than I thought I would, and still find that interest growing. Before I bog you down with that, I’ve decided to finish some classes, and look for a biblical studies program for next fall. We’ll see how that goes. Note, this will not be a seminary route, but focusing more on biblical studies. (I would much rather study 2nd Temple Judaism than anything else)

Note as well, that I will be taking the last two weeks off in December to write something larger than a blog post series. We’ll see how it goes.

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20 Replies to “2009 Biblioblogger Dinner and thoughts”

  1. You grew up in BR? Neat. I have a b-i-l in Livingston, I pastor in Amite, and have people drive from Mccomb to my church.
    You were all over my stomping grounds.
    Wish I could have had a chance to drop a hint about a couple of good thrift stores where you can sometimes find theology books.

    1. I lived for 12 years in Port Vincent area, and then 12 in BR. During that time, a year in McComb as well. I would have loved that hint! We are planning a vacation down south in May. Maybe we can get together then.

  2. It was great to meet you in person, Joel. I’m also glad the HC discussion was helpful.

    The picture of God’s House in the Heavenlies, that He showed to Moses, was a Tent.

    The Wind just blows where it will, and we follow.

    “And He would have gone on, but they asked Him to stay…”

  3. That’s all we can do, Joel. Ask Him to stay.
    The only trick is being part of a people who all feel that way.
    Blessings on all your WVA prospects.
    God’s HOPE is Christ in a “Y’all”.

    1. Thanks, Rob, you as well. Next year will be a lot closer, and as soon as they announce the location, I’ll register.

      Glad to see you return to blogging!

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