2 Peter’s Canon

I really want to do some work on intentional canonization by John, but will have to do other things first. Anyway, in the meantime, I just wanted to point out that 2 Peter (c. 100 CE) has a canon, or a set of works deemed authoritative. What are they?

  • 2 Peter 1.16-21 defends at least one Gospel (Compare Matthew 17.1-5, Luke 9.31-2. As far as Mark, I would need to dig deeper for intertextual clues)
  • 2 Peter 3.1 defends 1 Peter
  • 2 Peter 3.15-6 defends the writings of Paul.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

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  1. I wonder how far we can go with 2 Peter’s knowledge of Paul. There seem to be reminiscences of Ephesians in there. Are the Pastorals a step too far?

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