1966: Is God dead?

In 1966 Time editor John T. Elson wrote:

Is God dead? The three words represent a summons to reflect on the meaning of existence… Even within Christianity, now confidently renewing itself in spirit as well as form, a small band of radical theologians has seriously argued that the churches must accept the fact of God’s death, and get along without him.

The Time magazine cover for this article has been called the most controversial magazine cover of all time. Elson died earlier this month aged 78.

Theology: Toward a Hidden God. Time, 8 April 1966.

John T. Elson, Editor Who Asked ‘Is God Dead?’ at Time, Dies at 78

The Most Controversial Magazine Covers of All Time

Dan Gilgoff noted the same news:

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9 Replies to “1966: Is God dead?”

  1. Yes, I remember the ‘God is Dead’ theology (so-called) in my so called high school years. It made its way to the UK also. It was sort of a super, negative existentialism, and in the worst light. I can remember having to read Jean-Paul Sartre, French existentialist and a philosopher of non-being. Here we begin and end with nihilism. Good riddens!
    Fr. R.

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