11QMelchizedek (11Q13)

Col. 1out Moses “Indeed, i holy  Lev 25:12Col 2

1  sk m 

2 And as for what he said, “In year of the jubilee

3 nner Let every creditor remit what he has lent Go release

4 nd of days concerns the captives about whom Its interpretation is that he]

5 will assign them to the sons of heaven and the lot of Melchizedek, f their lot amid the pordek,

6 who will make them return and will proclaim freedom to them, to free them from the of all their iniquities. And thus will this thing happen

7 in the first week of the jubilee that occurs after the ninth jubilee. Now the dment id of the tenth bilee,

8 when atonement (will be made) for all the sons of for the mn of the lot Melzedek [] pt…wm about who ht l  them.

9 Indeed, it is the time of the year of grace of Melchiz. And he will by his strength raise up the holy ones of God to execute judgment as it has been written

10 concerning him in the songs of David, as it says, “Elohim ands in the assemby in the midst of elohim he judges.” Ps 82:1And concerning it he sa “Above it,

11 to the heights, return. el will judge the nations.” Ps 7:8-9 And as for what he sa judge unjustly and show impartiality to the wicked. selah.” Ps 82:2

12 Its interpretation concerns Belial and the spirits of his lot wh..in their turning away from the commandments of el to

13 And Melchizedek will exact the vengeances of the judgments of el  of Belial and the hand of all w

14 And his helpers will be all the elim  H ‘ all the sons of el and hph

15…this…This is the day hich spoke beautiful

16 on (the) mountains are the feet of the messenclaims peace, the messen (Isa 52:7)

17 Its interpretation: The mountns are of the prophet, those w proph to all

18 And the messenger iointed of the spir whom Dan said:

19 of good who proclai he is the one about whom it is wn, when

20 “to comfo Isa 61:2-3 to struct them in all the ages of the wo

21 in truth l  h 

22  h will turn away from Belial and t

23 by the judgments of el, as it has been written about him, on, ‘Your God reigns'” (Isa 52:7). Zon i

24 those who uphold the covenant, those who turn aside from walking in the ways of the people. But “Your elhim”

25 the hand of Belial. And as for that which he has said, “You will blow the rn in the m Lev 25:9

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