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A Voice From The Dust

As always, my thoughts are mine and mine alone. It is important to say that because I have been fairly

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What All Of Us Methodist Types Can Learn

From the outset this is not about blame. There is a time and a place for that, but this is

Global Methodist Church

Concerns For The Global Methodist Chruch- The Culture Wars Edition

This is one of those topics that always seems to have some questioning my traditional theological grounding, but here we

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Concerns For The Global Methodist Church- Discipleship And Evangelism Edition

With the reality of the UMC splitting now an inevitability, the least bad option for those who are theologically conservative

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I’m About To Be In Trouble Again

DISCLAIMER: As always Covid is real, Covid is serious, and Covid should be treated as such. If you have questions

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The Gospel According To Penn Gillette

Penn Jillette is an atheist. He’s not just any atheist, he is completely against any sort of belief in a

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Why We Need An Amicable Separation, A Laity View

There is a thought by some within the UMC that the idea of an amicable separation is no longer, or


On Covid, Vaccines, And Christians

Before we start, allow me to make one thing completely clear. I am not going to encourage you to get