1. Gary

    The ultimate question is “Is the bible inerrant and infallible?”… The answer is no. Inerrant, to me, means no errors. There are obviously errors, as in the order of creation…..two versions. Gen 1: plants, animals, man, woman. Gen 2: man, plants, animals, woman. The whole Median thing always did bother me, Moses’ father-in-law and wife, Medians, honored by Moses. Then Moses tells his men, kill all Medians, men, women, children, but save the young virgins for yourselves. Either Moses is a crack-pot, or God is a serial killer. Or the bible is a creation of man. Tough family in-laws. Many other examples. Infallible means to me to be trustworthy, which implies one interpretation. But for every ten people, there are 10 interpretations of the bible. A-milllennial, pre-millennial, post-millennial, as examples. There is an intrepretation for everyone. By definition, the bible is not infallible. Certainly the bible cannot be used as a science book, as YEC use it. The question, do you worship Jesus? Or do you worship the bible? The bible did not even exist, as we know it, when Jesus was on earth. So why are Christians hung up on the infallibility and inerrancy of the bible, except for their own supidity?


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