1. Not surprising from Fox, given the debacle of their coverage elsewhere, including the recent Goshen decision.


  2. I posted this on G+ as well:

    I am not sure I see the reason for your ire Joel. I am no fan of FNN, but that is the story: CCC shortened their name because it has become a hindrance, that included not specifically referencing Christ in it. (BTW this has been true on our campus for at least the last 4 years. In many ways, I think CCC’s website is being a little disingenuous by suggesting that it is only the terms “crusade” and “campus” that are problematic. On every secular campus I have ever been on the “Christ” bit was far more problematic.) This has caused many to get up in arms and complain and Fox is reporting that.

    How exactly are they getting the story wrong?


    1. Dr. Brady,

      According to CCfC, the problem wasn’t so much Christ as the other two. Further, they wanted to have a more effective mission – which is not what FNN is reporting (‘got in the way of the mission). Further, I would like to use the words of the staff and leadership versus that of the disgruntled (I guess) former members. Further, the FNN story focused almost solely on Christ, whereas CCfC noted that it was primarily due to the other two words.


      1. Joel, as I said, I am perhaps more cynical, while CCC said it was about the other two words I think it is really about all three. I am not saying they are lying, but perhaps being circumspect. As I noted on the G+ chat, from the perspective of non-Christian folks on campus over the last 25 years I know that the Christ reference was as much a turnoff for those folks as anything else.

        That is why I understand CCC wanting to have a “more effective mission” (and isn’t the name “got in the way of the mission” just another way of saying the same thing?). I am completely sympathetic. I just don’t think Fox was doing anything other than any other news organization that might pick up on the story. They are following the conflict…


          1. No worries Joel, I can understand and they are certainly often guilty of misrepresenting issues (to say the least). As I said, I am no fan and was not trying to defend them, rather in this case I think that is the story…CCC has changed their name and people are upset.

            And please, “Chris” is fine (or “Targuman.” :-)

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