1. Just Sayin'

    Jim West will be apoplectic.

  2. dangjin

    It’s DAVID NOT Dauid and you are very wrong.


    1. Oh look, Little Honey Tee Tee has a new moniker…

      Look, Tee Tee… Dauid is the Greek form, transliterated. Further, I did this to draw a line between the two.

      I know nuance is difficult for you.

  3. phil_style

    For me, all this discovery shows is how quick folks are too jump to macro conclusions based on what is essentially point data.

    The pendulumn need not swing from extreme to extreme based on each new data point, or based on data points which might not have been identified yet (that is, as yet un-excavated remains). However, as per usual, it’s the media putting the most momentum unto the swinging of the pendulum.


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