1. Robert

    This is so completely skewed by heteronormative expectations of behavior and the focus group phenomenon of people who wish to please the facilitator and so respond with answers that are expected or within the realm of perceived normality. I call this complete b.s.


    1. You can…. but…. that is your perception. I would like to see the data sampling before I make a judgment call on the matter.

      Besides, even in nature, there are animals that mate for life.

      And Vulcans as well as the Loriens


  2. It’s hardly surprising.

    While some people call it sexual freedom, how free really is the 16-year-old girl a friend of mine knows who’s currently being treated for her second case of chlamydia?

    Or how free is the girl who sits by the phone because the guy claimed that he’d call, but it turns out that he really just said that to get her pants off?

    Or the woman who has to have blood tests done to figure out who fathered her baby? or, for that matter, the potential fathers who are relying on a blood test to tell them whether they have rights — or responsibilities — with the child?

    All in all, I see only an upside to monogamy.


    1. We also have to note that the case study is not saying one sexual partner for life, but ongoing monogamy.


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