1. defriend you? never. neither you nor bob. i’m ok with people disagreeing with me. it’s fine. no, if there’s any defriending it will be coming from you and bob. not i.

    (not that i wont defriend people- lord knows i do. but i dont like them as much as i like you)

  2. Just Sayin'

    West and Tee-Tee’s position is the traditional Fundamentalist viewpoint.


  3. However, I got defriended for linking to Dr. Cargill’s post, and pointing out that West ignoring Cargill’s critique and fideistic argument is probably the laziest and least convincing counter-argument I have seen.

    That’s all right with me though, if someone needs to defriend me because I think we should treat human beings with dignity and equality, somehow… some way… my life will go on.

  4. Jens Knudsen (Sili)

    “But they were good men, were virtuous and followed their consciences.”

    That sounds awfully close to Universalism.


    1. Sorry for the moderation – I guess you something different?

      Anyway, yes, that is the argument Rob Bell used I think.


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