1. tim

    It’s an old post but I’ll leave a comment anyway. The way American Christians read the Bible is terrifying, if they read it at all. Yes, an “instruction manual” it is not. Also, reading it “literally” is dangerous. Americans tend to consume the Bible as they would the evening news, what you see is what you get. But that’s not always the case. A quick example, Genesis 34 tells the story of Simeon and Levi taking revenge against a whole host of people for defiling their sister. Read literally, one may take this to mean that what they did was okay. Later, on his death bed, Jacob tells both of his sons off. Many times the Bible doesn’t conclude a story until chapters or even books later. Reading it “literally” is often code for “I’m going to read this passage, then reach a conclusion.” The Book doesn’t flow that way, nor was it intended to.


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