1. Deb

    I think people go on and on about the Celebs dying, what gets me is that people praise Michael too much, he was a phedofile,spelling. but sad to say,he has met his maker and will be judged,by the way he lived .sad to say too,he converted to Islamic……. You would think that the world today would not make such a issue out of famos people dying, cause when they die,they are no different than us….


  2. It’s as if the media gaggle squawks about all things political as a warm-up for the big news – an musical icon dying, a white Bronco driving or a moviestar adopting another baby.
    However, their ratings wouldn’t skyrocket if the world at large didn’t watch it. Your post was so right on though. Wonder how Mike did in the judgment?!

  3. Deb

    I agree with you, only God knows what is in a Man’s heart.I pray for their piece and souls…I would not wish hell on anyone,,,,

  4. Unknown

    The reason why I think “Everyone is dying” is because, every life has a special meaning in this word and that is why
    God uses certain people in certain ways…

    For example Michael Jackson

    So don’t think that if people were good Christians that they will have a long and successful life.
    If God has to take ONE pesons life away … to save another he can..

    He will have to take MANY lifes like at this moment before he comes to earth..

    and … you know he doesn’t want to see people dye.. but he is giving All of us a chance through michael Jackson and other peoples deaths to be SAVED before he takes all of us HOME!! : )

  5. Deb

    `You remember that song the rightous brothers sang,I think it was them, rock and roll heaven, something like that, everybody in the music world think everybody will have a big party in Heaven with rock and roll and everything, Jesus died for our salvation , NOT MICHAEL JACKSON! HOW SILLY….

  6. Anonymous

    Or maybe Michael Jackson just died from natural causes with no supernatural predetermined cause. . .just like millions die every day. . .If you search hard enough you will find answers for even the most obsurd questions. So instead of wasting your time stop looking for alternate meanings in every single occurence!!!!

  7. Unknown

    Sorry.. listen to what I have to say..

    I didn’t mean that we will get salvation through michael jackson.. that just sounds wrong!!
    but his death is a mere WARNING to millions of fans. His death makes people aware that they could die at any moment too (not that they would) and by Makeing us live better lives so that we don’t end up in the burning lake of fire!!! If your mother or father died now … you would feel a loss and saddness… but in someones death it can show you the importance of life… the choice between heaven and hell

    Michael Jacksons death was heard by many people. Life itself is amazing …
    it’s for all of us to make our future and decide if we are going to hell or not.
    in total 6 people I know has died from the beginning of this year…

    and now Michael Jackson and other celebrities… what is going on?
    It is not for us to judge them, but in the life they led we can learn something…
    I have no Idea what it is but you can decide for yourself…
    Times are tough and our world is in a economic crisis…
    We are all going to die… hehe
    Death is but the birthday of eternity… and remember God Truly Loves You
    XXX live from day to day… : )


  8. You are right Deb. I would rather have the media give coverage to the families bing pulled apart. Can you imagine what would happen if the cable news people gave as much attention to divorces as they do to dead celebrities.


  9. How in the world are we given a chance for salvation through Michael Jackson?


  10. At least I’m not the only one who saw that in ‘unknowns’ statement. Thanks, Deb.


  11. That is the point of the post. People die. Regardless of race, creed, color, or money in the bank. People die.


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