1. “John Calvin had heretics burned at the stake”

    This is untrue to my knowledge. Servetus was burned at the stake but not by Calvin’s direction.

    Unlike pastors like MacArthur and Piper who’ve been pretty much the same for decades, Driscoll is an ever evolving and maturing guy. I wouldn’t call him emergent anymore. He is cleaning up his language after people like Piper sat him down. I used to be repulsed by him but have gotten to tolerate and even like him a little now.

    I know I’ve judged people on what they were like ten years ago. Driscoll is hardly even someone you can judge based on what he said one or two years ago although much of his theology is portrayed accurately here. So if one doesn’t like Calvinism and complementarianism they won’t like him.



  2. Jeff, I missed the heretics part.

    As you know the Media generally has a distaste for any doctrine and theology that is solid, such as Calvinism. I might fully agree with it, but it is a theology of depth and hard thoughts. I have not paid much attention to the Emerging doctrine, but found the article insightful.

    However, I don’t much care for the topics of his sermons….


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