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    According to a new study that showed that openly gay men in Montreal had better mental health than closeted gay men and even heterosexuals in the same study, it encouraged similar gay men to come out of the closet to experience health benefits. But it warned that the time around coming out is actually when a gay person is most likely to commit suicide. That was proven in another study(ies). That was in the news right before the info about this new bill came out in the news, so it was fresh on my mind when I read about this. So when the Tenn. Senator Campfield said it was because homosexuality has health dangers and made it seem like this addition was in the best interest of the child, I knew exactly how wrong he was. If this bill is passed into law and a single gay teen is outed to his parents before he is ready, and the child kills himself, I wonder if he will even care about the blood that would be on his hands. This bill takes away a valuable resource of a gay teen: the school counselor. Not only that, but the gay teen who is rejected by his parents is probably the most likely type of teen to himself and can only lead to an increase in teen suicide or teen homelessness, since a large proportion of homeless teens are LGBT.


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