1. ralph ellis

    Tom Verenna managed to write a review of this book without even reading it. Every criticism he made was either nonsensical or fully explained in the book.

    You will also notice that Tom Verenna is a fraud himself:


    1. I know Tom – I’m presenting a paper with Tom in the fall — and all you’ve done is to quote a blog ran by someone anonymously about some youthful indiscretions. Further, Tom didn’t write a review, as he has stated.

      Among other things you lack, you also lack reading comprehension.


    2. Ralphie boy, if you keep leaving comments attacking my colleague and friend, Tom Verenna, I will not allow your comment and instead continue to remove them.

      Before you post again, please leave an apology for Mr. Verenna.


      1. Ralphie boy, I appreciate your admittance in the now-removed-comment that you are a crack-pot who has completely made up everything you’ve written due to some drug induced comas while do unspeakable acts to small animals, but you did not leave an apology for Mr. Verenna.

        Once you apologize to Mr. Verenna, you may comment here.

        I expect nothing less than something like this:

        I, Ralphie Ellis, do hereby declare my sincerest apologies to Mr. Verenna. I am a giant orifice from which fecal matter escapes on a daily basis. I hope Mr. Verenna can one day forgive me. I am truly a dufus.


  2. Joel. Do you think you may need to work on being more concise and getting straight to the point!


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