1. Robert

    What about those who have strong doctrines that are constantly in debate with other who have other opposing strong doctrines? So in which no body in these debates ever comes to a conclusion who is true, or no one really wins. Calvinism and Wesleyan all seem relative to me.

  2. Robert

    Why do people have “ism’ that lead to schisms?

  3. Robert

    I apologize for saying Wesleyan it is that other one starts with A something. That was just for example. It just seems these are doctrines of men and not from God, sometimes. Because people only care sometimes about showing who is right and not about the truth. also men are fallible. I said that I would have loose doctrine, but what I meant is that I want the truth and not debates, if a person finds out they are wrong they should just accept it, because the truth of the Lord Yeshua the Messiah should be more important.. Well blessings to you.


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