1. Gary

    Joel, I hope you are commenting on our sick world. This is sick. I am against the death penalty, but this makes me think the special OPS people ought to be dispatched to eliminate some people. Oximorons abound in too many ways. I think I am losing my religion. My mystic dreams are to be the archangel Michael, to take vengeance upon the world. Bad Joel.


    1. No, Gary – this is a quote from the movie.

      I do not think all ethics are situational either, nor morals age-defined.

      But, the movie is interesting because it places a murdered in the scene where he murdered, and it gives him pause. I wonder if we could take people who have ordered and/or carried out such things in the place of the murdered, if that would make our world better.

  2. Gary

    I am becoming more and more pessimistic about the world. But at least I have not become a dispensationalist, yet. May be a little anti-Christ in all of us.


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