1. I’m not optimistic about the outcome of this. That’s not to say I support the present regime–far from it! I just don’t think we really understand all of the issues well enough.


    1. I am fearful of the MB and I pray that the Copts are given a safe respite in all of this.


  2. Michael Barber,

    Thanks for expressing the thought I have been trying to express on this subject.

  3. steph

    I’m afraid I’m afraid as Michael Barber, with whom I agree here. Michael, you might appreciate this post:

    A little history and ideology… I can well imagine the menacing Muslim Brotherhood rubbing their hands with glee as they fan the flames with bellows, and filling the ink wells ready to sign up new recruits. Oppressive regimes are often replaced by … oppressive regimes. Meanwhile lets all blindly support the ‘right to protest’. Oh dear.

  4. steph

    or history tells. Consequence of similar disfunction elsewhere in the world tells. I think you’re an idealist Joel. It would be lovely if it had a happy ending but the only successful revolution I can think of is Sth Africa – and there is a reason that was successful. For the engineers of this protest, yes sorry the MB, this revolution is about God.


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