1. David

    I saw the subject of your post a while back and decided it was a combination of things: chronological Bible (which I didn’t own) and Life App. Study Bible (again, I didn’t have one) and a non-app/Logos/web-based version of the NLT (you guessed it…didn’t own one!). It has not disappointed me, although it has shown me how beholden I am to the canonical Bible…I have to flip incessantly sometimes and then resort to the canonical table of contents! I am becoming a fan of the NLT over the other translations. The Life Application notes have helped in some sermon/lesson prep as well.

  2. Jack Smith

    I have bought the Chronological bible for Christmas but now trying to figure out a sensible way to read through this particular bible in one yer. Do you have a schedule that fits the Tyndale Bible edition. NOne of the plans we have seen fit the organization of the Bible we have bought


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