True faith: has room for doubt and pessimism!

I am currently studying Wisdom Literature – Proverbs, Psalms, Job, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes and even  Sirach and been loving it. We often do these books and therefore the information within a disservice when we try and read bits from them here and there. In reality to grasp hold of the wisdom that it offers, we need to read them as a whole.

Not only do we need to read them; we need to live it out. For the Wisdom books teach us that the information revealed within them is God’s ways worked out in and through life…and to keep and live a balanced life we need to read the books together.

With the Song of Songs we learn the language of love. Psalms teach us about relationship and how to pray. Job, Ecclesiastes and Proverbs teach us how to live… Proverbs that rightful living should produce certain blessings…Job though counteracts this by saying…”Crap happens” and Ecclesiastes provides the frame work, and balances this out for us to have and express our doubts and pessimism about life; while maintaining an integrity in the way we live.

A average Aussie guy; who has lived a not so average life.

9 thoughts on “True faith: has room for doubt and pessimism!

    1. Oh Seroled only liked it because you mentioned just about the greatest Protestant non-Canonical book ever. Well, after the book of Wisdom… :) :) :)

      1. Yes Joel, Craig did mention the ‘ second ‘ greatest non-canonical book ever written :-) after Wisdom of course :-)

        In truth, i loved his life application to all the books mentioned. very well done!

        1. I think we can find ‘wisdom’ in a lot of writings and not just in scripture…after all there is wisdom to be found through observing ants 😉 … going on a son found out the hard way in why you shouldn’t play with bull ants.

          Seroled – thanks for your thumbs up. If we miss the context – we miss the application.

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