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  1. Tertullian used the word “persona”, which classically referred to masks, although he did not use it in that way, as he was opposing a Modalist at the time. Later theologians used the term “subsistence” to get away from this, but “person” in English is most frequently used as it gets across the distinct personalities of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (P.S. We’re “One God people” too. See here.)

    Do your personae talk together? Do they send each other? Do they love each other? Do they say “you” to one and “he” to another?

    Do Trinitarians speak of the three persons walking around (weird modern hymns that I’m unaware of aside)?

    We confess that the one God is a spirit (e.g. see Shorter Catechism). The Son joined a human nature to His own divine nature forever. Now humans have a body with legs…

    (Although we do believe in theophanies, e.g. in the Garden of Eden, which were temporary outward manifestations of the Son.)


  2. “Discussion” is better than “war”. “Debate” would even do. War is too reminiscent of being at each other’s throats. Let that never be!

  3. Timothy Davis

    For any who should read this, the original post has been edited so that some things that I refer to have been removed. (I’m not having hallucinations 😉

    By the way, I do not classify all Oneness believers as ignorant of confessional Trinitarianism. No where have I stated that. However all the Oneness believers that I have read have misrepresented the Trinitarian position, so I had to spend some time dealing with these before going on to Scripture. As I have stated in my blog there are various forms of Modalism.

  4. Timothy Davis


    I recommend that you remove all reference to “War”. You can then remove all the comments like this one referring to it.


  5. Timothy, I think I removed the references, but if you come across one, let me know.


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