1. You know, now and then I wish I’d settled back in North Carolina, from whence my family originates.

    Then I remember why I didn’t. Thanks for the reminder.

    I hadn’t seen this one before, but I’ve seen things like it. And in recent days, I’ve seen people comment on the killing with such comments as “They’re killing each other all the time. Why does everyone suddenly care when it’s a white guy who did it?” and “How was Zimmerman supposed to know this wasn’t a bad guy?”

  2. laugh out loud

    Thank you for publishing this joke. I’ve never heard it before and even though its racial i laughed my ass off. It’s looks like mr. Zimmer man will have to pay a steep fine for hunting out of season.
    In the future why don’t you publish a commentary about the biased reporting of the news media. And how they use reverse discrimination tactics to make stories “newsworthy”. That is the real shame here!

  3. John

    Why is he an idiot? Over the first part I guess I can see it, but the media has been extremely biased. Why not show a recent picture of the kid? He was 17 when he died, not 12 or 13.


    1. Laughing at that kind of joke pretty much warrants the label “idiot,” too. I say that as someone who tries to avoid the use of name-calling.

  4. John

    Its a shame anyone had to die, and the trial hasn’t taken place so everything that’s been reported up till now could be true or false. If the 17 year old was in fact on top of him slamming his head into the concrete, and that’s when he was shot, then so be it. Self defense is one thing, slamming someone’s head into the concrete shows intent to murder that person. If that’s not the case and he was shot for being just black, then that’s terrible. My point is that Trayvon was 17, not 12. Putting this picture up of a 12 year old is rather deceiving. Put a recent picture of him up. I’ve never seen a case of the media being so biased in my life.

  5. John

    My apologies, I did not realize this was a Christian web site. It’s not quite the place for this sort of debate. I just came across the article and wanted to comment on the comments. Sorry again, I did not mean to be disrespectful.


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