Todd Bentley not the only Canadian faith healer to pack it in

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It has not been a good time for Canadian faith healers.

Not only did Abbotsford’s tattooed Todd Bentley leave his controversial Florida healing ministry last month over a scandal about a woman and his aggressive style, another big-name B.C.-based faith healer has also suddenly stopped his ministry. Len Lindstrom of Kelowna says he’s not going to church and has turned his marketing skills to stock promoting.

Sun colleague David Baines wrote a remarkable column on the weekend about former internationally known faith healer Lindstrom, who was based in Kelowna, B.C. In his day Lindstrom has claimed to be the vehicle for healing people all over Western Canada and the world, including lepers and the blind in Africa. The head of World Harvest Ministry also talked about healing the mother of Canadian aboriginal leader Matthew Coon Come.

But this month Lindstrom told Baines he no longer attends church and is putting his efforts into Liberty International Mineral Corp., which is active in Liberia and which he has said may open the doors for Christian philanthropy in Africa. At one point in his ministry Lindstrom claimed 125,000 Liberians came to one of his events, breaking down the fence barriers to come to the Lord. While Lindstrom doesn’t deny the reality of healing through faith, it’s clear he is putting his sales skills into other corporate priorities.

Joel L. Watts
Joel L. Watts holds a Masters of Arts from United Theological Seminary with a focus in literary and rhetorical criticism of the New Testament. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of the Free State, analyzing Paul’s model of atonement in Galatians. He is the author of Mimetic Criticism of the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary (Wipf and Stock, 2013), a co-editor and contributor to From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls (Energion, 2013), and Praying in God's Theater, Meditations on the Book of Revelation (Wipf and Stock, 2014).

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  1. just a few words regarding your story on Evangelist Len Lindstrom. When you try and destroy an anointed man of God it is very dangerous. You probably don’t care, but the Holy Spirit does. And when you try and destroy anyone who a brother or sister in the Lord, you are destroying the Lord Jesus Christ. A real believer of the Lord Jesus Christ does not destroy his own. Evangelist Len Lindstrom is one of the most powerful anointed men of God for our country of Canada, and he will touch this nation of Canada with anointed preaching full of the Holy GHost and Fire with miracles just like bible days. Pentecostal christians turned the world upside down in the New Testament church. They were the church. This country of Canada is going see mighty powerful Holy GHost and Firey preachers touch this nation of Canada. We are desperate for a move like the Book of Acts, we will have a move of God inspite of religious people who are desperate to destroy any born again HOly GHost filled believers. WE will pray for you David, remember King David, much mercy given over and over. The side of mercy is much better for your life especially when you come to the end.

  2. You are desperate, alright, if you believe that Len is/was a great man of God.

    By the way, the threats do very little, except to show your foolishness in believing that this man is of God.

  3. I’ve been to two or three of Len Lindstrom’s meetings. God was present. He used Mr. Lindstrom to heal people who attended these particular meetings. I later heard that more meetings were scheduled, to be held across Canada, and had to be cancelled due to lack of funding. If we, as Canadians are not willing to support our own, then those who are called of God have to go somewhere else.
    Whether he has a relationship with God right now, I don’t know, but I would be very cautious in criticizing him, when it is we, as so-called Canadian Christians who have let him down. We, as a group, refused to financially support a work when it was very evident that God was using Mr. Lindstrom to further God’s agenda both in Canada and overseas.
    I pray that we all find the Truth.

  4. The Lindstroms and their associates are a bunch of two bit con artists who are ripping off their congregations, employees and the Canadian Government. Their “mineral exploration” company is a scam. And, from what I understand, there are angry mobs in Liberia who want all of their heads.

  5. Never met a man of god that drank and smoked and swore more than lucky len,he is less than a piece s*** and you who praise him should wake up before it’s to late.I personally have seen him so drunk that he didn’t even know how to get to where he was going.Those of you who stand behind him have been brainwashed and need to do some reasearch on Leonard Allen Lindstrom ,so u people can stop making fool’s out of yourselfs. I hope that by writing this i have saved at least one poor soul from giving there money or there life’s saving to him.He is not god or a spoke’s person for him he is more like the DEVIL!!!!!!!! wAKE UP BIBLE THUMPER’S

  6. Oh Dear Folks. 9 May 2010

    I am so very saddened by this whole discussion – on two fronts.
    One that Len appears, to have backslid, or at best lost his direction.
    But also at the misunderstanding of many, probably including his critics.

    However let us look at some scriptures. In the book of Acts we read:
    Act 2:22 Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know:

    God has only approved ONE man in this manner. Jesus of Nazareth. But so often we the Christian church, foolishly apply the same expectations to all those with a ministry. The church has a sad history of elevating ministries way above their status, and those who do this, become part of the problem.

    But any subsequent healing ministry can only be in the NAME OF JESUS.


    Miracles do not endorse the preacher, they only endorse the name of Jesus Christ and that He was resurrected from the dead!

    Other scriptures confirm.
    Act 3:6 Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.
    Act 3:7 And he took him by the right hand, and lifted [him] up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength.
    Act 3:12 B.Ye men of Israel, why marvel ye at this? or why look ye so earnestly on us, as though by our own power or holiness we had made this man to walk?
    Act 3:13 The God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, hath glorified his Son Jesus;
    Act 3:16 And his name through faith in his name hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know: yea, the faith which is by him hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.

    Back in 1987 I was very privileged to travel with Len through Papua New Guinea as he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. I heard a man preach the gospel very well and was in a position to be a witness to the testimony of those who were also healed in the name of Jesus Christ. There was no conniving or manipulation, wonders happened and people were healed after the gospel was preached.

    One thing that was on my heart as we traveled together with Len as he preached the gospel was the following verse.
    2Cr 4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

    As I traveled with Len I could see a regular guy, but who had been given a ministry.
    The magnificence of it, was in the NAME he preached.

    I see in scripture two very clear messages which appear to be at odds with each other. But they are not! They perfectly dovetail. The scriptures below echo the apparent contradiction.

    We see the apostles prayed the following after the day of Pentecost.
    Act 4:30 By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the name of thy holy child Jesus.

    The book of Acts carries that testimony that, many signs were done in the Name of Jesus.

    But it is repeatedly recorded that Jesus said the following:

    Mat 12:39 An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:
    Mat 12:40 For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

    But when we look at and accept both these scriptures we see the beauty of it.

    This is so often what the church misses.
    Any sign from God given to the heathen, witnesses this and this only!
    Jesus Christ rose from the dead!

    But unfortunately often the church thinks that a man who works miracles is some super model who can not fail and if he does he always was a tyrant. But working miracles is not a sign of super model status on behalf of the preacher. He is only a regular guy who has the same temptations as we all do. He has no supernova status. But he does have an extra burden, that which I think causes many to fail. The church falsely lifts them so high that they have to fall over from their falsely elevated position.

    BUT any healing or miracle worked in the name of Jesus Christ always testifies to one thing and that one thing only. Jesus arose from the dead!

    It is never an endorsement of the preacher, or his teaching or his church or anything else. The only sign portion is – That Jesus arose from the dead.

    So Christians please do not elevate these people in your mind to infallible status and leave off the drum roll. At best these ministries are sinners saved by grace, who have been given a gift – which is given without repentance, so it can still be activated by a back slider. I think we often see this happening if you look around.

    God has had many problems with delinquent preachers before, you need go no further than considering Jonas for that!

    Your brother in Christ
    Max Tooley
    New Zealand

  7. Lenny boy has spent over $20 million dollars of shareholders money and has nothing to show for it with Liberty International Minerals. For you bible thumpers who think he is one of the chosen few, get your head out of the sand and take a real look at what this guy is. He continues to tout Liberty to a new group of wallets and get them to pay his bills while he has not had any communication with shareholders for almost a year. He promises the world and has delivered nothing. Suggest one stay far away from this joker

  8. Lisa, I was at several of his meetings too. He told a story about blind men in Liberia who got their sight back after he prayed for him. I watched his body language and looked into his eyes when he said that. I am 90% certain these men did not get their sight back.
    Furthermore,…I could be offended at you for saying, 'we so-called Christians let him down.' Have you invested into Liberty? Are you one of the 700 or so people who gave Len an average of $25,000 or more but has not seen or heard anything for a year? Do you know some of the evidence and facts that have come to light? Do you know he paid himself an annual salary of $198,000 per year plus expenses? Did you know he was driving a Hummer around with our money? Did you know he used shareholder money to pay for improvements to the Liberty building which is owned his family? Do you know about all the airline tickets, hotels and fancy meals he indulged in all around the world these last 5 years?
    I invested EVERYTHING into Liberty, and have not received any formal email with news from them. The only news is what we discovered ourselves online or other methods, the BC cease trade order Sept 2009, the AB cease trade order Nov 2009.
    I pray we all find the truth too Lisa. The truth has a way of coming to the light as God tells us. That seems to be happening these days. Many things about Liberty have come to the light recently and the majority of it is not good news.

  9. Actually the problem seems to be that the bills are not getting paid. That is the scary thing. It sounds like the company has lost most of the BC properties. These should never have been pursued in my mind. The Liberia properties are only good until about October. What I do agree with you is, the company has not delivered on any promises it has made in the last 5 years. It always came close to it, but then something always came up to prevent it.
    In my mind the real tragedy is, according to my geology friends, there probably is large amounts of gold and diamonds in Liberia. So Liberty is not a scam like Bre-X or other such companies. My personal opinion, with the information that is coming to light is, that Liberty could have become a successful publicly traded company except for financial mismanagement, some bad decisions and bad timing.
    The company still has a weak heart beat but is so mired in debt that it will take a miracle to save it. Also, evidence is emerging that Len could have secured large financing for the company except he stubbornly refused to give up his majority of shares, in other words, he refused to relinquish control and leave the drivers seat.

    LEN LINDSTROM if you are reading this,…stop thinking only of yourself. Think of the 700 people who could loose everything. I understand you want to remain the majority shareholder, but if giving up 51% or more of your personal shares will save the company, then DO IT!! Stop being so stubborn and listen to the wise advisors sent to you.

  10. You will never see your money again… He has been ripping off people for many many years. Once this is done with he will find new ways of getting money. He has always lived off of other people and will continue to do so. As long as there are gullible people that think he is a man of god or even gives 2 sh*ts about anybody then he will succeed.. he needs to be behind bars. The sad thing is he has taught his children how to be useless too.

  11. Hi Bob, are you the same Bob who posted a comment on the other Todd Bentley article? I am very curious to know more about Len and his activities. Are you from Kelowna and also a Liberty shareholder? It will take a miracle to save Liberty with Len at the helm, however this is another possibility although it is a long shot. My hope is that Len will be forced to give up the majority of his shares and perhaps a more responsible person could take over the company. I can not but continue to hope.

  12. another burnt investor… I am sorry to hear that you have been burnt too. Time to put this man behind bars for his fraudulent behavior. CIVIL ACTION LAW SUIT is the only thing that can be done now. Lenny Boy … come clean … sell all those homes in Kelowna and your boat, the office…… time to pay your debts !!! Also Lisa: do you smoke dope ? Are you for real ? come on girl… he has scammed over 700 people… get real !

  13. All those homes? Just how many does he own? He should definitely stand trial and be forced to sell them to pay his debts. At the very least I want a ride in the boat, a tour of the office and then a drive in the hummer. Of course,..that would still not completely compensate me for my lifes savings. Burnt investor, do you know of any civil action lawsuit in the works? I hope it happens.

  14. There is no civil law suit yet. It would take many people and a large wallet to pursue this in court. The sad part is that Lenny Boy knows this. The hummer was taken back by GMC as he couldn't sucker anyone else into paying his lease back earlier this year. Currently Lenny Boy is hiding in his home and not answering any calls. Go figure ! I understand he has 2 homes and the office, and a boat, wife's car… as for other possessions I am not aware of them. I wonder if Lenny Boy will resort to the bible thumping gig again to keep up his lifestyle and his family ?

  15. You forgot to mention the grow-ops that the family is also involved in. These are bad people doing bad things. Hopefully karma will come back to get them. no jail sentence will be long enough for Len. as for the Bible Thumping, Faith Healing B.S. He will definiately take that back up. As long as there a trusting, innocent and gullible people out there willing to give the last dollar for a glimmer of hope, he will be there to take it. Nice life you have led Lenny.

  16. If there are 700 shareholders than we need to find at least one who is a lawyer and then maybe this civil law suit could be possible and affordable. Is it possible to force Len to provide contact info for all the shareholders? I have contacted a few and found them to be largely in the dark. The sad thing is that only Len knows who they all are. All the shareholders should organize themselves and take legal action. At the very least, we should see how and where all the money went. Whether or not Len goes to jail, the WHOLE truth needs to come to light.

  17. you bring up an interesting question Libinvestor : “how do we get the list of investors”, one we can talk to a lawyer and I will try to get that question answered for you. Two, we place ads in the papers in Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, other places out west asking people if they want to get involved in a civil action lawsuit. Also, use the internet to find people, facebook , start a Len Lindstrom NON-FAN club LOL and explain on the site the allegations and goals for Crooked Lenny!

  18. If you guys know that some of the investing might have took place in the US, you might try a FOIA to the SEC or other Federal Agencies. Sometimes, States have FOIA laws as well. Check across the border

  19. I like that idea as well about the US. The only problem is the Liberty directors are the only ones who know the names and contact info of the approximate 700 investors. I have pooled together a couple dozen but most are apathetic and have simply given up on Liberty. I hope we can get an article going or use any means to pool all the shareholders together.

  20. oh Lenny where are you hiding??? You trying to sucker others into giving you money for your lifestyle habits??? or is it for your 4 million debt..??? Lennnnnyyyyyyy where are you….how are you doing this .. when you haven't updated your web site… it contains many false points in it now… for example over half of those people do not work for you..anyone with half a brain will see you for what you are ….a scum bucket.

  21. Where is Len hiding you ask…

    Lindstrom Len – Julie
    2292 Crestview Rd
    West Kelowna, BC V1Z 1Z1

    That's where he is hiding!!!

  22. hi..Bob , actually Lenny Boy is in Melbourne, Australia and take a wild guess what he is doing yup.. looking for some more bucks to support his wannabe mining executive facade.. Not sure who is funding this trip. Thanks for his address… I already have it though and the answering machine answers all calls. I wonder where Julie his wife gets money to live ?? Does she work? If not…. how does she afford to live in Kelowna??? I am sure their house is not a cheap one…. cause Lenny Boy does nothing on the cheap. lol

    To all you bible kool-aid drinkers: you keep on supporting this Rip off artist, then you deserve to lose your savings ! And when you do, don't come crying. God help you all !

  23. Hi Lenny Boy !! Why haven't you paid the 200K plus loan that was legally due on July 14,2010??? Are you just plain stupid or is it retardation your issue ? Liberty is soon to be buried. Lenny 's next home , good question.. probably sucker some poor lost sheep to support him again. I guess your quick 5 mil is a figment of your imagination. Are enjoying Melbourne, Australia A**HOLE ?? U N D O U B T E D L Y !!!!

  24. Lenny: what happened to the God Birthed Liberty and God will see it to VICTORY ???? Load of rubbish that you broadcast. What is your God doing for ya now??? Not a whole lot if you haven't paid the 4 MILLION DOLLARS you owe people all around the world ! You haven't done any serious drilling…what have you done in 6 yrs.. besides prance around gold shows worldwide saying you have all this POTENTIAL gold…??? you stupid Wanker ..real mining executives have spoken of you and see what you really are : an idiot, incompetent CEO/President. The funny thing is that these executives are just waiting patiently for you to fumble as they know you will. They will be there to get the properties .. like taking candy from a kid . These would be the companies to invest in !

  25. too late my friend ! Liberty is just about to be cremated shortly. Len's words mean diddly squat. The only thing left to do is a civil law suit. And how many of these investors have money left to pour into lawyers' pockets???

  26. TO BEACHBUNNY2…. What do his children have to do with it? The fact that his untrained son Michael is the Vise president of the company…… Holy Crap. I don't even want to start on his daughter. Maybe preachers should focus on helping their own family before helping others. All he has done is train future cons.

  27. JOE…. The Grow-thing too which I believe you are refering to, the statement came right out of the mouth of his daughter herself…. Bragging about it even! All the while taking welfare money on top of it. No respect for this family whatsoever.

  28. Lennnnnny when are you paying the 200+ K loan past due now as of July 14th ??? Do you need a judge to slap your wrist and make you pay considerably more for your many lies , non -transparency with shareholders , unprofessional behavior??? It sure is looking that way ! Does your GOD approve of you ??? I doubt it ! Bible Thumper All I have to say is Thank the Universe for this world wide web.. google Len Lindstrom and bing , click… there appears truth. Anyone who wants to do their due diligence on you will look on the net. You really are a stupid man ! I guess it is time to prey on the poor who don't have access to the internet. When and Where is the next crusade LIBERIA ????LOL

  29. Lenny…why don't you get money from those grow-ops to pay this loan ?? I can't figure out why you think this loan will just go away when you are aware that legal proceedings were started months ago on you ? Are you that F**king stupid that people will say no problem Lenny keep all the cash ??

  30. I am in Victoria and am embarrassed and sickend to have been taken for 16K by him and his ilk. He needs to be brought up on charges.

  31. He sure does need be punished.. Get line though. You would not be creditor number 1… that spot is already taken. Don't be so hard on yourself, Lenny is a “Professional ” at Money Swindling from all kinds …just not the Mining Biz company people of the world or we wouldnt be having this conversation. He sold us all the dream of being rich.

  32. Ok… Lenny Boy…. have you found a Quick 5 mil yet ???? What's the hold up??? Not enough sheep out there ? Maybe people are reading these blogs , becoming WISER to your lines of verbal diarrhea…. ah Gold is up you know.. !! I know you are reading these blogs. So, Lenny you can run , but you can't hide. lolololololol … soon A**HOLE your world of living high off the hog will be OVER ! Undoubtedly lololololololol

  33. LENNY LENNY LENNY now you are in Tokyo. Who is funding this ? Or do you have a hidden bank acct ? Now let me fill ya in Lenny ..the Japanese do not make decisions quickly… so the quick 5 million you are looking for isn't happening…. you are SCREWED AGAIN ! Maybe if you came clean with your legal law suit and started selling your properties to pay off what you owe this person, one could be hired to replace you (the INCOMPETENT) CEO position and salvage the few (3) properties you have in BC …joint venture. …..Oh and Mr. PIGGLY WIGGLY that would mean giving up power and your investors may stand a chance of seeing their money back. GET THIS MESSAGE STRAIGHT LENNY— YOU ARE A USELESS CEO/PRESIDENT, YOU COULD NOT MANAGE YOUR WAY OUT OF A WET PAPER BAG !!! 6yrs of you at the helm… F
    grade. A chimpanzee could manage better than you !

  34. Ok Lenny,…. well SOON, You are going to be finished with Liberty because you have not come clean and paid the 200K + loan that you are legally responsible to pay back (as of JULY 14 ,2010) ! You are going down BIG TIME A**HOLE !!! And make no mistake, you have pissed off enough people that a special informative web site will be up shortly to forewarn people all over the world about your unprofessional behavior and illegal actions while pretending to be a CEO/President of LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL MINERAL CORPORATION. We will also include your the VP …the dopey bollocks VICE PRESIDENT of doing nothing but collecting a pay check courtesy of shareholders money. Stay Tuned Lenny : People will be informed of your track record of dealings with people while involved with Liberty. Also LENNY: Why is the website for Liberty still up when ED Esslinger is the only puppet left working with you or is he your wallet that is kept open for you ? You incompetent lying sack of S**T !!! Hey ED… how about paying the loan that is currently on the legal tables ??? Or who ever is funding this arse Lenny Lindstrom, why not pay off this loan in question and hire someone who can actually run this company ?

  35. this number is out of service…. wonder why LOL… cause Julie and Lenny are hiding .. from all the people they owe money to… a grand total of 4 million dollars…. took him 6yrs to achieve this… hey Len….. you should update your LINKED IN profile. Add… acquired a $4 Million debt in 6 yrs… and not bothering to pay anyone back cause I don’t have to…. my God will pay them back LOL You are a real piece of scum…. and your family is no better…. you taught them well LENNY !

  36. so the 250 769 5144 number as an automated answering service to censor all calls. smart one Lenny..hiding from everyone…. YOU DICK ! where is the shareholder’s update ??? Does your God approve of your sneaky behavior ? When are you going to pay your debts ????

  37. Why don’t you try to contact His son Michael, the Vise President. Maybe he can shed some light on all of this B.S. I’m sure he is just as bad as the old man. This would another of their houses or should I say the ivestors houses because in all reality we did pay for them.

    Mike Lindstrom
    2210 Horizon Dr
    Kelowna, BC V1Z 3L4
    (250) 769-2311

    Lots of luck. i too will try

  38. hi Bob:

    Do tell us how your conversation goes with Dopey/Slippery Bollocks ( former VP of Liberty Int’l Mining).
    Good luck.

    1. I think we can lay off Mike. I have spoke to several people who knew him and watched him while at Liberty. He tried to make Len see the light. He tried to get him to do the responsible thing but Len would not have it. He quit Liberty for that reason and others. It doesn’t sound like Len listened to him more than any other.

  39. I just wonder how many of the investors into Liberty actually took the time to read the Offering Memorandum? Did they understand that there was no income or proven worth in the business? Was anyone who invested doing their homework?

    Has anyone mentioned the old saying “read the fine print”, “the devil is in the details”, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” or “look before you leap”…?

  40. David – I think most investors understood the risk of investing into a venture like Liberty. The problem was an inept management (Len) only looking after himslef with zero transparency and accountability of where shareholders money was spent. There has been no shareholder communication for 15 months and it my understanding the only time Len responds to an email is if its to lend him money. Not a way to run a business, there are many unanswered questions on expenditures, Len should be held accountable

  41. Yes we did read those things David. Many businesses start out like that and have to write those things for legal reasons. We all had to sign the acknowledgment of risk forms too. Len was a good salesman. He convinced everyone there would be a payday. He promised accountability and transparency. He promised to sacrifice of himself before letting anyone else loose anything. He also used ‘faith’ to appeal to the christians who are the majority of shareholders. He kept using the examples of companies like Aurelian gold to prove that Liberty could and would be a huge success. The problem is, he never delivered on a single promise.

    The evidence that is emerging about the company’s activities over the past 6 years is looking worse and worse. If half the stories I have heard are true then someone is looking at jail time.

    The saddest thing of all is, I am certain there is lots of gold and diamonds on Liberty’s(former) properties. But Len would not give up enough of his personal shares to gain financing even though it was offered to him many times. He refused to leave the drivers seat and does not seem to realize what he has done. Perhaps the best thing to do now is invest in the companies that take over Liberty’s lands.

  42. That is so true John. Liberty can not be related to something like Bre-X. They had nothing. Liberty probably had huge mineral potential but due to mismanagement and bad decisions we may never know. All I know is, this company made many promises since 2005 and has not delivered on a SINGLE PROMISE in that time. It is all so sad. It could have been a success. But success or no, many things were done in the dark behind shareholders backs. That is not the way to run a business.

  43. I KNOW that MANY of ‘you’ did NOT read the OM’s before investing.

    I also KNOW that many investors did walk away before investing because THEY did their homework first. We walked away because of the first rule of investing… “Money follows Management”.

    How many ‘investors’ actually talked to the office staff or visited the offices? Did anyone question the BCSC investigation that happened in the first years of Liberty? A 200 page powerpoint presentation and a nice little sing-along does not replace Due Diligence.

    All I hear on this site is a person crying in their beer. Is anyone going to bring action? Not just words or talk of ‘someone’ and ‘jail time’ but ACTION? Or… who is buying the next round so we can all share in this pity party?

  44. Management is part of the risk of investing. Did you ask the right questions? Did you take any of the office staff out for a coffee? Did you go for lunch with anyone other than Len? Or did you only talk to the Chief Salesman/President/CEO?

    I’m thinking no…

  45. I like the language… Bre-X had nothing… Liberty PROBABLY had HUGE MINERAL POTENTIAL…

    Sound like you still have a few ‘cling-ons’ from the last shareholder meeting.

    CBC radio once said that ‘a mine was a hole in the ground with a lier at the top’. Until the gold is out of the ground and in the bank… there is NO gold.

    And everything was done with majority shareholder approval. Every decision, every action was passed by the majority shareholder.

    And who was that??? And was that fact hidden??? Ah… the lights begin to brighten.

  46. David –
    The real question remains, where did $22 million go? There were 2 small drill programs to my knowledge. One was in Liberia where the co. never got the results because the processing lab was not paid and have withheld results. However, I believe the results have been leaked to major mining co.s who now want the property licenses. The 2nd drill program was in B.C., and not even the drilling co. was paid – still owed $300k. So one has to ask where did the shareholders money go? I believe it was all used for compensation, travel, paying the leases on the vehicles and renovating the Liberty office. Not once in 2 years did I ever see any financial statement, because Len never produced one. And the only time I ever saw the compensation packages for the Lindstroms was in YOUR article a couple of years ago (I am assuming you are David Baines).

    I would be happy to share further information about ‘ACTION’ currently taking place – away from this blog

  47. Sorry to say… I am not David Baines. It never crossed my mind that I might be mistaken for anyone else connected with this drama. David B. is my real name just for the record. I’m just another person who was at a Liberty meeting and got to talk with the CEO and others at Liberty.

    As I understand, before there was drilling any program the company was in, what some might call, rough shape.

    Maybe in the first year of business I was tempted to invest in Canlib. But by the time Liberty was formed… well… the gold had lost its glitter for me.

  48. Here is a paragraph that good ole Lenny wrote about himself on LINKED IN ……… WHAT A JOKE
    ” Len’s unique ability to rapidly assimilate and apply knowledge combined with his determined drive and relentless work ethic has enabled him to make the transition from full-time motivational speaking to Mineral Industry Executive with relative ease while still maintaining his passion for people and to help those less privileged. ” The only thing he rapidly did was spend money on himself and family ! LOL

  49. “Current

    * President CEO at Liberty International Mineral Corp


    * President and Founder at World Harvest Outreach


    * Sauder School of Business (UBC)

    Mining & Metals

    Len Lindstrom’s Summary

    Corporate Executive in the gold and mineral industry; highly gregarious and motivational with a strong belief in building mutual win/win business models through relationship and expertise.
    Predominantly involved in gold, silver and base metal exploration and development with a vision to build Liberty International into a large mid-tier gold producer and to be an agent for positive change in the world.” From LINKED IN MORE GARBAGE Lenny wrote about himself… Ah Lenny : think you need to take this crap off too from the web… AREN’T YOU UNEMPLOYED NOW ?? LOL

    You can run Lenny Boy buy you can’t hide. We will find you and your next scamming gig and be sure to let people know the T R U T H about you !

    1. hey Len – there is a job opening at Barnum and Bailey circus for Head Clown.
      Prerequisites are floppy feet and a large red nose, you fit the profile. With your experiences at Liberty, its the right fit. Free travel, meals and you get to hang out with the midgets….apply now

      1. One problem, Lenny does not hang out with people unless they are giving him money… and he is lookin for BIG CASH not midget cash cuz he owes 4MIL yuk yuk !!! here he is looking for more so he can have another party at Whiskey JAcks…. lol do you think the party is for the shareholders to drown their sorrows??

        1. You may find him there again on Thursday, October 7…. Look for him at that time. Now that he has been seen he may not show but you never know..

          1. oh Lennnnnnny where are you now ? Who are you trying to sucker now for money ? You are a complete LOSER. You have not sent one shareholders update in over a YEAR ! WHY ??? Are you hiding something ???? Are you feeling pissed cause you know longer have the HUMMER being paid for by us ? Come on big boy ..what’s the matter ?

    You can run Lenny Boy buy you can’t hide. We will find you and your next scamming gig and be sure to let people know the T R U T H about you !

  52. hey Lenny….rumor is the Liberty gig is done, dusted and all over…any chance you can tell the shareholders its all over but you had a great time spending cash all over the world…you simply have not one ounce of decency, and if you would like to debate your performance on this forum, just come on down!!

  53. Hey speaking of Len telling everyone he is broke and claiming he “remortaged his house” in the June 2009 newsletter,..I decided to do some math. Let’s add up how much money went into the Lindstrom family from Liberty since 2005

    Len Lindstrom – $198,000 per year x 4 years

    Mike Lindstrom – $120,000 per year x 4 years

    Julie Lindstrom – $12,500 (est.)per year x 4 years

    Len and Mike – $20,000 (est.salary drawings from the .10 offerring in 2009)

    Len Lindstrom – $28,000 taken in addition to his salary for 5 weeks work on BC properties

    Lindstrom grandson – $10,000 for working on those same BC properties

    Minus $60,000 of his own money invested

    = 1,320,000 or 1.32 MILLION!!!

    AND that staggering number is just salary! That is BEFORE all his

    Air fare, hotel, meal and beverage expenses, the leased hummer and the improvements to the office building, which is owned by them – God only knows how much that total comes to.

    Did you really re-mortage your house Len? Which house by the way? The one in your wifes’ name or the one in your motherinlaws’ name? Isn’t that how you have saved yourself from being sued?


  54. Well, my husband and I came to the Lord at Len Lindstroms meeting here in Wellington, New Zealand in 1985 and 25 years later we are still going on for God. My husband Tim spent 16 years as an evangelist and now we both teach evangelism in life groups. The fruit of his ministry has been good and lasting so I stand in his defence that Len was annointed. Bless him

    1. I truly hope you are right Sharon. I pray he be blessed too. There is no sin too big for God to forgive. I hope God turns him around if HE has not already. I hope God restores Liberty and that the children of Liberia get blessed and also the 750(mostly christian) shareholders of Liberty. I am not anti-Len and certainly not anti-Liberty. I was only trying to bring hidden things to the light. The shareholders ALL have a right to know where their money went.

      1. Len Lindstrom has not had a shareholder update for 22 months. Len is far from a HOLY man, he is a HOLEY man, puts a HOLE in ones wallet. The Liberian licenses have been forfeited according to the April 2011 map from Liberia Lands and Mines website. Also, Len has told people he is prohibited from reporting the company status due to the BC Securities Commission cease trade order. That is a lie, there is no such thing as a ban on the company issuing a news release on the status. So one has to ask just what did Len do with all the shareholder money. I suggest shareholders begin a campaign to have the BCSC order Len to disclose all company information.

      2. Money was spent on legitimate exploration expenses and approved by the majority shareholder.

        Next question?

        1. Ok David I think you can stop making the shareholders feel stupid. Either we did not ask Len the right questions or he did not bother to tell us the truth about the company share structure. Either way, it is too late now. The only question is what can we do now to help Liberty succeed.

          1. How to help Liberty succeed? Kind of like asking how to help a dead horse win the Kentucky Derby.

            I’m not out to make any investors feel stupid. I am sorry you feel stupid by what I say.

            And asking Len the “right questions” is exactly the same as asking a used car dealer if you really need a car.

            So many of the comments I see on this site and hear are from people who are just venting their frustrations. I don’t see people trying to solve anything or get to the bottom of things.

            People are still asking Len for answers. Did you get answers from Len in the past? In the past 22 months? Why keep going back to a man that has that sort of track record? Stop beating a dead horse… find a live one.

            What other options are open to shareholders in a private company? Anyone out there actively working on options or are we all happily blogging our sorrows away? Has anyone asked their local Security Commission what actions can be taken?

            I would love to know WHY people invested in Liberty. What was everyone’s motivation? Will anyone admit it was greed? Anyone? Did anyone invest to help the people of Liberia? Wages, rents, gov. fees and other expenses went to Liberian people and companies… so you did help Liberia. Did you invest because someone told you too? Then maybe you need to say NO a few times to hear how it sounds.

      1. We invested for many reasons. I personally felt that God was calling me into it and that HE was behind Liberty. Len promised to place a portion of Libertys profits into charitable projects and I wanted to be a part of that.
        Things are happening behind the scenes,..action is being taken. The securities commission of BC and AB have been contacted but they can’t really do more than they have already done.
        Although I was tempted to try and help put Len away, now that the properties have been awarded back to Liberty I would rather see the company turn around. It is NOT dead as you say, just needs to re-secure financing.
        Many people are encouraging Len and praying for him to do the right thing to help save the company. I know he is working hard now to save it. He will still have to update us soon and apologize, but I am trying to focus on the big picture. I still have hope.

        1. “re-secure financing”??? So to fix this situation just needs more money? Sounds fair enough. How much more will you be putting in?

          I always find that the best way to fix a leaky bucket is to pour more water in it and hope and pray the leak stops. Oh… wait… no. I fix the bucket first or throw it out and get a new bucket then fill it up.

          Now that the Liberian properties are now safely back in Liberty’s hands all is basically forgiven? No more legal actions or hard feelings so long as there is an “I’m sorry” and an update?

          Now all that is left to do is fill those old buckets with cash again and get this old horse on the road to the derby.

          1. Yes re-secure financing,…means getting the money that was supposedly coming in before. According to the article, the corruption in Liberia sabatoged Libertys financing deals. They claim that tens of millions were lined up, until the financiers during their due diligence found out that the LME gave libertys licences away to other companies. There were even allegations of bribery. So now that the licences are back for 4 years and the financiers can see that, there is hope of having that money coming in for real. The court of Liberia clearly vindicated Liberty.

  55. I was a friend of Len’s and he is just like any other man. He is a family man first and has had an extremly stressfull life. Why not let him be? It has nothing to do with (Faith). We all can change our career paths and still have faith, just as much as we had before. Look at yourselves arguing and judging… Do you think you are any better? If you do, then live with your vanity.

    Give it a break people!!!

    Len has done plenty for the lord and now let him live his life in peace. Doing the things he wants. Not what you want.


    1. So you are saying it is ok for Len to take our money and not update us for 22 months? Are you saying that we should say to Len, “It’s ok Len,..just go ahead and keep our money,..don’t worry about updating us,..we will just start over and try to recover our lifes’ savings.”

      If you are a friend of Len, then sit down with him and tell him that he has to update his shareholders. Of course, the problem with that is, you would be about the 1000th person who has told him that but he doesn’t listen.

      1. Even though Liberty has apparently been awarded the Liberian licenses for 4 years, there will be stipulations on keeping those licenses. It is NOT ok for 22 months to go by and shareholders left in the dark. Any chance Lenny you can tell those who pumped a lot of money into your leased Hummer years ago what the situation is with Libmin??? You can hide for only so long Lenny…..

    2. You want to talk stress Paul? Ask some of the shareholders who morgaged their house to invest into Liberty but have heard nothing from Len in 28 months. He will be answering questions some day. It is not ok to take 18 million dollars from average people and leave them in the dark. I think your defense of him is vanity.

  56. Well – I am sorry to hear these judgements against the lindstroms. Do not judge lest you be judged! I am sure it was a matter of wrong choices that led to these things. Whats I do know is my God is a FORGIVER of sins! All sins – he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness that is IF we are truly sorry and turn from our wicked ways! My prayers are with them, mike wahe s a friend of mine and I havent seen him for 6 months about, previous to that we didnt speak since 2009 ish I guess this is when this all started happening, I am sorry to hear these accusations. Come back to God you lindstroms, he is waiting for you where you left him. God is faithful and God still loves them no matter what people say. This world is full of many temptations, but God has overcome this world! Mike if you read this come back to westgate or go to another church and please don’t lose your faith in God! God Loves you and many people are praying for you. As for grow ops, well kelowna is full of them – my own husband was busted with over 1000 plants. He is truly sorry for his wrong choices and God is faithful to forgive. God can turn every bad choice into something good to further Gods kingdom. It greatly hurts me to see a family of God be so judged. I hope and pray that you will be able to pay of the debts to these people you owe. You may have to live a humble life with little money – remember those days so long ago when all that mattered was to folllow the Lord? I know you do remember the time of your life when you were surrounded by your church family and living humbly I remember when mike used to have to drive his moms jeep to save money. We miss the old you guys – wanting to save lost souls and have fun. Its never too late to return to the Lord. God always wants to hear you talk to him, even when were sinners God still died on the cross for us. Come back to the Lord. At this point it is your only hope! We love and are praying for you many people of kelowna and vancouver are praying for you guys to come back to God. As for the judgers who call themselves christians, well who cares what they say or think. God sees and thinks of you with love and the rest of the people who judge need to take it up with the Lord. You may need to downsize and drive shitty vehicles etc and live poorly for a long time to pay off debts but at least you can sleep at night and not worry about looking over your back! Prayers and Blessings. Jazz

    1. Jazz I believe you are sincere but you are sincerely wrong. Len has had a problem with selfishness and wanting to be rich and famous since I have known him. I recall telling him personally, about 25 years + ago that God had shown me that he was a schemer. That he was a schemer to “get money”. Len Lindstrom has it in his head that he is “supposed” to be rich and he will get there however he has to. The first thing is, he feels NO shame for stealing – none!! We travelled with Len and travelled together as families. This situation doesn’t surprise me. What does is how far down he has gone. He looks like a freak. I can’t believe how the man’s eyes are so blinded. UGLY!! But in the end, he is not going to get away with this. So he had a few years of “pretending” to be somebody. Looks like that is over. Anybody but anybody who ever gives him a cent again is plain dumb. It will do nothing for the advancement of the Kingdom of God or his business. My Lord do you not see how dishonest, deceitful and depraved he has become?? Yes, forgiveness is there if he WANTS it but I doubt that. I have actually come to wonder if Len ever dealt with his core problem when he got saved – GREED. I personally doubt it. And along with that and other Unclean spirits, come the lying, cheating, stealing, scheming, serial adultering, drugging, boozing, smoking. All the things that not only show what your spirit is inside but the physical damage being done. I mean, the man looks flat out OLD. But worse he looks like an OLD man that wants to look like a much younger man. He is disgusting. I certainly pray that folks wake up. I mean they are losing everything. Their house, his hummer, Mike’s house, the office building and on and on. Pathetic. But what is even worse is that he has deserted his wife, no support no nothing while he flits around sinning. Ah, I can’t stand it. Len is truly a fraudster, crook and all the other adjectives so fitly spoken. His not paying people? What is new with that? Some of you folks really do need to wake up. We knew that right from the start. We never attended a SINGLE meeting nor would we have. It actually made my stomach go into knots and my husband said “OMG I don’t want to do this. I said, don’t answer the phone. And today we are where we are correct? I saw how he abused the widow’s mite in ministry. Why but why, would I ever get into something like this. I knew it was a scam from day l. So, I pray that you “investors” will get something back. I am so sorry that you were caught up in the hype but I feel the worst for the older folks who really believed that the last bit of their life savings would make their lives easier. And those who now have lost their homes and the split up marriages. I would HATE to be Len Lindstrom right now. He has gone around like a proud peacock “pretending” to be something but God will see to it, UNless he repents, makes things right, that he will be absolutely HUMILIATED. That is God’s word, not mine.

      1. Hi Lyn: When was it figured out that World Harvest wasn’t being operated in an honest fashion ? Was Old Lenny caught out in front of members of this group? Thank you for answering these questions.

  57. Hi Doug,

    I am not beginning to say that I know them well at all. But I am just saying that My God is a Forgiver of all sins. I will continue to hope and pray for Mike and his family to be able to sort these financial issues out with the shareholders and to be honest with themselves and with God as well. I wish you all the very best this life has to offer – looking forward to eternity when God will be the only true judge of us all, and our true hearts. What we sow we will reap! I hope that everyone who has lost there money in this scheme will be able to regain the monies back, and that God is and continues to be faithful, healer, our provider, lover, friend, confidant, father and most of all FORGIVER and SAVIOUR! Peace to all of you!

    1. Thanks for that Jazz. You are bang on about God,..there is no sin too big for HIM to forgive. Man often lacks forgiveness towards man,..sometimes we even struggle to forgive ourselves!
      You keep mentioning Mike,..but I ask you to pray for Len. He needs to do the right thing. Mike would agree with me. Len MUST update his shareholders and be honest with them. Len does not seem to realize that Liberty does not just belong to him, belongs to the shareholders too.
      The company is not technically bankrupt,.and with the recent court victory in Liberia, there is a chance. But it will only succeed if Len will listen to certain wise and experienced people that God placed in his path. Bless you

      1. Bankruptcy — The state of being bankrupt or insolvent; inability to meet obligations

        I wonder… what is your definition of bankruptcy?

        1. It means they have not filed for bankrupcy. They still have the Liberian licences and (I hope) are working to secure financing and turn the situation around. The economic crisis is over or at least the worst part is over and the price of gold is much higher than before the crisis. Our Kelowna sources tell us the office building was worth several 100k so hopefully they are using that to save the company rather than just drawing salaries.

          1. Yes there is a difference between technically bankrupt and just having no possible way of paying ones overwhelming burden of debts.

            Did your Kelowna sources mention the actual sale price of the office building? How much the mortgage was? If the building was owned or leased? Did Liberty own the building or did the owner of the property decide to sell the property out from under Liberty?

            There might not be anything in that sale for Liberty. There might even be a further debt owed by Liberty to the property owner. Yet another creditor, maybe?

          2. The office building was personally owned by the Lindstroms. It was paid for with shareholder money and so were its renovations. I have heard numbers from 300k to 600k. Only Len knows for sure.

  58. Hey Len, I understand the Kelowna office has been sold. Are you going to return some of the proceeds back to the shareholders who paid for the renovations? Oh thats right, you have Ed Esslinger trying to raise money for you as he says you are broke. And its now 23 months since you last told shareholders whats going on. Well done….

    1. Were the renovations ever paid for?

      And wouldn’t any money owing go to any creditors first? Shareholders are always the last on the list.

  59. There are plenty of creditors…they should all be lining up for a piece of the pie. The renovations to the office building were done years ago. However, since no one can ever contact Len, just how would a creditor go about getting any money. I know of one creditor who had Kelowna sheriffs try and serve Len with papers, couldnt be done because no one would answer the door. Yes Len, you are still a scumbag…

  60. The Liberian licenses are still in limbo because there was an appeal made to the Supreme Court. Len has been in Liberia for 8 months, appears he has been having a good time…one has to wonder where he got the money to stay in Liberia for so long…and Ed Esslinger claims he is broke….Should the Supreme Court overturn the earlier decision by the lower court, Liberty International Mineral Corp. will be history…congrats Len, its been 2 years since you told the shareholders anything, yet you claim to be working for them..

  61. Kelly :
    The office building was personally owned by the Lindstroms. It was paid for with shareholder money and so were its renovations. I have heard numbers from 300k to 600k. Only Len knows for sure.

    Wasn’t World Harvest in that building before Liberty? That would indicate that Liberty didn’t buy or own the building.

    So the building would have been leased/rented by Liberty… right? So the sale of the building has no impact on the Liberty financial situation at all. Much like if you are renting a house and the landlord decides to sell. You wouldn’t be entitled to any of the proceeds of the sale.

    If you renovate the house you are renting and then the landlord sells the house… well you can see what my point is. No cash for Liberty.

    It sounds like people are having a hard time separating Liberty from Lindstroms. A salesman (Len) sold you a piece of pie (Liberty). Told you it could be sweet as cherries. Turned out to be lemon.

    1. So what is your point? In case you haven’t noticed, no one here really cares about your opinion. You are not a shareholder of this company so why not take your pearls of wisdom to another site where you can enlighten everyone with your brand of ‘know-it-all-ism.’
      Once more for the confused- World Harvest ministries was ran by the Lindstroms. The office building was indeed owned by them. Shareholder money did indeed help pay for it and paid for the theme-type park improvements. In an interview Len admitted this all to David Baines from the Vancouver Sun at least 3 years ago!
      I would bet that the money from the office building sale is in Len’s bank account right now.

      1. I am not personally interested in any other site. I have a real interest in this site. I don’t “know-it-all” but am surprised by how much others here don’t.

        The money from the sale of the office building, if it is in Len’s bank account, is where it should be. The owner should get the proceeds of sale. The renter doesn’t deserve a dime even if “improvements” are made to the property. If I own the property and you rent it from me, you are paying for my mortgage, but that doesn’t entitle you to any sort of ownership of my property.

        Don’t worry… I’m not confuse about the situation at Liberty… I just ask questions so that others have to think of the answers. But I guess some people just want to blame others for not thinking things through themselves.

        I was offered several deals with Liberty/Canlib. But research and asking the right questions of the right people at the right time saves trouble, pain and loss.

        1. Once again you miss the point. We are upset for two reasons,…Len used our money to pay for that building and its improvements, even though we have not seen a dime of our investment. The other thing is,…he has been telling people that he is broke and supposedly living off personal donations. Over 1 million dollars went into the Lindstrom family as salary since the Liberty saga began, and if that wasn’t enough, he has the money from the office building sale too. Meanwhile, there are unpaid bills everywhere and shareholders who put in everything but have got nothing.
          What are you talking about renters and mortgages for????? It is absolutely irrelevant to this blog.

          1. Renters is what you are… people with little to no right to any proceeds of the sale of a building that your company was leasing. (Some people are so hard to teach… I’m glad you are so willing to learn.)

            So far it doesn’t look like many people did their homework before investing. That amounts to just giving your money away. And once you gave your money away you didn’t like what was done with it? To bad, so sad. While you kept your money you kept control. Release your money and you released control.

            1 million dollars you say… and since it started… so what is that 6-8 years? Lets say 7. So $1,000,000/7 years/ 5 Lindstrom family members working for Liberty = $28,571/year. Those greedy people.

            Feb 2011 – $42,988 – The average wage for Canadians working full-time, year-round. (Hennessey’s Index)

            Where do we think we live, when a President/CEO thinks he can make 2/3rds as much as a hard working Canadian?

          2. Now I am convinced you are an ignoramus! Read Kelly’s post above,..#89. Does that make your lights come on a little? The scary thing is,..those figures are just what Len has admitted to. Who knows if the actual number is even higher!
            THERE NEVER WERE ANY RENTERS!!!! The building was under the name of Len and Julie Lindstrom from the start! They took our money to pay for it and renovate it. They then sold it and pocketed the cash!! As David Baines learned, the Lindstroms owned the building!! The same way you may own a house. There was no leasing either! Kindly stop commenting on this blog,..we are really not interested in your opinion.

  62. Doug :
    Now I am convinced you are an ignoramus! Read Kelly’s post above,..#89. Does that make your lights come on a little? The scary thing is,..those figures are just what Len has admitted to. Who knows if the actual number is even higher!
    THERE NEVER WERE ANY RENTERS!!!! The building was under the name of Len and Julie Lindstrom from the start! They took our money to pay for it and renovate it. They then sold it and pocketed the cash!! As David Baines learned, the Lindstroms owned the building!! The same way you may own a house. There was no leasing either! Kindly stop commenting on this blog,..we are really not interested in your opinion.

    NO RENTERS??? Liberty was leasing the building. A lease (even a triple net lease) is still renting. Please separate the parties involved to remain focused.

    Your company (Liberty) was paying for the use of prime downtown location. Near Starbucks and all those nice fashionable shops. Yes Lindstroms owned the building… Liberty did not. Liberty (the company you own) rented. To find out who owned and who rented you just had to ask. Everyone knew the score… or maybe only the people who asked the questions knew the score.

    As for the salary issue. You stated the numbers of 1 million for all Lindstroms at Liberty since it started. All I did was do the math and it came out far under the average Canadian’s wages. OK at $2 million it would not be far off the average. And that would be pre-tax dollars as well. So we minus the 15-29%… and now we are back to a nice but not “rich” wage. This is just using my simple math skills… without all the bias or emotional attachment.

    I will gladly stop posting comments. When and if there is nothing to post about. That kind of is the nature of a blog. Ah the internet is a wonderful thing. Shouldn’t all stakeholders be able to communicate freely? Just trying to bring a little balance and clarity to things… not easy when the waters keep getting muddied.

    Oh and please… keep the name calling to a minimum. Immature persons might read this and be offended. Thanks kindly.

    1. LIBERTY OWNED THE BUILDING!!! As you are so fond of pointing out, Len was the majority shareholder of Liberty. If he was so concerned about paying the companies bills, or getting the cease trade orders lifted or reimbursing burnt shareholders he would use the proceeds of the office – WHICH WE PAID FOR- to do this rather than pocket the cash
      The salaries he paid himself were HUGE considering his inexperience and lack of cash flow into the company.
      I thank you for shooting yourself in the foot with “Shouldn’t all stakeholders be able to,….” Since you are proud of the fact that you DID NOT invest into Liberty,..take a hike!!!

      1. Dear Doug,

        Please notice I said stakeholders, not shareholders. If you don’t understand the difference please have someone explain it to you.

        Shareholders moneys were used to LEASE a building. The office was never part of the companies assets. Check the financial statements that came with your OM paperwork. Shareholders didn’t pay for it to own it… just to rent it for a time. Liberty did NOT own the building (not by any of the research I have done). If you have PROOF that Liberty OWNED the building I would love to see it.

        As for the salaries… again… have you done the math? Simple math? The numbers on this site don’t add up to extreme greed. Did you see him in action? Some people would say he earned that salary. I guess you don’t think he worked hard enough? How hard does someone have to work to earn a “HUGE” salary?

        How much did you “invest” to have such a strong reaction to my comments? Comments meant to correct misunderstanding and confusion. Just wondering… 10k, 20k, 25k? Did you only invest once or were you a repeat “investor”?

        I thank you for your interest in my health and yes I do enjoy a nice hike every so often. May you continue in good health as well.

        1. For the last time,..Liberty owned the building,…sure it may have been under a different name,.like WHM but they personally owned it. Email David Baines if you don’t believe me. Maybe he can talk some sense into you. That was one of several things that Len failed to mention to us. Our money did in fact pay for it and its improvements. Our money paid for not only his massive salary but also for his HUGE travel and hotel expenses. Your comments have done nothing about confusion and/or enlightenment. All you have done is try to make the shareholders feel stupid and glorify yourself for being ‘so smart that I didn’t invest.’ For all we know maybe you wanted to but were broke at the time. In my opinion you have no business being on this blog. Your comments are irrelevant.

          1. So you have no proof that Liberty owned the building. And if something is under a different name it isn’t owned by the company. You agree that “they personally owned it” (I guess you mean the Lindstroms owned it)… so Liberty didn’t own the building. YES the money from the shareholders was probably used to pay any lease/rent… but ownership was NOT transfered to Liberty.

            And that would be one of the many things I am trying to clarify for you. But is you don’t choose to listen you can always stop posting. There seems to be a GREAT confusion over separating Liberty/ Len/ Lindstroms/ Shareholders/ Creditors…

            I have a stake in this so I will remain tuned in. Thanks for your opinion that I don’t belong here. I will take that for what it is worth.

            Did you read the OM? Did you understand it? No offense meant… it is a complicated document. If you confused stakeholder with shareholder, triple net lease with ownership than I wonder if there is anything else you might be confused about.

            Any other questions you might have… feel free to ask away. I’ll be here.

  63. I understand those terms, you are the one who does not see the big picture. I can put my car into the name of my grandma, is still my car. Her name is only superficially there so I can cover my butt from creditors. There is no confusion on this end. I have been in contact with numerous shareholders and even former Liberty employees. I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.
    I and we have no questions for you, one cares about your opinions here,…you are just a know-it-all who is adding insult to injury to the shareholders who trusted Len. If David Baines article is not enough proof for you about the office building,..then I wish I could access Len’s bank account. I am sure the proof would be there. So run along now and start your own website about the various definitions and give advice on which companies to invest in and which not to,..opps I almost forgot,’s not needed,..there is wikipedia and investment advisors for that.

    1. The David Baines article uses the words “LEASEHOLD” and “PERSONALLY owned by the Lindstroms”… so not owned by Liberty. Therefore “your” money went to cover the rent and a new paint job.

      It would appear very clear that you do NOT know what you are talking about. So many basic assumptions can be so wrong when not viewed objectively. But this whole property thing is just a Poisson Rouge. Fun for a season but not a real issue.

      You spoke to shareholders… good first steps. You spoke to employees… better. Who on the payroll did you talk to? Receptionists, geologists, book-keepers, IT’s, CFO’s, CIO’s, VP’s? Did any of those people have an axe to grind? Or were they balanced and fair in their discussions? I’m sure everyone involved would love to know what is the fruit of your contact with ex-Liberty employees. Will you name anyone and what they said? Yes? No? Will former employees post what they are willing to share? I am very honest in my wish to hear the “insider story”.

      By the way… if the car is in grandma’s name when she dies… it becomes part of the estate and you might (depending on the will) be only a part owner in Pontiac Pinto instead of a full owner. So its NOT really your car.

      1. For the last time David, off! We don’t want nor need you here. I know things about this company that you don’t know. Action is being taken that you know nothing about. Facts are known by a handfull of shareholders and former employees that you know nothing about! When Len put the office building up for sale he did not list the price! Better to keep it secret I guess. Len has assets in other peoples names. They are HIS!! The people doing that,.like my grandma for example are doing it to help him. Realistically, and at the end of the day,..his assests,, my car etc are mine. And the office building was owned by them. Please contact Baines if you have any more questions. Leasehold, mortage, rent, Liberty,.WHM, Len,..the Lindstroms,….it is ALL THE SAME BANK ACCOUNT IN THE END!!! Have your lights brightened yet? Maybe Baines can help you with that. I will not reveal my sources to you ever! Since you are not a shareholder, it is none of your damn business. So once again, along somewhere else where someone may care about your opinions, it is defintely not here.

        1. Thats the wonderful thing about free speech… like it or not, need it or not… it’s still there.

          This issue of assets is not even the real question. The small amount of assets left from all of this is nothing. Even if a court agreed that all these assets were to be classed as Liberty’s there isn’t enough. “All one bank account in the end”… but overdrawn.

          Even the question of wages is nothing… Len was far underpaid. Not as a President/CEO but as a salesman. Even if he personally made $2 million… he raised, what, $20million? 10% commission is a normal finders fee for that much quick cash.

          You have internet access and were on all day July 1st with me… so you still have a computer and internet access. So you probably didn’t get bankrupted by investing in Liberty. If you did loose a large amount of investment you would be more depressed than angry. So there must be another reason for your anger. Did you read the OM? Did you ask your wife before you invested? Was the emotion greed your prime motivation?

          You don’t know me so why are you so quick to burn bridges? You and I are having a wonderful conversation… why ruin it with harsh words? No one else has chimed in with any points or support of your arguments. Former employees… probably not Julie, Mike, Sheri, or Brandon. So that leaves whom…. the receptionists, book-keepers, geologists, IT, CFO, CIO. Receptionists would have minimum information, book-keepers just keep the numbers moving, geologists look at the rocks, IT just keep systems running, so CFO or CIO?

          So out of the 10+ people in the office on any given day, only one or two may know anything. And both of those people would be high enough in the company to have signed NDA’s. So talking about Liberty for them would be a breach of contract. Hmmm. And I bet all the other people would be upset that they lost their jobs when Liberty closed it’s doors. Upset former employees with an axe to grind… yes… very reliable sources.

          I am a stakeholder… not a shareholder. So you don’t want to hear from any other stakeholders? Not from creditors? Not from another company that worked on projects together with Liberty? Not from people that want to do a JV deal for the Liberian properties?

          And you speak for all shareholders?

          1. Time for me to chime in….and by the way David B, I am an ‘insider’ and know more than most ex-employees except the Lindstroms themselves. And since I signed no NDA, and was misled by good ole Len himself, I will disclose as much as possible right here….

            Lets get the facts straight…

            Len Lindstrom paid himself an annual salary of $198K + expenses + leased vehicle (Hummer). If you think this is ‘underpaid’ for running a grassroots exploration company with no revenues and dependent on raising capital…..what would be an ‘acceptable’ compensation package? Len stopped taking a salary at the end of 2008 due to lack of funds. However, he took salary draws from shareholder funds coming in up until the BCSC cease trade order in Sept. 2009. He claimed on many occasions in 2009 and 2010 he was on the verge of personal bankruptcy. Yet somehow he afforded to travel and stay in Hong Kong for 4 months, trips to Dubai, Australia and China all last year. Were these trips funded from donations of the ‘flock’ that still believe in his ‘gospel’? Or does Lenny have an account somewhere offshore? Lets leave that to speculation…

            Len paid himself an extra $28K for a 6 week exploration program in BC in 2008. This was on top of his salary, at approx $17K per month. Nice work if one can get it. I wasn’t aware this was standard business practice to pay oneself twice working for the same co.

            The office – bought by the Lindstroms in the 1980’s and used as an office for both World Harvest and Liberty Int’l. The office was put in the name of World Harvest according to a lawyer working on behalf of a creditor. Shareholder funds paid the rent and renovations on behalf of Liberty. So Len signed his own rental contract putting X amount of funds into his bank account again. I did not see the rental agreement so I do not know the exact monthly charge.

            With all this income coming in (salary, rent) and expenses paid for – for Len to claim he was on verge of bankruptcy tells me he doesn’t have the capability of money management – and forget about managing a mining co. as he is simply a laughing stock in the mining circles. Len thinks he is a ‘wheeler and a dealer’. Facts are he is more suited a used car salesman (Hope you are reading this Lenny!!!)

            The lack of transparency and shareholder communication is appalling. Len thinks he can hide a lot of information or hoping people will just let time pass and forget about Liberty. I want to see him back in Canada and held accountable to how $18 million was spent. I will mention the other $4 million Liberty has in debt and lets start with one creditor owed $300K who was also lied to by Len, being told Liberty had the funds to continue a BC exploration program.

            Look forward to a ‘lively’ conversation here David B (and I will not call you names!!!)

  64. Thanks John for speaking clearly and without too much finger pointing.

    I did mention that Len was underpaid… as a salesman. You think he was overpaid as a CEO. If you could get… 18 million of other peoples money for your company in 4 years… would you pay someone 2 million? To have 16+ million for your company? Not bad ROI.

    How much Len was paid and the nature of the office lease were never a secret. I found that out with only a few questions over a coffee one day. Also I was told the office was mortgaged quite heavily. I didn’t think the Lindstroms bought the property… I was informed it came through WHOM channels… but that isn’t really important. Personal property isn’t corporate property and WHOM property isn’t Liberty property.

    The David Baines article pointed out that there didn’t seem to be an arms length process in place for decisions made concerning the leasehold improvements and the apparent excess for such a junior company’s salary structure. It just amazes me that people think there is still money in some hidden corner of this mess.

    Lets hold off on talking about Lens salary for a moment and look at the burn rate of this company.

    Overseas office rental, food, supplies, labour, geologists… that would be equal to one medium investor per month.

    Canadian office rental (in any building in Kelowna), office staff, equipment leases, accountants, lawyers, (not including CEO or VP salaries or “perks”)… another medium investor per month.

    So before we get to the expensive stuff… 100 investors $$$ just went to keep the lights on. Totally normal expenses, no “perks”, all good and proper.

    Liberian mineral licenses. Canadian mineral licenses. Assay reports. African and Canadian drilling programs (I know… people said it was never paid for)… How many investors does that equal? Most of the big investors money is now probably accounted for…

    So that would leave a few hundred small investors to take care of the “perks”. Or reverse the math and all the small investors ran the offices and exploration projects and one or two big investors paid Len. You can do the math whichever way you want so you are least offended.

    A startup mineral exploration company is expensive. And this one was massively underfunded. No offense to people who put in everything, but no mater who was in control this company seemed to be on life support from day one. Living from investor cheque to investor cheque.

    Having a charismatic person like Len in charge just made it so much easier to place blame in that direction. And yes the CEO always shoulders a large part of the responsibility for a company’s performance.

    1. There are approx 750 shareholders. I know of a few that pumped in over $100K, I believe the largest shareholder put in over $1 million. Regardless of which investors put in money for whatever expenditures, money was spent recklessly. Liberian licenses – I think just over $1 million had been spent to keep them in good standing over the past 6 years. The money spent on the BC licenses alone I believe was well over $1 million, and there is nothing left, except 2 properties although I have not searched BC mineral tenures recently. The amount of property rented in BC was ridiculous, and with no JV’s done on any of them, it was a complete waste of money. The Liberian office was overstaffed, and money was spent on equipment which has since been stolen or sold at a massive discount, nothing left in Liberia but an empty shell. The assay report for the Liberian drill program is still unpaid. So money was spent primarily on – administration, salaries, staff expenditures, mineral leases. The driller in BC is owed $300K, the African lab is owed $300K…this is where the money SHOULD have been spent..not on Len galivanting the world playing mining executive thinking he is in the same league as real mining companies. With $18 million raised by Liberty, this company was not underfunded. It was drained because the CEO thought of himself, his pocket book and lifestyle. His concern for the shareholders is complete BULLSH*T, since he has not had the decency to update them in 2 years.

      1. So… 18 million divide by 750 investors = $24K each. That was less than what I was calling a medium investor.

        A few at 100K and one at 1 mill creates room for many minimum level investors. There was a lot of work going into getting investors and if each of them was averaging less than $24k the costs of raising funds near equals the funding. 43-101 reports don’t come cheap.

        There sure were a lot of people saying that massive investors were lined up and ready to invest. On this blog there is comments of that sort. Were these massive investors local or part of the international circus Len was tapping into?

        Canlib was born out of WHOM. And WHOM was run on flash and glitter advertising. Donor’s needed to be wowed to give. Same strategy payed off for Canlib/Liberty but is expensive to maintain once the easy money is accessed. Getting a theme-song for shareholder meetings wows the crowd and everyone sings along… but someone has to pay the piper.

        If the drilling company and the African lab are owed that kind of money… what about the labs that were paid before the money dried up? When there were technical reports to prepare? What did it cost per OM?

        Did Liberty grow too big too fast? No JV’s entered into when offered? No gold mined except for small soil samples? No income when income was possible? Would a different CEO have done differently. Yes (every CEO is different), but everyone bought into Len as much as into Liberty.

        Excessive and waste-full spending is what I hear people blogging. But who would have bought shares from a plain suited, hatchback driving, Tim Hortons coffee drinking share-salesman? “Gold is on the way to $2,000/oz”, “Billion dollars worth of gold in the ground”, “We are sitting on a powder keg”… any of these phrases ring a familiar bell?

        Getting mad at a person for living bigger than life doesn’t make sense if that was the reason you invested. OM’s contained the risks, pitfalls and financial situation. But charisma makes all men weak and greed makes all men blind.

        I’ve said before… if your purpose was to help the Liberian people… then you have… for a few years wages were paid and products purchased. This money stayed in Liberia and helped make a living for some people.

        But you CAN find better odds in Vegas than you can in
        a startup company. 9/10 businesses fail is the common saying… but sometimes in vegas you can get 50/50 odds. (at least one casino owner will bet up to a million $$$ on a flip of the coin) Next shareholders meeting will be in Vegas?

        1. The cost of raising funds was not expensive given there was no prospectus necessary, and no brokerage firm was used to market the company. All shareholder funds were sent directly to the Liberty office.

          Supposedly there were international investors lined up out of Dubai and China. All fell through due to one reason or another, only Len can tell you the actual case.

          I agree with the line ‘someone has to pay the piper’. The shareholders weekend meeting where it was a gala affair and had the motherlode of ore song was an expensive side show.

          The only lab to my knowledge that was paid was for the grab sample exploration done on BC property. The exploration program was on the internet and the costs associated with it listed.

          Did Liberty grow too fast? – Yes, as seen by leasing over 13,000 sq km of property in BC and only doing 2 small exploration programs. No JV’s entered – correct, because Len did not want to give up control, and wanted way too much money from companies to explore both Liberia and BC properties. No gold mined – correct. No income when income was possible – yes that is right, because a number of companies were willing to do a JV for the right price, only if Len would have given up some control of properties for putting dollars back into the treasury.

          Who would bought shares from a plain suited, hatchback driving, Tim Hortons coffee drinking salesman? Well given the geology of the Liberian properties, it was an easy sell regardless of who was pitching the deal. Many shareholders are amazed they paid for a leased Hummer for a number of years. I bought into Liberty because of the geology, unfortunately did not do enough DD on who was running the fiasco. And like many shareholders, I am angry because there was never any transparency nor accountability. 2 years later and still silence is unacceptable. It is a nice gesture to have helped a number of Liberian workers with an income, however there is an article in an African newspaper about the out of court settlement Liberty had with a number of technicians which cost a lot of money. That money came from an investor who loaned the company $200K, and has not heard from Len in a year…

          1. Do you know the costs of raising funds without an exchange to be listed on or a brokerage firm? Not as cheap as one might think.

            So Len needed to be globe-trecking in order to try to arrange big financing from Dubai and China. If it was really an option or not.

            There always was a show with Len… I agree with you there. And that draws a crowd. The shareholder meeting was only one of many… and each one had a price. but, not every meeting generated investments.

            Was there ever going to be a JV with Liberty? Not if it meant not having Len at the top. Just like “will Liberty ever declare bankruptcy”? Has Len ever given up on anything? I’m sure WHOM is just taking a break while efforts are focused in Liberia. We will get back to the ministry after a short commercial break.

            Many of the people who invested did so on Len’s personality. Bigger-than-life, can-never-fail. Of the meetings I have been at and the conversations I was a part of, I don’t think I ever recall Len ever telling a lie about Liberty and the projects it was involved in.

            OK… now the shouting match begins. Let me just back that statement up with a few short words.

            Like a good salesman he would lead the conversation into a direction where questions didn’t get asked.

            When asked a direct question the answer was usually posed as a “if” answer… “If the price of gold continues to rise”… “If our early samples are any indication”… “If (truthful statement) then (speculated positive outcome)”

            I saw several people with serious doubts think that they got answers to their questions when I knew no real answer was given. People take a forward looking statement and hear facts almost every day.

            You may have several examples to back your side of the story. I just hope you understand that your side is only one side of the story. Please accept that my one side of the story is also only one side. But for my side I didn’t hear any outright lies or see any criminal intentions.

            You said you wanted “lively” debate?

  65. Not disclosing certain vital facts is the same as lying. I would not have invested had I known about his salary, his shares, how he acquired them, and that he is the majority shareholder and that he won’t give any of them up. Even if he didn’t lie directly at shareholder meetings, doesn’t mean he didn’t lie in private conversations on his cell phone or in person one on one.

    1. We could argue about what vital facts needed to be disclosed and if it was lying or just not offering up information. I never expect a salesman to give up certain details to every prospective investor. But to a serious investor with honest concerns… answers flow like wine. Wine is also good for getting more answers for your questions.

      Salary, share structure, how and when the founders shares came into play, who was majority shareholder… these questions were easy to get answered, if the questions were asked. We all can testify that Len is a talker. Just get him talking about his favorite topics and listen carefully.

      I wasn’t talking about shareholder meetings. I was talking about personal one-on-one communications. I wasn’t on the phone with every investor (just overheard a few of those calls)… but I can’t remember an outright lie.

      I did say that my side of the story was only one side. So what lies did you get told, if any? What assumptions did you make that turned out incorrect? What questions did you wish you had asked? (Open questions to everyone. Not trying to “pick on” anyone.)

      1. I do like a ‘lively debate’..Here are some more tidbits..or timbits..

        I was told by Len that he did not receive any salary since late 2008. This is not true, I know for a fact he took funds from shareholder subscriptions in 2009 before the BCSC cease trade order in September 2009. I was also told by Len he was not able to update shareholders after the BCSC cease trade order because the securities commission forbids it. This is a lie, there is no such regulation, and furthermore the BCSC encourages companies to disclose information even with a cease trade order. As for misleading information, there were also many references to Liberty going public. Len’s favorite line was we are going to list this on ‘the big board’ soon. Fact is Liberty was far from ever going public. And there were references to Liberty share price going to $10 once ‘we start hitting gold’. I do know of one investor who was told by Len he was doing her a favor by letting her subscribe to shares because Liberty was closing the private share offering and going public soon.

        I would like to see the Liberty accounting and bank records opened up for scrutiny – wonder if that will ever happen….

        1. I’ve been giving this blog a chance for others to speak up…

          I don’t know about Len’s salary but it is very easy to see how that doesn’t need to be a problem at all. Salary is only one way to get money out of a business. He may have taken a directors loan, expense claims, cash advances on salary (not the same as a salary but close)… the list goes on and on.

          And Len may not have been “able” to update shareholders… he may have been given legal advise not to based on the BCSC cease trade order. Or there wasn’t enough funds to hold a big grandstand event… so not “able to inform the shareholders in true Liberty fashion” might be a more accurate translation.

          I don’t think that any statement of Liberty going public was ever misleading. The efforts of that office were directed very heavily toward that end. Len had his sights set on the “big board” for a very long time… after Canlib but not long into Liberty. And as for the price of $10… as Liberty was setting the prices for it’s shares to whatever it wanted… it could set the price to $10 tomorrow. But no shareholder could sell their shares except to Liberty… who couldn’t afford to buy them back. But the price could be $10 in a heartbeat.

          1. I think Len’s salary and total compensation WAS a problem. $198K for a salary, leased vehicle, business expenses paid for by shareholder funds. Wonder what the total bill was, a pretty good chunk of $18 million. Of course one cannot forget his taking an extra $28K for field work on a BC exploration program. I dont know of too many guys taking that kind of compensation for a grasssroots exploration company. However since Len had no one to answer to, he could do as he please.

            Len is able to update shareholders, just doesnt care to as of course there has been no positive news in 2 years. Nice way to run a company, lets keep the shareholders in the dark. As for making statements of going public, he did in fact tell shareholders the co. was going straight to the ‘big board’

            Its been approx 9 months since he has been in Liberia, still waiting for the appeals court judgement on whether or not Liberty gets the licenses back. I think the Liberian officials can afford to drag their heels given Len’s track record….

  66. John Taylor :
    As for making statements of going public, he did in fact tell shareholders the co. was going straight to the ‘big board’

    That’s what I said. The entire office was very focused on getting onto the “big board”. That was the goal set by Len. But how many people set a goal only to find it is harder than they thought to get there? The “big board” requires a certain level of public reporting. That seems to be a continuing problem for Liberty.

    If only there weren’t so many people willing to give up their money to unproven management… Hard times at the start might have slowed this train down long enough for some to get clear. Too bad everyone was so very willing to send in the cheques. I still prefer the Vegas. I know I’m going to loose my money… but I get a nice buffet.

  67. The appearance of evil or half truths is still a lie, the bible says not to judge the man but you can judge the fruit of the man. Well Len has no fruit, nothing good has come of all his endeavours.
    I am a investor and hate the whole thing.

    1. If a half truth is a lie than what about a 3/4 truth? 9/10ths truth is still a lie? Then is there anyone who doesn’t constantly lie? When the wife asks “does this dress make me look fat?” who tells the 100% truth… for even silence would also not be a truth.

      How would someone make visionary statements? For a visionary the potential future is taken as established fact. This is a very part of what makes them a visionary.

    2. Hi Dave. I have tried so hard not to judge Len. It is very hard as the facts seem so obvious. But I think your theology is correct. Jesus said ,”You shall know them by their fruits.” I also don’t see any fruit whatsoever from the last 7 years of Len’s life. Maybe there is good fruit, but I just don’t see it. One of Len’s close friends, who has clearly been brainwashed by him, said to me, “Len and his family have more to loose than you will ever know.” That statement was so pathetic, because UNTIL now, the fact is, Len and his family are the only ones who have benefited from Liberty. In addition to the huge salaries, they also used shareholder money to renovate the office building, they allegedly charged the company rent on a monthly basis for it, then they sold it recently(for a large figure) and kept the cash.
      To RH and LH and any other brainwashed people, please wake up. Try to see this thing objectively. Len and his family are the only ones who have benefited. Now IF Liberty suceeds, and IF the shareholders see a return on their investment, then you can talk about the fruits of Len’s life and ministry. Until then, I just don’t see it. Please don’t give or lend Len anymore money until he updates his shareholders and admits his mistakes.

      1. It can be hard some times not to judge the man while judging the actions of the man. We all need to be discerning of the actions of a person while not condemning the person.

        If we look at more than just the money side of things… and I do understand that it is hard to do… we can see that Len had a reputation as a “man of God”, “preacher”, “healer”, “writer”, “international speaker”, “TV personality”… Whatever you call his past experiences with World Harvest it was a reputation that wasn’t all bad. With the wheeling and dealings over Canlib/Liberty… begging for funding… over-the-top meetings… lack of communication these past few years… most (if not all) that reputation is gone and a worse reputation is being built.

        After Liberty… who would hire members of the Liberty inner circle? If an employer were to Google their previous employers what kind of impression would they get from this blog? On that note… I hear Mike is now making a killing with ACN.

        What fruit is there from Liberty over the last 7 years? One thing that Liberty has provided in bucket loads is HOPE. It looks like everyone touched by this company has had their level of hope raised greatly. Another thing is that there has been a general exposure of peoples GREED. Maybe some JEALOUSY issues also have been exposed. Hopes of buying a stock for 10 cents and selling for 10 dollars. Greed motivating some to invest more than the could afford to loose. Jealousy over the size of someone else’s paycheque.

        I’m not saying these are good fruits… but they are a real result of Len’s hard efforts at Liberty.

  68. Well this is quite a thread of discussion. All of you have made many good points.

    I think I can sum it up. To me at least, three things are apparent:

    1. Faith healing is real and most of its practitioners have done great things. Not everybody is sincere, and we need to use God-given discretion when assessing each.

    2. We need to be careful when we bash God’s anointed workers. I’ve learned this from personal experience: watch what you say about God’s ministers engaged in active ministry, even the odd smart-aleck judgemental comments. Even though they might be flawed and make mistakes, they go through the world with God’s instructions and carrying out God’s chosen mission. Therefore He WILL defend those whom He sends on his missions into the world, so in short, watch your mouth.

    3. There’s serious reason to question the legitimacy of this guy. God’s people don’t engage in fraud, although they can backslide. Legitimate or not, this guy needs to be scrutinized before ou take anything he says seriously.

    1. Ok… so you are summing up…

      1. I can agree that some things have been said about faith healing. But not many comments here are showing a strong belief that they are real and that its practitioners have done great things. Quite the contrary. So not really a sum up.

      2. I can’t see your summation as being a accurate portrayal of the discussion so far. Also, I am God’s anointed worker in the world… so is Len… so are you… Didn’t Paul bash Peter for hypocrisy? Don’t we have to be prepared to speak the truth even if an “anointed” person says otherwise?

      3. So… you question a healers legitimacy if there is a hint of fraud… but not by the healing of sickness or changed lives. I am one who does not believe fraud was ever intended. Poor business practices, sure but not fraud. Everyone should be scrutinized before allowing that person to hold sway over your life/finances/faith.

      And so I want to say thanks for masterfully wrapping this all up and putting a nice bow on it… but as with baseball… three strikes and you’re out.

  69. Hey, Len and Julie, go for it my brother and sister. There are three things that God says to you and all of us believers! 1: God loves you. 2: God loves you. 3: God loves you.

      1. I thought the intention of this blog was to discuss Len Lindstrom and Liberty International Minerals Corporation, not FAITH HEALING.

        Who anointed Len a ‘God’s worker’? Was this self-anointed, or is there some special committee that chooses a ‘God’s worker’?

        As for fraud not intended – the point is fraud has been committed. Its my understanding Len has ‘repented’ for what he has done over the past few years. So I suppose this should make the victims feel all warm and fuzzy inside because Len has ‘repented’. What a crock of crap. Len Lindstrom knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he screwed people over. And its now into its 28th month of no sound from the ‘anointed one’. He is still telling people he is barred from disclosing publicly what has gone on with Liberty over the past 2 years, which is false.

        1. Have you read the title of this blog? If it isn’t about a faith healer then the title sure is misleading.

          Anointing would be confirmed by results. I am guessing you doubt there were any results from his ministry years.

          Fraud, by definition, requires intent. For fraud to be committed the intention had to be there first.

          I am so glad you know EXACTLY what Len was thinking during his years with Canlib/Liberty. It is so nice that we now live in a world where proof is no longer required and where one person has the monopoly on truth. Or maybe not.

          It is nice that you say Len has repented… for what I don’t know. Have the rest of the Liberty family repented as well? Investors repented of their greed? If a crime has been committed than let justice be brought. But some better proof would be needed about criminal intent. But you might want to ask a lawyer about that…

          1. The title of the blog refers to another faith healer who is out of the faith healing business, not about faith healing activities itself.

            I would challenge the results of the ministry years, however I have no interest in pre-Liberty activities, only what has transpired since 2004 when public money was being collected for the purpose of funding the Liberty venture. By the way, just what happened to the World Harvest website? Maybe Len should have healed himself – could have smacked his head and rid himself of greed.

            Fraud requires intent – Ask the BC drilling company about the unpaid $300K bill and extra work Len asked them to do for free, knowing there was no money to pay them in the first place. Whether the intent was having money in the bank while work was being done, only Len can tell you that. There is also the issue of a lawsuit filed over a year ago against Len for misappropriation of funds from a corporate loan. The intended use of the funds was to secure the Liberian licenses back in 2009. The money however was used for other purposes as well and Len claims he had authorization to use the money in any way he deemed. I do know the facts of the case, and Len never had authorization for any other corporate activities except the sole purpose of paying the arrears on the Liberian licenses.

            I am told Len has repented, for what I have no idea neither. Its my understanding Len realizes his actions were not all too sincere and has regrets. I suppose after saying a few hail marys, and a brief commercial message, all is ok.

            Ask some shareholders what they were told by Len regarding Liberty activities prior to the past 28 months of silence. The proof of great hype, no results pretty much sums up the fiasco. I have previously mentioned the ‘big board hype’, giving shareholders the idea LIBMIN would trade on the TSX – slightly misleading given the state of LIBMIN financials and of course the 100 million+ shares Len controls. Len has lied saying he is barred from disclosing company status information. The BCSC will tell you they encourage information flow even with companies that are in cease trading status. Now that shareholders will find out shortly if there will be a LIBMIN once the Liberian supreme court rules on the lower court judgement made back in March, this blog may become history….

  70. It is nice to hear from people who have a real passion for something.

    I hope you can use this experience to learn more about yourselves and grow to greater maturity.

    Measure twice… cut once. Look before you leap. A bird in the hand… we all know the advice but it takes personal experience to drive a point home.

    We are all a little wiser if we can truly learn from our gains, our losses, our friends and even our enemies.

      1. has anyone heard if things have improved for l ibinternational. I heard that the company was going thru another name change. does anyone know?
        What is the connection withASIA MINING CONGRESS. another disgruntled share holder in the dark.

        1. Hi Irene, news at the moment. Len has been silent for several weeks. To my knowledge Liberty is not going through any name changes. The Asia mining congress held in March 2009 was basically a convention involving many different mining and exploration companies and financing companies in which Len was present. News will be posted as it comes in.

  71. Hey the LIBMIN website is back online after an absence of several weeks. That is the good news,…the bad news is, has not been touched in years.

    1. Len has been silent for a long time. The BC properties are gone and the Liberian properties are still in limbo,…thus the company is on the edge of a knife and has no money at the moment. If you read all the blogs you may find some email addresses in which you can contact some informed investors.

  72. Thats how you should look at all investments ( if they go down the toilet ) thare gone , have a little cry & life goes on . Get bitter & angry & your just hurting yourself , so get over it!!!!!!! Quit your winning !!!!!!!

    1. Thanks for the insight Bruce, except there has not been any sound from Lenny to Liberty shareholders in 2.5 years.
      Lenny is hanging out in Liberia, guessing either waiting for a supreme court hearing, or settling the license issue out of court. Either way, the shareholders have a right to know what the status, they are the ones who pumped millions into this fiasco

    1. Hey Bob,

      The anointed one seems to be having a good ole time, at least he can afford a few bottles of wine.
      Its 3 years since shareholders have heard anything….guess its better to start a recipe collection rather than update those who are paying for the cooking display…

  73. Lenny has written a book now… Corruption 101 Liberia Style…. hmmm thinking he should have wrote how to con people for millions in Canada… so easy, so much fun I had ! Hope someone in Canada nabs him and justice is served.

    1. So he got his 15 minutes of fame….big deal.. Now Lenny BOY OWES many Canadians money… the creditors will come. If Old Bible THumper could stop spewing biblical crap … and actually do what needs to be done…. that in itself would be a miracle. He talks about suing people , well how about all those who have sued him for the money LENNY OWES THEM ??/ funny that… Lenny doesn’t feel obligated to pay back his debts to people who worked for him or the many loans. Hmmmm I guess his GOD doesn’t mind.. LENNY LINDSTROM from LIBERTY INT’l MINES CORPORATION… THE BIBLE THUMPER who loves to scam and lie to ordinary folk…. get your tickets folks , in a Court nearest you in Kelowna…. front row a bit more expensive than the back ….lol

  74. MR. COSTA at HOTT FM 107.9 MONROVIA : just finished listening to the radio with LENNY and yourself…. What a joke…. ASK LENNY about all the loans he doesn’t repay to nice CANADIAN FOLK! Some even have gone through the CANADIAN COURTS in order to attempt to get their money and he still does not pay them back , many lost their life savings, grief in many marriages, etc etc…and now he is going to sue your government !@#$ how long is that going to take?? And for the guy that reports he is broke… how does he afford to go back to court??…. Many lies has been told to us shareholders in CANADA! Ask him how he plans to find more investors to drill these properties! LENNY isn’t telling you all the facts by the way. LENNY work with the other companies….HAHAHAHA that will happen only if he gets paid big bucks plus ALL the costs to drill and he sits there and watches …. Negotiate…Lenny right , don’t make me laugh.. he doesn’t know the meaning of that word. Lenny has been trying to play CEO of this company for 10 years and spunked 20 million dollars. Lenny should be apologize to us CANADIANS as well, and hire someone to manage this company properly.

  75. to all the fine CANADIAN folk… the licenses have not been sent to LIBERTY with the FINAL documentation meaning the stipulations… such as time to have them in possession, how much money needs to be spent in say a certain amount of time.. The lower court still needs to spell out the stipulations that go with these licenses.

    just updating y’all.

    1. Hi DAVE :

      Maybe send Lenny Boy a definition of I N T E G R I T Y ! LOL cause he clearly does not have a clue what the concept means.

      Lenny Boy…. it’s that time again to ask you the same question , WHERE THE FAK is the SHAREHOLDERS UPDATE ?

      Later Amigo.

  76. Im curious about this story and its development. Is there anyway that the 5th Estate can be contacted and have them investigate and do an expose on this? You know with their investigative resources, they will bring a lot of things to light. Not to mention, we are talking about 700 plus people effected and its a Canadian story with Canadian roots. I would guarantee they would be interested.

  77. The 5th Estate and 16×9 did a half hour episode on Foundation Capital a Half a billion dollar alleged scam here in Alberta the main man Ron Aitkens were I lost 179,000,00 dollars. It was very well done with interviews with the investors also he has 5 outstanding charges from the security commission still pending. All this coverage all the writing to politicians and the complaints to the RCMP and they wont investigate because its not there top priority and limited funding.
    What bullshit. The 5th Estate may love to expose len lindstroms story but no one act on it.
    White Collar Crime is alive and very very prosperous in Alberta.

  78. One more thing, Lenny Boy mentioned he was going back to Kelowna soon. I somehow don’t think so now. OLD Lenny Boy will be busier than ever now SUING all those government officials in Liberia and the companies on the properties. Courts work pretty s l o w in Liberia. And we all know the OLD LENNY BOY will stay to fight for any money he can get his hands on.

    Plus, I believe OLD LENNY BOY although he looks pumped up in his 60 yr old body, would be wanted by many back in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan… over 700 investors. I think is ass is grass when he lands in Canada, unless he changes his ways and makes all the promised riches . What are the chances of that happening ?? Old Lenny telling the truth and and being transparent with the 700 + shareholders and making money from mining gold, etc ? Safer for me to buy a lottery ticket. LOL

    Have a nice day !

    1. ALSO…in addition to ” changing his ways “, Paying all those kind people in Canada and Liberia back the monies he owes.

      Have a nice day!

  79. Len Lindstrom talkes about corruption 101 and the lies and deception in Liberia government yet how about the lies and deception he himself has displayed to his investors. No reports or a word to the people that made it possible for him to venture the Liberty Mining Company. Dosent give him a who lot of integrity on anything he says or does if he cant treat the very people who backed him. LEN UPDATE YOUR INVESTORS>>>>>>

  80. Wouldn’t it be nice if Leonard Lindstrom updated the shareholders with the fact of Liberty International was dissolved in May 2012? For all the inquisitive types, please have a look at the BC Court Services online for some interesting court cases involving the Lindstroms – its all in the public eye!!

  81. LENNY LENNY LENNY , DO YOU EVER PLAN ON BEING HONEST WITH THE SHAREHOLDERS? GET OFF YOUR ASS AND SEND a shareholders’ report ! We are still waiting. Is it that hard to differentiate between the numerous lies you have told to many Canadian people versus the truth?? Is that what is complicating your swelled ego and head with greasy, long grey/blond locks ? Cut and wash your greasy hair and maybe you will be able to think better. Chuckle chuckle. I know you love your so called “rock star” status. However, why don’t you try being a CEO /President now and fulfill your job responsibilities.

    SHAREHOLDER’S REPORT ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  82. With all the emails that Old Lenny sent us, maybe I should write another blog…. and a book too ! CORRUPTION LENNY LINDSTROM LIBERTY STYLE 102. Spreading the truth folks about Old Lenny Lindstrom and LIBERTY at Chapters Book Store .. sounds good, like the ring.

  83. Just re-reading some emails that Old Lenny sent. What a load of rubbish and lies, it would take me quite a while to tabulate how many LIES OLD LENNY has told people. I have made an observation, if things were going pretty good, Old Lenny’s hands were greased with cash, or if he was desperate for cash, that is when Old Lenny sent emails. Hey folks, I need a quick 5 Million.. any takers ??? If anyone out there in cyberland actually believes this asshole can run this company .. well he can , Old Lenny knows how to BANKRUPT companies very well. Come to think of it, Old Lenny had a mentioned Liberty may go bankrupt (June 25,2009 shareholders update) and son of a gun it did DISSOLVE in MAY 2012 !!!!!!! I seriously think Canadians need to learn from an ASSHOLE like you Lenny Lindstrom. Never mind the people in Liberia.. they were not smart enough to do their due diligence into you, so tough luck.

    So a month as gone by OLD LENNY and still no licenses, you have had your 15 minutes of fame, no shareholder’s update. What else is new ? DO you EVEN HAVE A JOINT VENTURE LINED UP ??? There should be at least a few them of set up and ready to go when you supposedly get these licenses????

  84. Len Lindstrom is an honest man – made mistakes but its not over yet — you’ll be laughing out the other side of face even very soon he was not able to pay bills but will make things right when able which in my view is soon . He hasn’t quit and neither will I. Keep looking up we win !

  85. Joanne you are full of B.S I’ve met people like you think they know everything . Get a grip, full of hot air and descriptive words no facts one angry dude take a pill let it all go and and get facts straight and mean to boot wow

    1. Hi Sue – if you have any ‘facts’, then present them here!!

      Here are some facts – notice the number of court cases against Lenny

      Spend the $6.00 to read the case of Westcore Drilling vs. Lenny – and you will read some interesting facts such as Liberty was dissolved in May 2012. Ask Len why he hadn’t told the shareholders this ‘fact’ when he asked shareholders to write to their Canadian MP’s regarding the Liberian governments stalling of awarding exploration licenses.

      Lets hear your facts!!

  86. So Old Lenny does a press release with 7 newspaper guys. So far I have found 3 articles. He sure did get a lot of mileage out of that press release, not.

    Old Lenny talks about unhappy investors on the blog in his press release. Well, at least that was truthful.

    Ask yourself Old Lenny : why do you have unhappy investors ?

    Does it have anything to do with your many lies, misrepresentations, lack of transparency, lack of proper shareholders reports, lack of brains to know when you have screwed up and time to pass the baton on to someone who knows how to manage Liberty ? Does it have anything to do with your unethical ways of dealing with the many people/companies you owe money to? People have become unhappy in these situations for good reasons. So you think the investors are happy knowing full well they lost money, some lost a great deal of money due to your incompetency as well as, having their families go through serious issues ! And it was all because you, because no one else was running Liberty. God forbid you would ever listen to people who have years of experience in geology and financing. What do you think OLD LENNY ??? You need to honestly examine why many investors are pissed with you ! How about stepping out of your comfort zone of going silent when you have been exposed? That would mean being honest and explaining to the shareholders what transpired.

    You dissolved Liberty in May 2012, why have you kept that a secret? I must say, you sure do like to keep many secrets, unfortunately for you though, you have been exposed numerous times. I know, you repented for all your wrong doings. All is dandy with your god. It’s all marvelous cause you repented. Really ?? I don’t think your actions with the performance of Liberty are marvelous . Or should I say : What performance ? Clearly, your past track record tells the story, you failed miserably.

    I noticed the comments on your writing skills. I have to agree with them. It was painful to read all those run on sentences in your press release.

  87. Like I said previously years ago…….. Back in Kelowna, Carrying his bible, and ready to heal the world! Too Funny. Had a glorious time with all our money though.

  88. Taken from his Corruption 101 website.

    “To confront the status quo, to battle injustice and to expose corruption, even at the risk of one’s own peril, should never be seen as a prerogative but rather a God-ordained responsibility, for in so doing one not only maintains their own sense of integrity, but also helps secure a brighter future for the multitudes whose dignity and livelihood have been downtrodden far too long by an abusive system of inequality, bribery, extortion, fraud and deprivation”
    Len Lindstrom

    Hmmmm Deprivation: How about the people you deprived in Salmo B.C with unpaid bills and the MANY in Canada you OWE TO ??? How about the shareholders confront Len Lindstrom on the subject of why he has still not sent a shareholder’s report in over 5 years and let the shareholder’s know of Liberty being dissolved ? Hmmm injustice here ? Transparency, what’s that ? Old Lenny’s Moral substance does not include that word. It’s more like DECEPTIVE and SNEAKY ! How else has this clown lived off others’ money for many many years ? Tells people what they want to hear, sells the riches story, and runs with your money. Old Lenny never replies to calls, or emails from the people who loaned him money. Pretty scummy of Old Lenny if you ask me. Oh yea Old Lenny is an Anointed Man of God… really ?? Does your God advocate lying and deceiving people ? Apparently He does ! You have gotten away with it for God knows how many years.. I hear you were a gem in the World Harvest/ Bible Thumping/ Smack you are healed days. In any case, it is clear you spunked over $18 Million dollars in just a few years. Old Lenny never accounted for where the money was spent. We do know Old Lenny and his family lived very well as long as the money was coming in as there are numerous pictures to prove it. Kharma did get ya Old Lenny eh ?? Divorce, lost homes, office in Kelowna, toys, Hummer, son’s Truck (VP of Liberty), Loss of pay cheques for your various family members, 5 Star Hotel stays, travel to exotic places etc. etc.

    Received an email revealing the truth about Liberty the other day, I will be forwarding it to the following : People have the right to know the truth.

    – Prime Ministers of BC and Alberta, and Saskatchewan


    I would love to know if Liberia will let you back into their country?
    Were you kicked out as your visa ran out?
    The June 2014 radio show was suppose to posted online, where is it ?
    Who is funding you now ?
    Any chance you will tell us what your plans are for the future of whatever the name of your current company is ??
    Do you plan on paying back ALL the people who loaned you money??
    Any plans of paying the $4Million plus debts to reinstate Liberty ?
    Who specifically is going to benefit from the current properties in Liberia if you do get these licenses?
    What exactly is your lawyer doing in Liberia?
    What is the status on the appeal in Liberia?
    How do you sleep at night knowing full well you have ripped off 700 plus people who invested in Liberty ?
    Many of whom gave you their life savings because you fed them a grand story of getting rich.

    If I can prevent others from losing their hard earned money by warning them about LEN LINDSTROM and the Liberty Fiasco, then I have fulfilled my ethical responsibility to my fellow Canadian/ American. And that folks is what I call integrity !

  89. Just seen Lennys Blurb on CBC Saskatchewan and find it really hard to believe that having raised over $18,000,000 that me is 100% completely broke. There was no way that he might have managed to sock away at least 1 percent for himself ($180,000) seriously?? There is no way that anybody is that stupid to blow every last penny and if he did (which doubt) then what a loser. He is and will be back to asking for money again and I hope everyone keeps fro the preaching this time. Everybody needs to quit aiding this butthead and let him suffer. I say all the talk is pure BS and crocodile tears.. He has lied the whole way through and still keeps on. Me?? I am done and hope everyone can keep away from his EVIL and FALSE preaching’s and stop helping him. or google cbc sask and search for the story and audio.

  90. So really what was Mike ‘s part in this ? I know 27 ? years ago Len split with one Big Kelowna church pastor because he refused the over site . The church was run with everyone including the head guys having a board that could call them to account. As with most faith healers you never saw a doctors report . It could happen but never saw real proof . Early on in this blog 2010 ? some guys where harping on mike but then said he quit because his dad was being an jackass and not listening to anyone. Still 120 grand for anything Mike ? I know you don’t have any training to make that cash! Anyone know anything beyond harping on in bitter fashion? Sad to see people fall for get rich quick ship.

  91. It is very unlikely that Len Lindstrom is “God’s right hand man”. He recently has left over $500 000 of unpaid bills all over the small town of Salmo BC. I’m not sure why this is not a criminal offence in Canada, but if there is a God, he will be punished.

  92. for proof, talk to anyone that has worked for Liberty. Almost every contractor on the winter drilling program was not paid. The drilling company was left with a $300 000 unpaid bill. Almost every account they have is not paid. There was very little work ever done, nor did they seem interested in hiring the right people to get the job done. Dave Wallach is the BC project manager. It is clear that he has no experience, and it is unlikely that he made it to Grade 9. The only thing that Liberty International Mineral Corp. has done, is scam people.

  93. I read your blog about Evangelist Len Linstron that you wrote a year ago do you still think he is a man of integrity and anointed of God . Like to here your comment on this.
    Thank you Dave

  94. Hey Lamb family,….just out of curiosity, you still believe he is a man of God in light of everything that has happened in the 3 years since your posting?

  95. Im in New Zealand so dont know anything about this ‘Liberty’ scam, only what you guys have put. So ….the shareholders were Christians, they were a drilling company (oil I assume) and so what happened, did they never strike oil, or did they pay their CEO’s exorbatant wages and use up all the shareholder’s money? Is that right? And was it supposed to be run by Christians?

  96. This is just my opinion which doesnt count for much, and I dunno, maybe God has just opened our eyes to this in the last year, but there seems to be a huge amount of deception being preached through preachers. I think we really need to ‘critique’ all that we hear from their messages and see if it is in allignment with God’s word or we may be swept into this sea of deception that the enemy is obviously behind. The latest we’ve noticed is ‘Rob Bell’ and his watered down airy fairy theology. This is the emergent church stuff and is just foggy/confusing/and tolerant of the worlds ways. Thank you God that You are just and fair, if we think we GET AWAY with things, we’re deceiving ourselves. Len Lindstrom will be held accountable in a real courtroom in front of a just Judge one day so we need not concern ourselves about the ‘justice’ bit….just helping those who’ve been ripped off getting their money back, or as much of it that is left that is.

  97. You have internet Sharon, check out the company website But I have to warn you, some of the info is no longer current. Most of the staff there no longer work for him. The BC properties are also all gone. Len and his family did indeed draw huge salaries,..then he repeatedly emailed the shareholders asking for more money so he could ‘advance the company further.’ It started off being interested in diamonds but turned its attention to gold since they started discovering more and more of it as the price of gold rose at the same time.
    If Len was a friend of yours, then please pray for him. Try contacting him and see if he will listen to you. Try to convince him to update his shareholders. We are only a few days away from the 2 year anniversary of his silence.

    To the small group of people who are still giving Len money and defending him,..WHY ARE YOU NOT TELLING HIM TO UPDATE HIS SHAREHOLDERS?!?!?!?! You pray individually and corporately, asking God for discernment, wisdom and direction. Surely by now you know that when EVERY LAST PERSON is in agreement about what needs to be done(in this case a shareholder update) then that is clearly what God is saying should be done!!

    If you are not encouraging Len to listen to the 750+ and update them,..then I am tempted to say that you are no different than he. Is that the legacy you want to leave? Is that how you want to be remembered?

  98. Well that is something we don’t have to worry about. Getting people their money back.

    It was gone the day they signed the cheque.

  99. Well said Jazz. It intrigues me that you seem to know them very well. Please continue to pray for them. However, I suspect your prayers are needed for Len,..not so much for Mike. He left the company in late 2009 when the paycheques stopped coming. Len is the one who needs to open his eyes and learn from his past mistakes.
    If he would just listen to people, his (former) employees, then Liberty could survive. I personally believe that the best chance Liberty has for survival is for Len to step down as CEO and rather be part of a team of leaders. Liberty needs a board of directors,…people with experience and proven track records. I don’t mind if Len is on that board but a company like Liberty should not be controlled by the will of one man, this case an inexperienced man.

    Len, what would you do to save Liberty? Would you give up control if that would save it? Or would you rather drive it into the ground before you see someone else in the drivers seat? What about the shareholders,…it was our money that made the company. Don’t our opinions count too?

  100. Joel, you do not know Max and cannot possibly know whether his motive was to elevate his own self-importance. Reading Max’s comments, I struggle to find a basis for your accusation: “It would seem to me that you have eleveated your own self-importance.” What an unkind thing to say to someone you do not know. I struggle to find any brotherly love, in that statement. Max appeals to Scripture and if you believe that people who quote Scripture are trying to elevate their own importance, then every New Testament author is guilty along with Max. I agree with Max’s sound reasoning and since he is not talking about himself, I find your accusation of him baseless and tasteless. If you have the humility to do so, I think you should apologize.

    And now, at risk of being accused of elevating my own self-importance, I leave us all with a quote from Philippians that I think applies well to how we think of Len and everyone else who has preached the Gospel:

    Some indeed actually preach Christ out of envy and contentiousness but there are also others who do it from good will. These latter preach Him from love to me, knowing that I am here for the defence of the Good News; while the others proclaim Him from motives of rivalry, and insincerely, supposing that by this they are embittering my imprisonment. What does it matter, however? In any case Christ is preached—either perversely or in honest truth; and in that I rejoice, yes, and will rejoice. (Philippans 1:15-18, Weymouth)

  101. Hey no offense Dave,….but do you have shakey hands or a stuttering condition? This is the fourth or five time you have posted the same thing. This article has been out for a long time. We have read it.

  102. I know for a fact that Liberty Minerals was a scam. I have family that worked closely with Len. The one thing I can say for sure is that everyone that worked with Len and the Lindstrom family truly believed that they were doing the right thing and that they were going to make it work. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize that it was a scam. Only Len and possibly his family knew that it was a scam. And I can tell you for sure 100% that it is a scam. This man used people to spread the word about Liberty. He especially took advantage of the Christian community. Most of these people were older, low income, and have a huge faith in the Lord and faith in Christians. Anyone claiming to be a faith healer would be someone that most Christians would not even question, which is exactly what Len needed. Once the word went through the small town in BC and through the Christian community there was no lack of willing investors.
    I know for a fact it’s a scam because I know Len, I am related to some of the people that worked for Liberty Minerals.

  103. hi Dave….. the TRUTH…. well if we could get old LENNY BY to stop spewing biblical nonsense and do the right thing by hiring someone with qualifications to actually run Liberty Int’l Mines Corp., that would be the only way this company may make it… and that’s a slim chance as Lenny BOy doesn’t take kindly to giving up anything …. Lenny ‘s laptop and the banks in Canada must have some accounting truths… What do we know is true …no shareholders update lately…. not even to say he won the licenses back….. hmmmm wonder why… he has time to party but no time to be transparent with shareholders…… We know Lenny for the past 10 years as CEO /PRESIDENT. has .. spunked 20 million, and paid himself and family very well and he spotted some gold in Liberia. There is no equipment in Liberia. No money as of yet has been brought in by investors, as Len will not relinquish control of running this company.

    The ALmighty Lord is going to hand him a cheque and drillers will magically appear like the lucky leprechauns and it will rain gold…lol

  104. MR. COSTA at HOTT FM 107.9 MONROVIA : just finished listening to the radio with LENNY and yourself…. What a joke…. ASK LENNY about all the loans he doesn’t repay to nice CANADIAN FOLK! Some even have gone through the CANADIAN COURTS in order to attempt to get their money and he still does not pay them back , many lost their life savings, grief in many marriages, etc etc…and now he is going to sue your government !@#$ how long is that going to take?? And for the guy that reports he is broke… how does he afford to go back to court??…. Many lies has been told to us shareholders in CANADA! Ask him how he plans to find more investors to drill these properties! LENNY isn’t telling you all the facts by the way. LENNY work with the other companies….HAHAHAHA that will happen only if he gets paid big bucks plus ALL the costs to drill and he sits there and watches …. Negotiate…Lenny right , don’t make me laugh.. he doesn’t know the meaning of that word. Lenny has been trying to play CEO of this company for 10 years and spunked 20 million dollars. Lenny should be apologize to us CANADIANS as well, and hire someone to manage this company properly.

  105. to all the fine CANADIAN folk… the licenses have not been sent to LIBERTY with the FINAL documentation meaning the stipulations… such as time to have them in possession, how much money needs to be spent in say a certain amount of time.. The lower court still needs to spell out the stipulations that go with these licenses.

    just updating y’all.

  106. to all the fine CANADIAN folk… the licenses have not been sent to LIBERTY with the FINAL documentation meaning the stipulations… such as time to have them in possession, how much money needs to be spent in say a certain amount of time.. The lower court still needs to spell out the stipulations that go with these licenses.

  107. Lenny’s Bullshit report today…” GIVING CORRUPTION AND THE CULPRITS A BREAK TODAY – No fiery radio interviews, no newspaper reports – ” ah no… your 15 minutes of fame is over.

    Now let’s cut to the chase here.

    1) How is Lenny Boy funding the legal costs ? For the present case and his future cases as he plans to sue the government and the companies on the property ? My oh my Lenny when will you have time to spend in Liberty??

    2) When is Lenny Boy paying back all the CANADIANS who loaned him money or worked for him ? How about the Liberians he owes money to ? We do know that he pays LAWYER FEES.. cause he’s afraid of them .. but not the shareholders whom he owes. CANADIANS… I think CBC FIFTH ESTATE needs to do a show on this nightmare….similar to American Greed Show. As a matter of fact, I know someone at CBC… time to make that call.

    3) There is no equipment/trucks in Liberia…remember Lenny Boy is BROKE.

    4) No shareholders UPDATE YET , however Lenny Boy has ample time to embellish his posts on Facebook and update with loads of BIBLICAL CRAP… and Liberty information that he wants to tell you . He holds quite a bit though… so the whole story is not always told.

    5) Lenny Boy sure does love to play the POOR ME victim role. Get over it Lenny…. Lenny Boy has been observed by many to be a self control freak and greedy and certainly not qualified in the slightest to run an international mining company. . It is not your responsibility to govern in Liberia, nor change Liberia’s ways. It is up to the Liberians, not a Canadian to change how this country operates. If anything Lenny Boy , you need a quick 10-20 million to pay off your debts, and drill in Liberia. We all know that the Liberian Government will have stipulations on these licenses… meaning you do have to DRILL, and PROVIDE REPORTS on the outcomes and in certain time frames so that means YOU NEED MONEY NOW to further Liberty explorations… oh I suppose you think the Liberian officials that you sue will be paying you a fair amount in your next court case…. wonder how many years that will take ?

    Ok Lenny BOY .. going to ask you again…. W H E R E IS THE SHAREHOLDERS UPDATE AND PLEASE PROVIDE TRUTHS… skip the bs… skip spewing biblical crap too. This is a business not your World Harvest Bible THumping Group.

    Also, Mr Costa, feel free to comment…will look on the radio’s FB page for your comment .. or here on this blog.

  108. Thank you for your comments and information on Lenny rather it be good or bad is helpful, would be simpler if he could update us as investors, keep on going girl we love it,

  109. Time for me to pass another comment on Lenny’s TWISTING AND MANIPULATING of words.

    Lenny has said the Liberian government has not commented on the supreme court judgement, he finds this funny….On January 16, 2014, a comment from a government official ” Minister Patrick Sendolo, declared that he had not received the court opinion in the case, so he could not comment to the press… Only 3 business days had transpired since the verdict. So, I am not surprised this minister has no comment.

    Maybe Lenny BOY would like to comment on one shareholder update (December 2012) in the last 5 years, or the case against him from the loan holder who hasn’t heard from Len in years? Lenny are you going to tell the Liberian press your silence with regards to the loan holder who saved Liberty from bankruptcy in 2009, or how the B.C driller who still owed $300K found out from his lawyer you put your TWO houses in Kelowna BC in other peoples names….

    UNDOUBTEDLY eh Lenny… sweeping things under the carpet.. well I am here to remind you and everyone that you are not as honest as you say you are…..TRANSPARENCY would be nice and honesty however, I highly doubt Lenny Boy knows the true meaning of these words.

    And once again we will ask LENNY BOY… where’s the shareholder’s UPDATE?? Doesn’t your God want you to be honest with the shareholders? Apparently , NOT !

    Also, Lenny Boy…. noticed the newspaper article omitted your biblical sputum…. kept it to the point, businesslike. Why can’t you do the same?? And skip your run on sentences too !

    Always watching your every move Lenny Boy from Monrovia.

  110. Hi. Dave:

    Thanks for your kind words. Yes and no, in regards to Lenny Boy doing a shareholder’s update. Lenny has a tendency to OMIT truths to the majority of his shareholders. So, he is indeed a slippery guy in many peoples opinions. So, let’s hope he gets a bad case of feeling guilty and fesses up, as well, hire people who are capable to turning things around. In my opinion, I still believe “Mr. Grandoise will not give up the show that is centered AROUND HIM.

    If you have any other questions or comments or suggestions , please do send!

    Best regards,

  111. It’s that time again for me to update you with some truths and a big question.


    Let’s start with TRUTHS. Only 5 of the 6 subsidiary companies are listed on the supreme court document to LENNY BOY January 10, 2014.. The 6th property :Golden Ventures was NOT mentioned. AGAIN, where is the transparency ??? THERE IS none when Lenny Boy is involved ! Where oh where did Golden Ventures go ??? Did Lenny keep it for himself ? Did he sell it ? Hmmm I smell a skunk here again…. CORRUPTION 102 LENNY LINDSTROM LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL MINERAL CORPORATION STYLE ! Can someone please write this book ? We could use the proceedings to pay back all the money the investors lost ! chuckle chuckle..

    Next… When Lenny Boy was in any meeting with a potential large investor, LENNY BOY went ALONE. Funny that he doesn’t want others to witness these meetings. Any reputable CEO would take others into the meeting of that magnitude. I smell something real skunky here ! Do you ? Ah Lenny Boy I was told by a very close person to Lenny 20 +years that he has repented his follies. Are fakking kidding me ? NOT !

    I feel like Mr. Rodger’s wife again repeating these words : it’s that time again ! Lenny Boy where is the SHAREHOLDER’S UPDATE with only truths in it and zero biblical babble ??? Are you having a hard time remembering what you have told others and what the truth is ? I can imagine it must me difficult at 60 years old to keep it all straight the different stories you have told people in 10 years of Liberty’s inception.

    One more tidbit to think about it… LENNY BOY has not made his book Corruption 101 Liberian Style available as an e book. Makes one think what is LENNY hiding ? If Canadian shareholders and say the RCMP ( Royal Canadian Mounted Police .. for the foreign folks reading this blog) had a chance to get their hands on this book, maybe we could see more evidence of LENNY BOY withholding information and /or twisting words for his benefit. Many Liberians asked Lenny how can he get a book and LENNY said in one of the radio shows, give me a few days to get it to you via the internet as an e book as it is to expensive to publish hard copies for everyone. hmmm I smell another skunk here !! My nose is going into overdrive here, chuckle chuckle ! He controls exactly who gets this book for now, however, it is just a matter of time. Transparency , let us all ponder that concept for a moment and think about LENNY LINDSTROM at the same time…. none , zip, nadda, zero, zilch = LENNY LINDSTROM

    Have a nice day folks !

  112. Dave, in addition to the set of balls, Old Lenny will need a brain and a consciousness minus the delusions of grandeur he has daily. And that my friend is not being funny. This is reality in my opinion. The saddest thing about this whole Liberty Saga, if only Lenny wasn’t at the helm, and real executives were running Liberty, there would be so much financial gain for many involved… investors, employment in Liberia, etc etc.

    Have a nice day !

  113. Wouldn’t it be nice if Leonard Lindstrom updated the shareholders with the fact of Liberty International was dissolved in May 2012? For all the inquisitive types, please have a look at the BC Court Services online for some interesting court cases involving the Lindstroms – its all in the public eye!!

  114. LIBERTY VICTORY – SUPREME COURT POWERFUL JUDGMENT- January 11,2014. How can that be when Liberty is dissolved? The judgement was for the subsidiary companies , read the documents folks.

    “In a highly surprising move, we suddenly received an assignment in Supreme Court on Friday afternoon January 10 2014 at 2:00 PM for final ruling in the Liberty vs MLME and Government of Liberia case and Liberty has officially won this massive battle against corruption ” The case was not Liberty vs MLME and Government of Liberia…. it was with the subsidiary companies.

    Lenny : What’s up that sleeve of yours? Please do tell in a shareholders update ! I ‘d like to to see you babble your way out of this one. Truth and facts only… can you handle that Lenny ? Leave your bible thumping preaching out of it.

  115. FRONT PAGE AFRICA FEB 4,2014.

    Background Checking and the Lindstrom Debacle

    Written by Joe Cassell, Contributor
    Published: 04 February 2014

    The Editor,

    When a Canadian investor, Len Lindstrom, received a favorable judgment by the Supreme Court of Liberia against an agency of government recently, it brought to the fore a nagging issue that has bedeviled the government over the years; its dismal inability to vet or background check foreign investors, as well as its own employees, especially those returning from abroad.

    Old Lenny Boy did not show this page. I wonder why?? LOL check out the full article… bottom line- Liberian Government should have done their due diligence by checking out Old Slippery Lenny.

    Bet they wished they did now!

  116. MORE from LETTERS TO EDITOR from by Joe Cassell

    That brings us to Len Lindstrom, CEO of Liberty International Mineral Corp., and of late, the darling of the Liberian media. Lindstrom came to Liberia under the radar of detection during Liberia’s Interim Government of National Unity (IGNU). He came as a faith healer; his original mission was narrow, to save souls and heal the sick. He even boasted about curing Liberian children from terrible diseases, whether it is true or not, there has been no independent verification of Mr. Lindstrom’s healing hands. The fact is faith healer Lindstrom shed his church cassock and opted for the rugged gold mines of Liberia. He later admitted to completely divesting himself of the church, even to the point of giving up on attending church. Mr. Lindstrom had completed a 360 degree turnaround.

    His future was now inextricably linked to the mining sector of Liberia, but for a reason. He is reported, according to Canadian journalists, to have collected about $18 million from investors in his native Canada with a promise of a huge return on investments. Canadian columnist John Thomsen suggested in his column Rumors and Gossips that the former faith healer was a confidence man on the verge of
    orchestrating a scam. Thomsen published this email from a worried Liberty investor in his column:

    This e-mail from a reader:

    “I noticed today in your online, ‘Rumours and Things’, 2010, that people cannot get in touch with Len Lindstrom. I tried the phone number that still appears online – and sure enough – a lady answered who is not with Len. She had the phone number for about 3 weeks. Can you tell me what you found out about Len? People – including me – have invested money into his organization. What do we do? Where do we turn for answers?”

    Thomsen responded: “I don’t know what to tell you because in these kinds of schemes, money is always lost, and the perpetrator gone from the scene.”

    If the Liberian government agency or agencies clothed with interfacing with investors had done a cursory Google search of Len Lindstrom they would have discovered that he had been sanctioned by Alberta Securities, the body that regulates trade in stocks and investments in his Canadian province. The sanction against Lindstrom and his company is on the company’s website at

    Of course, none of the sanctions or the doubts his fellow Canadians had about his honesty made it into the pages of his seminal book on corruption in Liberia, cheekily entitled Corruption 101, Liberian Style. The book was focused on how he was wronged by the government, not how he allegedly “scammed” dozens, if not hundreds, of Canadian citizens out of their life savings.

    It is a critical imperative that contractual and property rights are respected. Nations that disregard those rights are universally panned, and are usually the ones in an advance state of dysfunction and rot, so it was quite easy to understand the court judgment in favor of Lindstrom.

    Background checks are a commonplace scenario, even in social situations within the U.S. It is not uncommon for a potential female lover to run a check on her new silver tongue casanova, to ensure he is what he actually claims to be. The Been Verified app on the iPhone, which does a background check on the fly, has seen an exponential increase in its user base, especially amongst female users.

    In the world of corporate and governmental hiring it becomes significantly important. An anonymous philosopher once said, “the truth is out there waiting to be found.” Vetting, background checks and Topgrading are all part and parcel of the best practices of evaluating potential human capital. I run a boutique staffing agency, and deeply embedded in my evaluation of potential candidates for clients, is a regimen of background checking that includes criminal, educational, reference and credit check, of course with the permission of the candidate.

    Then comes the Topgrading or behavioral interview, which clients in my neck of the woods in California put potential hires through after the various checks have panned out. Candidates may pass the educational, criminal and credit checks, but the behavioral interview is designed to bring out their true personality. You cannot fake this interview, which is paneled in some cases, by four or more professionals throwing situational questions at you. At some point during that interview your true personality comes to the fore. If you are a non-productive C player this interview will expose your weaknesses.

    The recent history of some Liberians from America going home for employment with the government has been littered with lapses by the government and some companies to adequately screen these Diaspora job applicants, hence reports of corruption, academic fraud, and even the case of a fugitive child molester in the employ of the government.

    Clearly, the most egregious and widely publicized example of the lapse is the case of the former head of the national airport, Ellen Corkrum, who is not only accused of financial improprieties, but had a tendency of illicitly recording the privileged and confidential conversations she had with government officials to prove, in essence, that the government was morbidly corrupt. These governmental actors assumed she was a trusted confidant, but she not only violated their trust and confidence, she placed them in the embarrassing position of being tarred and feathered in the court of public opinion, while she became the Mother Theresa of Liberian virtue, well, in the eyes of the Liberian media.

    Was this employee, given the critical responsibilities, she was burdened with, adequately screened and vetted for the position of head of the nation’s major airport by the government’s Civil Service Agency? The verdict is still out. I believe the application of an intense vetting regime, including a behavioral interview, not to mention a credit and reference check, would have saved the government the embarrassment of having an employee running wild with a hidden tape recorder. Her character flaws would have come through during the behavioral interview, or her credit report would have given the government a snapshot as to her fiscal aptitude as well as her overall integrity.

    It’s the embarrassment to the government that the lack of due diligence of investors and potential employee poses; the Lindstrom book could have devastating consequences to private/public sector investment, costing the country millions. It could be used as a reference point and a turn-off to investors who will opt to take their business elsewhere, because the focus of the book is the government’s refusal to respect contract rights.

    Joe Cassell, Contributor
    Walnut Creek, Ca. 94597J
    M Cassell,

    So , there is one little error. It was the B.C Securities then the Alberta securities to put a cease trade on Liberty. At the end of the day, Old Lenny is slippery in my opinion.

  117. Any comment from the peanut gallery ? Meaning you Old Lenny ? Shareholder’s update now that would be a nice gesture coming from a CEO/ President. Do you even remember how to do a s h a r e h o l d e r ‘ s u p d a t e ? The longer you stay silent Old Lenny, the longer I keep digging and reporting on this blog. As a shareholder, I suggest you man up and do your job as a CEO.

  118. Old Lenny…… if by chance you get some quick millions, tell us are you going to be transparent with the accounting sending out financial reports ? Are you going to fill your pockets again with 198K salary for a junior exploration company? Will you be filling your son Micheal’s pockets for doing some mindless office paper shuffling as a VP? Will you be hiring a stupid amount of people that you not need ? Will you pay back your debts owing ? Will you hire someone to run this company properly ??? Do tell as many are curious how you are going behave this time around provided you get a second chance !

  119. WHAT A FAKING JOKE- Lenny you can”t send a shareholder’s report but you offer speaking engagements…Let me guess you a charging a quick 100K US for the speaking engagement ? I wouldn’t pay you a penny ! How about doing a speaking engagement via a video to your investors in CANADA?? Transparency does NOT exist with you ! Well, we will be spreading this information to all the shareholder’s. Your hiding game is over Old Boy! Suggest you provide a shareholder’s report or else the phone will be ringing for ya non stop.

    Corruption 101

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    Home » Contact Us
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    To contact the author or his affiliates for interview or speaking engagements email

    Email :

    Phone : +231 88 610 2075

  120. Lenny Sets up his website. So he can sell his e book. Now if you are a shareholder there is no charge. Read the the rest of this site. Old Lenny still can’t manage to do a shareholder’s report. I think Old Lenny Boy is HIDING stuff. Shall I set up Corruption LIBERTY LENNY LINDSTROM STYLE 102 website. How to rip off his sheep with empty promises, and lies for 18 million and get away with it. Call CBC as well for taking a video of the old office, his foreclosed family home, and other stuff in Kelowna? Highlights of Old Lenny In Kelowna. What do ya think ? A video on Liberty while it was alive and then dissolved. Why old Lenny has not come back to B.C to face the many court cases he is involved in.

  121. LENNY LENNY LENNY , DO YOU EVER PLAN ON BEING HONEST WITH THE SHAREHOLDERS? GET OFF YOUR ASS AND SEND a shareholders’ report ! We are still waiting. Is it that hard to differentiate between the numerous lies you have told to many Canadian people versus the truth?? Is that what is complicating your swelled ego and head with greasy, long grey/blond locks ? Cut and wash your greasy hair and maybe you will be able to think better. Chuckle chuckle. I know you love your so called “rock star” status. However, why don’t you try being a CEO /President now and fulfill your job responsibilities.

    SHAREHOLDER’S REPORT ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  122. With all the emails that Old Lenny sent us, maybe I should write another blog…. and a book too ! CORRUPTION LENNY LINDSTROM LIBERTY STYLE 102. Spreading the truth folks about Old Lenny Lindstrom and LIBERTY at Chapters Book Store .. sounds good, like the ring.

    First copy – special delivery to you Old Lenny !

  123. Just re-reading some emails that Old Lenny sent. What a load of rubbish and lies, it would take me quite a while to tabulate how many LIES OLD LENNY has told people. I have made an observation, if things were going pretty good, Old Lenny’s hands were greased with cash, or if he was desperate for cash, that is when Old Lenny sent emails. Hey folks, I need a quick 5 Million.. any takers ??? If anyone out there in cyberland actually believes this asshole can run this company .. well he can , Old Lenny knows how to BANKRUPT companies very well. Come to think of it, Old Lenny had a mentioned Liberty may go bankrupt (June 25,2009 shareholders update) and son of a gun it did DISSOLVE in MAY 2012 !!!!!!! I seriously think Canadians need to learn from an ASSHOLE like you Lenny Lindstrom. Never mind the people in Liberia.. they were not smart enough to do their due diligence into you, so tough luck.

    So a month as gone by OLD LENNY and still no licenses, you have had your 15 minutes of fame, no shareholder’s update. What else is new ? DO you EVEN HAVE A JOINT VENTURE LINED UP ??? There should be at least a few them of set up and ready to go when you supposedly get these licenses????

    OH LENNNNNNNNNYYYYYYY what are you doing ? DO I need to come to Liberia again and baby sit you ?

  124. “Corruption has become a literal MALIGNANT GLOBAL CANCER – may Liberty’s Victory be a catalyst and encouragement to others in the fight against this wicked evil!!! ” says Lenny Lindstrom.

    Hmmmmmmmm I find this statement IRONIC when Old Lenny himself in my opinion MISREPRESENTED and MISLEAD himself to Canadian shareholders. Remember the talk of going public and seeing $10 a share?

    ONE OF OLD LENNY’S FAVORITE PAST TIMES IS TO SPEND BIG MONEY WHEN HE DOESN’T HAVE IT IN THE BANK TO SPEND. ex., the driller in B.C owed 300K originally, now at about 250K.

    So folks, to elaborate on the picture of events- Old Lenny was asking people to do costly jobs while he knew he did not have the cash to pay him but please Mr. Driller will you drill more? ?(*& ..DUMMY 101 Business Lesson … no cash in the bank account = no expenditures to be done as no cash to pay for the job. Its no wonder the driller took Lenny to court. Just one of the many examples in the history of Liberty.

    In my opinion, Old Lenny does not exude much in the way of business savvy sense. Clearly, Len’s track record after 10 years speaks volumes after pissing away 18 + MILLION DOLLARS. CEO/President, old Lenny Lindstrom does not have a clue on the mechanics of how to run an international exploration/mining company given that track record. A junior mining company not provide consistent annual financial reports..hmmm

    Old Lenny does know how to promise the dreams of gold and riches. Lenny does know how to FILL his pockets, his family’s wallets, travel and dine first class, purchase/lease big toys all the while the JUNIOR EXPLORATION company has not made a cent. Way to go OLD LENNY !!! A+ in those categories.

    So in a nutshell, throughout the 8 years of Liberty’s lifespan ( dissolved in 2012), Old Lenny misrepresented things/ this company and got away with it by dissolving Liberty in Canada. If there is no company, no money, then I am surmising that there is no longer a need to pay any debts Liberty incurred.

    Lies. One of the lies to shareholders was telling shareholders that his lawyer told him not to send a shareholders report speaking about the company and the cease trade orders from BC and Alberta Securities. Lenny I imagine used this lie in order to withhold any negative news. They were called these two securities only to say, yes a company can speak about the company and their cease trade orders. So ask yourself, why at that time, did Len Lindstrom withhold information on Liberty ?

    Since about 2008, and THROUGHOUT a great deal of the LIVING EXISTENCE OF LIBERTY MINING INTERNATIONAL MINING CORPORATION, Lenny did not provide a proper FINANCIAL statement REPORT, you know the kind of report that shows what was on hand, what was spent and where, so why? Guessing to skim money from the investors, it was just too easy ! The money BUFFET for OLD LENNY was there until the well of money ran dry and Leonard was indeed found out. Silence was then Len’s answer. If I avoid these people, surely, they will all go away!

    Rock stars are not stars unless they have a captive audience and lots of money. Soon, this saga will die and the “rock star ” status too.

    Why blog on these findings ? Well, after a great deal of time and investigating, one can see now a good portion of the mechanics of the Liberty ordeal. The lies, where the lack of transparency happened, etc, etc. It is an outwardly expression of opinions and facts. Maybe this knowledge helps others to save them from losing their hard earned money, prevent them from losing their life savings, homes, etc. At the end of the day, none of these facts were presented to us when investing as there was no disclosure of any negative activity, just promises that sounded great. Lesson – when it’s too good to be true, it really is too good to true.

    Now that Liberty is dissolved, it is so sad that in my opinion, Len Lindstrom got away with this nonsense of lying and misrepresenting/misleading without having been punished for these pathetic actions other than a lost company in Canada and a few people trying to sue him…. It was all the promise of making money and getting rich.

    Another question to perk the reader’s interest ! How does one stay 4 years in Liberia, a foreign country without residency status? Who funds Lenny while he resides in Liberia? A few koolaid drinkers must fund him. I wonder when will the koolaid sheep drinkers run out of money ?

    Also, ask yourself this question : How is Lenny Lindstrom working for you the Liberty shareholder when the company was dissolved in May 2012 ? Lenny can tell you all the hogwash he wants but at the the end of the day, his gig for Liberty in Canada was over the day he dissolved Liberty. One can guess that he will make a career out of this Corruption 101 book as we can see he now offers speaking engagements. We know he plans on suing the 12 Liberian government officials he has spoken of for huge sums of money. And Lenny mentioned possibly doing a joint venture if another company was interested for the remaining 5 companies in Liberia. How about this case scenario : If Lenny does indeed make a financial success over in Liberia with the explorations, how does a Liberty shareholder of a dissolved company benefit ? How do these shares become valid ? Shares in a dissolved company are worthless. Well, you could use them for ass wipes !

    What ‘s to stop Lenny from doing his own side deal in Liberia ? Who in Canada will ever know ? Again the word transparency comes into play … well… there is none. Think about this fact, THE ONLY shareholders WHO KNOW THE SUPREME COURT JUDGE RULING OF JANUARY 10, 2014 are people on his Facebook and some savvy internet folks and of course people in Liberia. This did not make Canadian National News,Globe and Mail, National Post, CBC, CTV, CNN, or BBC World news…. so it did not get into the major global news media outlets. Lenny goes on to say that it did make global notice… what a few letters to embassies in Monrovia and a few letters to Canadian MP’s. BIG DEAL ! How f**king professional is that to get such important news to shareholders when Old Rock Star Lenny has 264 friends and 11 followers ? Again let me mention the word transparency. Also, let us remind you there are 700 plus shareholders. Some have died, some do not have access to facebook, or know how to use social media, so how many actually know what is going with the Dissolved Liberty International Mining Corporation (Canada) ?

    In my opinion, Old Lenny is just as bad as those Liberian government officials. The only difference here is the type of misrepresentation and that there is a paper trail to accuse these Liberians. In Canada, Old Lenny dissolves Liberty Mining International Corporation. Why ? Well, it was a great way to sweep his garbage under the carpet, nor having to be accountable for his actions with Liberty now that it is not a company with a working telephone number, nor pay anyone /company back in Canada. Also, with insufficient funds to maintain it, why be incorporated there?? I guess folks, you could say Old Len isn’t that stupid after all ! He knew enough on how to take money and figured out how not to have to pay back his many debtors……dissolve Liberty….. poof, shazam, zap, twinkle twinkle: no more debts ! How Christian of him ! I bet his God slapped him on the forehead … Thump Old Lenny : Well done Old Boy! VICTORY ! AMEN BROTHER you made it through that saga ! Did you Lenny? Really ??? How the F**k do you sleep at night Lenny… knowing the full extent of what you have accomplished since the inception of Liberty ? I am guessing you delude yourself beyond human belief with grandiose delusions because, at the end of the day, we all know as adults when we have truly wronged a person(s). If you had any morsel of consciousness, you would have come clean years ago, maybe fessed up to your follies and weaknesses, plus stopped the insanity, and hired a qualified person to head this company. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Should of, would of, could of.

    This is so sad this saga or elaborate scam ( as others have described it in prior posts) whatever you wish to call it. Play semantics ..whatever, 700 plus people in Canada were screwed over in my opinion. And at the end of the day, Len Lindstrom continues his SILENCE with no shareholder’s report and walks away from this Canadian company Liberty with no serious punishment.

    I randomly googled other mining corporations to check out other Canadian mining corporation’s web sites for example Trevali Mining Corporation. Transparency available to all. The entire web site is professional and factual and they provide financial reports. I am sure this company doesn’t send it’s shareholder’s reports with bible thumping sputum. Liberty’s web site is a joke, it looks like a People Magazine layout with proposed this and that and not much to it other than some glossy pics. The website was last updated 2008 by the looks of it. The website doesn’t look professional and you can tell Lenny wrote the dribble on himself and others. I have never seen a year end financial report from Liberty ever available to all online annually. The only thing I found on Liberty’s website was a need for a user name and password to access Sept 2007 consolidated financials. Strange practices ???? So 18 million was raised in 2004 until Sept 2009, along with 4 million in debt. How many proper financial reports were ever done ? We know during this time Old Lenny was spending money like water because by 2009, he was broke and asking for a quick millions from others. Lenny blames the 2008 economic turmoil for his woes, not the fact that he had many opportunities to do a joint ventures. Guess what ? Old Lenny did not take any of them? Why ? Lenny would not give up any control.

    JUST AN EXAMPLE OF ANOTHER EXPLORATION/MINING COMPANY that shows transparency..check it out for yourself. FYI- Notice each year there is at least one financial report. Notice that Travali FB page is company only, and not some scantily clothed CEO, no drinking pictures or cooking lessons, no bible spewing dribble. It is all PROFESSIONAL Travali’s FB page. Do I need to say anything more ?

    Trevali Mining Corporation
    View our Facebook PageView our Twitter Page

    About Us
    Management Team
    Board of Directors
    Corporate Directory
    Corporate Governance
    Caribou Mine & Mill
    Halfmile Mine

    Santander Mine
    Tingo Electric Plant

    Projects Overview
    Photo Gallery
    Investors Overview
    Stock Information
    Media Coverage
    Analyst Coverage
    Metal Quotes
    Health & Safety
    CSR Initiatives

    Date Title MD&A Financials
    Sep 30, 2013 Nine months ended September 30, 2013
    Jun 30, 2013 Six months ended June 30, 2013
    Mar 31, 2013 Three months ended March 31, 2013
    Dec 31, 2012 Year ending December 31, 2012
    Dec 31, 2011 Year ending December 31, 2011
    Dec 31, 2010 Year ending December 31, 2010
    Dec 31, 2009 Year ending December 31, 2009
    Dec 31, 2008 Year ending December 31, 2008
    Dec 31, 2007 Year ending December 31, 2007

    In June 2009, Lenny sent the “old Leper email”. Why sit here an die …blah blah blah…looking for cash as per usual. How business like of him ? How many other mining companies use religious overtones to suck money from people ? NONE that I know of.. There are other companies that do use business etiquette when attracting investors. Well, the majority of the wallets were sheep from his flock, however, he was trying to attract big money at this time. Old Lenny is 22 Million in the hole now summer of 2009.

    Have a lovely day Lenny. Time for some transparency eh Lenny ? What say you Old Lenny ? The usual: Silence…?

    Dave : I have given you a few points to ponder. Guessing you will have some questions for Lenny. Will you be given the true answers ? I doubt it. Only Lenny sitting in Liberia will know the truth in it’s entirety. And with no other Canadian there to monitor Len, sounds to me like it is a free for all for Old Lenny. Does he have to return to Canada? Who knows?

    As my Good Friend Julie L. says – U N D O U B T E D L Y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  125. The internet is a wealth of information ! Enjoy this read. Written by David Baines at the Vancouver Sun.

    Former faith healer has ‘big fish’ from Dubai on his line

    Last September, I wrote about Len Lindstrom, a Kelowna faith healer who has turned his hand to mining promotion.

    By The Vancouver Sun May 30, 2009

    Last September, I wrote about Len Lindstrom, a Kelowna faith healer who has turned his hand to mining promotion.

    For years, the 58-year-old Christian evangelist travelled around Western Canada and faraway places like India, Pakistan, Rwanda and Tanzania, purporting to be a conduit for God’s healing powers.

    By 2006, he was mixing faith healing with stock promotion. Through his miracle crusades in Liberia, he became acquainted with local authorities and acquired some mineral concessions in that country.

    He sold the Liberian concessions to his private B.C. company, Liberty International Mineral Corp., and also staked vast tracts of land in B.C.

    To finance exploration, he sold shares to private investors. By November 2007, the company had raised more than $16 million.

    When I spoke to Lindstrom last summer, he told me he is no longer involved in faith healing and “hasn’t been to church in years.”

    Still, his shareholder meetings maintain an evangelical fervour, albeit with a secular bent. Instead of singing hymns, shareholders sing the Liberty corporate song, A Motherlode of Ore.

    In my column, I listed several concerns about this “investment opportunity:”

    – I didn’t like the way Lindstrom was hyping investors. At the time, he was selling shares at the “special offer” price of 60 cents each, and feeding prospective purchasers the old “hurry-up-or-you-might-be-too-late” line.

    – He had invested only $60,000 of his own money. Meanwhile, the company was paying him $198,000 per year, plus expenses. His wife also collected $10,000 to $15,000 per year, and the company had paid for fancy leasehold improvements to the company’s office in downtown Kelowna, which is owned by the Lindstroms.

    – Lindstrom is not qualified to run an exploration company. His geological training consists of a handful of courses ranging from one to 10 days in length. More generally, I don’t trust people who claim that God has vested them with the power to cure serious diseases such as diabetes and leukemia.

    – Financing a serious exploration project in a faraway country is a very expensive proposition. It seemed obvious to me that it would only be a matter of time before funding sources dried up and the project died on the vine.

    Since my column was published, Liberty has raised another $3.4 million in share capital, but instead of selling shares at higher prices, as Lindstrom warned, the company is selling them at half the price: 30 cents.

    Of that amount, $1.5 million was raised as recently as late February, but the company still has a string of creditors — from trade suppliers to drilling contractors — pounding on its door.

    Exactly how much it owes is not clear, but according to the e-mails and phone calls I have received, creditors are getting very impatient. Some have already filed liens on the company’s B.C. properties.

    The company, which once boasted it was the largest land holder in the province, can no longer afford to the cost of maintaining its B.C. claims, and is allowing many of them to lapse.

    This working-capital crisis represents the most serious risk of all, that the venture will simply dry up and die.

    Lindstrom — forever the optimist — says help is just around the corner. “A lot of good things are happening,” he said on Friday.

    “If you would consider holding off your story for a week, that would be much appreciated.”

    “You have some fish on the line?” I asked.

    “Yes, big fish, too,” he replied, indicating that some investors in Dubai were about to invest some serious money.

    In Canada, we have a name for those kind of fish. They’re called suckers.

    – – –

  126. MICHAEL LEE LINDSTROM is back to being the VP at LIberty…hmmmm I guess his son is being fed money again for doing sweet piss all with zero qualifications for this position. Mike’s a MLM marketer trying sell nutritional drinks etc… great experience for Vice President of Liberty……… not ! Funny how Michael can make be made VP again… and live in Arizona… Transparency …. Ah Lenny Boy.. time to update the kind folks.don’t you think ???????????

    copied from Facebook:

    Director, Investor Relations at KULT ID, Affiliate Marketer at Vemma and Vice President at Liberty International Mineral Corp

    Studied at Mount Boucherie Senior Secondary School

    Lives in Scottsdale, Arizona

    From Kelowna, British Columbia

    Followed by 18 people

  127. OLD LENNY BEGGING!!! Attention Canadian Government Officials : Liberty Int’l Mineral Corp was a dissolved company at the time of this email and remains so. Therefore these requests were purely for Slippery Lenny Lindstrom to profit for his subsidiary companies that are in Liberia not CANADA. Way to go Old Lenny!! Scam the Canadian Government too ! Piece of work you are Lenny.

    The Government of Canada,

    Honourable Minister of International Trade and Commerce;

    Honourable Member of Parliament Colin Mayes;

    Honourable Ambassador for Canada in West Africa;

    I express my respect and appreciation to you, your honourable office, and to the highly respected Government of Canada, and hereby make request to the Canadian Government in the following state of affairs:

    As a Canadian citizen and major shareholder in the Canadian exploration company known as Liberty International Mineral Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), I would like to bring to your attention the unfortunate situation that has developed in Liberia, West Africa, where the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy undertook actions of illegal cancellation and expropriation of our Company’s extensive mineral licenses and properties, thereby greatly, and adversely, affecting a large number of committed Canadian shareholders, of whom I am one of more than 700 Canadians who have invested in our Company.

    After several years and millions of dollars investment and extensive scientific exploration activities undertaken by our Company on its licensed properties in Liberia, resulting in the discovery of several highly potential gold deposits, the Company’s licenses were illegally cancelled by the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, leaving the Company with no choice but to commence a lawsuit against the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy and Government of Liberia on October 25, 2010, and on March 11, 2011, the Honourable Civil Law Court of Liberia adjudged that there had been “…gross violation of the Investor’s Rights and of his Constitutional Rights in this case” and ruled in an historic and landmark decision that the “…actions of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy were illegal, irregular, improper, and unlawful” and ordered that all the mineral licenses of the Company “…be reinstated and extended for a minimum of four years with all rights and privileges pertaining thereto.”

    To date, there has been no enforcement of the Court Judgment and no assignment issued to the Company in the Supreme Court of Liberia to address the Appeal which was made by Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, despite the on-going, determined and sacrificial efforts of the Company’s President CEO who has spent the last two years in Liberia attempting to resolve the matter in an amicable manner with Government of Liberia, to the point that he has even received threats against his life from certain Government Ministry individuals in the event he cause them too much trouble.

    Consequently, due to these unforeseen setbacks, ongoing challenges and lengthy delays by the Government of Liberia to settle the matter, whether in or out of Court, I as a Canadian investor, along with many other Canadian citizens who are shareholders in our Company, have undergone immense hardship and declination of economic lifestyle due to the potential loss, or suspension, of our investment which was made in faith in the Company and in the inherent and perceived commitment of Government of Liberia to abide by and honour the legal and internationally binding terms of the mineral contracts they entered into with the Company, and, as such, I do hereby make humble and earnest request to the Honourable Government of Canada to intervene in whatever way possible to help resolve this unforeseen problem in a timely fashion.

    WHEREFORE AND IN VIEW OF THE FOREGOING, It is my prayer that the Canadian Government will:

    · Express greater awareness and concern to Government of Liberia over the Company’s situation;

    · Encourage Government of Liberia to resolve the matter in a timely, just, legal and equitable fashion;

    · Encourage Government of Liberia to expeditiously grant the Company its day in Supreme Court to resolve the matter of the Appeal, and to rapidly follow with a fair, just and honest Opinion of the Ruling as ordered by the Civil Law Court of Liberia;

    · Remind Government of Liberia that the failure of any government to uphold Investor’s Rights and to abide by legally binding resource-based Contracts produces apprehension and undermines confidence in the International Investment Community; and to

    · Undertake whatever action possible through diplomatic channels to protect the interests and wellbeing of its Canadian Citizens in this situation.

    I greatly appreciate your prompt attention to this urgent and pending matter as more than 21 months have passed since the Court Ruling which ordered the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy and Government of Liberia to reinstate and extend all the Company’s licenses, which Court Order has not been enforced and no assignment has been issued in the Supreme Court to address the issue of the Appeal, despite many promises received of such, and it is my personal belief that without firm expression of Canadian Government concern and intervention being made to Government of Liberia, the Government of Liberia may continue to delay the matter indefinitely, while I as a Canadian Citizen and committed shareholder in our Company, along with hundreds of other Canadian Citizens who have invested in the Liberty Company, suffer loss, shortage and hardship as a result of this unfortunate predicament.

    Thank you for your making this a matter of concern and for corresponding support from the Government of Canada towards alleviating this problematic situation.


  128. Lenny has been awfully quiet. I bet he has got the licenses in his greasy hands and is busy trying to sucker someone to joint venture with him fairly quickly. . Only this time, Old Lenny will have to give up some control and part ownership ?? Are there the shares with Liberty Mineral Int’l Corp legal ??????????? Now there is the million dollar question people in Canada have. Will Old Lenny step up to the plate and provide a shareholder’s update? Or does he stay silent and remain silent on the licenses ???? Transparency , hmmm how many of you are betting folks and think Old Lenny will become honest of all sudden ? Would his God want him too? I am guessing Lenny does not really give a shit and will do whatever he can do to fill his pockets bottom line.

  129. How can a person be a CEO/PRESIDENT of a DEFUNCT company????? Lenny lists this status everywhere, linked, in, facebook, newspapers, even in letters to government officials. Is this another example of Lenny being delusional ? Could someone clear this confusion please?

  130. The New Dawn Liberia- check it out.

    Rick please do answer Patrick’s questions. I think a dose of reality is required in your answers. Rick refresh yourself look at Westcore Drilling vs. Lindstrom in B.C Court documents! Rick : are you going to tell us that the B.C Courts LIE????? What about the other court cases against Lenny Lindtstrom ?? Many of us would like to hear your comments as Old Lenny says nothing !! Rick : Do you get shareholder reports ??? And Rick tell us who screwed who over in the Westcore vs Lindstrom case? And then we will list more cases for you to explain. Since you seem to have the inside track Rick please do share the truth.

    Background checking: the Lindstrom debacle
    Thursday, 06 February 2014 00:00 By JM Cassell,


    #4 Patrick 2014-02-15 19:36
    @Rick. Please explain which information on the blogs is correct and incorrect. I agree with both of you about the illegal acts of the MLME. But you mention ‘bad business people.’ Could you expand on that? Here are a few examples of bad business practices: taking money from people, then leaving them in the dark for over three years. Asking people to work for free. Ignoring people who ask for their loans to be repaid. Any comment? We would really like to hear from you. If Cassel has ‘no clue of the facts’ then please tell us the true facts.

    +1 #3 john taylor 2014-02-15 05:29
    The fact Liberty International was dissolved in May 2012 has not been disclosed by Len – this is in the public forum under one of the court cases. Len Lindstrom sets the example of ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I say’

    +1 #2 john taylor 2014-02-15 05:18
    hello Rick – suggest you look up BC Courts online, and see how many legal cases there are against Len Lindstrom, its all in the public forum. There is no doubt the MLME did act in a dishonest fashion and awarded exploration licenses illegally to others. The issue of Mr. Cassell’s article is there wasn’t a background check on the muddy past of Len Lindstrom. Perhaps Mr. Lindstrom should look in the mirror regarding ‘corruption’ in Canada.

    -1 #1 rick 2014-02-13 18:24
    hello jm cassell

    I think you need to get your facts straight before you publically roast someone in your gossip tabloid. Len lindstrom and Liberty group have been screwed over by the Liberian government and other bad business people. there troubles have all resulted from corruption and evil ambitions of others. its easy to criticize others when you have no clue of the facts and base your information and story research from bogus google searches? please refrain from writing such crap and I suggest that your company that pays your salary should do a background check on you.

  131. Hey Old Lenny Boy: Global and International in the same sentence. You really are daft. They are one of the same. Boucherie Highschool education… what grade did you receive in english class? Did you tell Reuters that Liberty is dissolved? Did you tell Reuters that you like to run and hide from the shareholders in Canada and from the people you owe hundreds of thousands of dollars ? I bet you kept that to yourself.

    No news on the licenses… bet you are keeping that information to yourself too . Transparency, Len you need to learn that word, look up the meaning, practice it !

  132. Hey Old Lenny are all the exploration and mining companies lining outside your door to do a joint venture with you ? Or do you have that concept ” joint” confused.. and are sitting in your hotel room smoking a joint? LOL

    Do tell why you don’t have the licenses after 6 weeks.

  133. Sue : Skip your dribble, facts please? Oh, and the B.C Courts page clearly states facts. As John Taylor posted. Len Lindstrom has sent 2 shareholders reports in 5 years. Do you not see this as a lack of transparency, professionalism? Many do.

    You listed not one fact Sue. Why ?

  134. One more week and it will have been 2 months since the licenses were awarded to Old Lenny. And not a peep from Lenny in regards to what is going on in Liberia. Strange.. no, not really. It has to be glamorous in his favour in order for Lenny to report anything publicly. Reuters video, that has never happened either. I guess maybe the reporter has seen some of the blogs and would rather not attach his name to such nonsense and corruption Lenny Lindstrom Style.

  135. So Old Lenny does a press release with 7 newspaper guys. So far I have found 3 articles. He sure did get a lot of mileage out of that press release, not.

    Old Lenny talks about unhappy investors on the blog in his press release. Well, at least that was truthful.

    Ask yourself Old Lenny : why do you have unhappy investors ?

    Does it have anything to do with your many lies, misrepresentations, lack of transparency, lack of proper shareholders reports, lack of brains to know when you have screwed up and time to pass the baton on to someone who knows how to manage Liberty ? Does it have anything to do with your unethical ways of dealing with the many people/companies you owe money to? People have become unhappy in these situations for good reasons. So you think the investors are happy knowing full well they lost money, some lost a great deal of money due to your incompetency as well as, having their families go through serious issues ! And it was all because you, because no one else was running Liberty. God forbid you would ever listen to people who have years of

    experience in geology and financing. What do you think OLD LENNY ??? You need to honestly examine why many investors are pissed with you ! How about stepping out of your comfort zone of going silent when you have been exposed? That would mean being honest and explaining to the shareholders what transpired.

    You dissolved Liberty in May 2012, why have you kept that a secret? I must say, you sure do like to keep many secrets, unfortunately for you though, you have been exposed numerous times. I know, you repented for all your wrong doings. All is dandy with your god. It’s all marvelous cause you repented. Really ?? I don’t think your actions with the performance of Liberty are marvelous . Or should I say : What performance ? Clearly, your past track record tells the story, you failed miserably.

    I noticed the comments on your writing skills. I have to agree with them. It was painful to read all those run on sentences in your press release.

  136. Does this sound like someone we know ???

    An exaggerated sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

    Translation: Grandiosity is the hallmark of narcissism. So what is grandiose?

    The simplest everyday way that narcissists show their exaggerated sense of self-importance is by talking about family, work, life in general as if there is nobody else in the picture. Whatever they may be doing, in their own view, they are the star, and they give the impression that they are bearing heroic responsibility for their family or department or company, that they have to take care of everything because their spouses or co-workers are undependable, uncooperative, or otherwise unfit. They ignore or denigrate the abilities and contributions of others and complain that they receive no help at all; they may inspire your sympathy or admiration for their stoicism in the face of hardship or unstinting self-sacrifice for the good of (undeserving) others. But this everyday grandiosity is an aspect of narcissism that you may never catch on to unless you visit the narcissist’s home or workplace and see for yourself that others are involved and are pulling their share of the load and, more often than not, are also pulling the narcissist’s share as well. An example is the older woman who told me with a sigh that she knew she hadn’t been a perfect mother but she just never had any help at all — and she said this despite knowing that I knew that she had worn out and discarded two devoted husbands and had lived in her parents’ pocket (and pocketbook) as long as they lived, quickly blowing her substantial inheritance on flaky business schemes. Another example is claiming unusual benefits or spectacular results from ordinary effort and investment, giving the impression that somehow the narcissist’s time and money are worth more than other people’s. [Here is an article about recognizing and coping with narcissism in the workplace; it is rather heavy on management jargon and psychobabble, but worth reading. “The Impact of Narcissism on Leadership and Sustainability” by Bruce Gregory, Ph.D. “When the narcissistic defense is operating in an interpersonal or group setting, the grandiose part does not show its face in public. In public it presents a front of patience, congeniality, and confident reasonableness.”]

    In popular usage, the terms narcissism, narcissist, and narcissistic denote absurd vanity and are applied to people whose ambitions and aspirations are much grander than their evident talents. Sometimes these terms are applied to people who are simply full of themselves — even when their real achievements are spectacular. Outstanding performers are not always modest, but they aren’t grandiose if their self-assessments are realistic; e.g., Muhammad Ali, then Cassius Clay, was notorious for boasting “I am the greatest!” and also pointing out that he was the prettiest, but he was the greatest and the prettiest for a number of years, so his self-assessments weren’t grandiose. Some narcissists are flamboyantly boastful and self-aggrandizing, but many are inconspicuous in public, saving their conceit and autocratic opinions for their nearest and dearest. Common conspicuous grandiose behaviors include expecting special treatment or admiration on the basis of claiming (a) to know important, powerful or famous people or (b) to be extraordinarily intelligent or talented. As a real-life example, I used to have a neighbor who told his wife that he was the youngest person since Sir Isaac Newton to take a doctorate at Oxford. The neighbor gave no evidence of a world-class education, so I looked up Newton and found out that Newton had completed his baccalaureate at the age of twenty-two (like most people) and spent his entire academic career at Cambridge. The grandiose claims of narcissists are superficially plausible fabrications, readily punctured by a little critical consideration. The test is performance: do they deliver the goods? (There’s also the special situation of a genius who’s also strongly narcissistic, as perhaps Frank Lloyd Wright. Just remind yourself that the odds are that you’ll meet at least 1000 narcissists for every genius you come across.) [More on grandiosity.]

    Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

    Translation: Narcissists cultivate solipsistic or “autistic” fantasies, which is to say that they live in their own little worlds (and react with affront when reality dares to intrude).

    Believes he is “special” and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

    Translation: Narcissists think that everyone who is not special and superior is worthless. By definition, normal, ordinary, and average aren’t special and superior, and so, to narcissists, they are worthless.

    Requires excessive admiration

    Translation: Excessive in two ways: they want praise, compliments, deference, and expressions of envy all the time, and they want to be told that everything they do is better than what others can do. Sincerity is not an issue here; all that matter are frequency and volume.

    Has a sense of entitlement

    Translation: They expect automatic compliance with their wishes or especially favorable treatment, such as thinking that they should always be able to go first and that other people should stop whatever they’re doing to do what the narcissists want, and may react with hurt or rage when these expectations are frustrated.

    Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends

    Translation: Narcissists use other people to get what they want without caring about the cost to the other people.

    Lacks empathy

    Translation: They are unwilling to recognize or sympathize with other people’s feelings and needs. They “tune out” when other people want to talk about their own problems.
    In clinical terms, empathy is the ability to recognize and interpret other people’s emotions. Lack of empathy may take two different directions: (a) accurate interpretation of others’ emotions with no concern for others’ distress, which is characteristic of psychopaths; and (b) the inability to recognize and accurately interpret other people’s emotions, which is the NPD style. This second form of defective empathy may (rarely) go so far as alexithymia, or no words for emotions, and is found with psychosomatic illnesses, i.e., medical conditions in which emotion is experienced somatically rather than psychically. People with personality disorders don’t have the normal body-ego identification and regard their bodies only instrumentally, i.e., as tools to use to get what they want, or, in bad states, as torture chambers that inflict on them meaningless suffering. Self-described narcissists who’ve written to me say that they are aware that their feelings are different from other people’s, mostly that they feel less, both in strength and variety (and which the narcissists interpret as evidence of their own superiority); some narcissists report “numbness” and the inability to perceive meaning in other people’s emotions.

    Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him

    Translation: No translation needed.

    Shows arrogant, haughty, patronizing, or contemptuous behaviors or attitudes

    Translation: They treat other people like dirt.

  137. Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    In order for a person to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) they must meet five or more of the following symptoms:

    Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
    Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
    Believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
    Requires excessive admiration
    Has a very strong sense of entitlement, e.g., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
    Is exploitative of others, e.g., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
    Lacks empathy, e.g., is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
    Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her
    Regularly shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

    Because personality disorders describe long-standing and enduring patterns of behavior, they are most often diagnosed in adulthood. It is uncommon for them to be diagnosed in childhood or adolescence, because a child or teen is under constant development, personality changes and maturation. However, if it is diagnosed in a child or teen, the features must have been present for at least 1 year.

    Narcissistic personality disorder is more prevalent in males than females, and is thought to occur in up to 6.2 percent of the general population.

    any comments?

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