1. GnikNatas

    Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
    You are on the side of Satan being so soft on Satan’s Science.
    The evils of Science and so called scholarship are uncountable yet you continue to go soft when REAL CHRISTIANS need to be unwavering and unapologetic about the Word.
    It is week willed Christians like you who want to use Satan’s Science and apologize about what they see as biblical deficiencies.
    End days are here. Get on your knees and pray for forgiveness and forsake all books but the bible.
    It’s time for true Christians to take down the lies of rationality and so called scolarship.
    Either you believe in God or don’t. It’s time to grow a pair and really stand up for God.


  2. Wow…adding works to Grace, a vulgar mouth, accusations against others, judging others, conspiracies and failure to accurately spell scholarship. Seriously, thanks for the laugh


  3. It’s a simple matter people…

    If you believe that there’s God who created the earth, naturally the world is old when God created it, because God did not create the earth from single tiny organism. He created the earth as already grown up and fully matured like when He created Adam. He did not create Adam in a fetus form. When Adam appeared he was already a matured man. If the scientists were there during creation and did the autopsy and DNA testing naturally they will say he is already about 20, 25, 30 years old, etc… because God really created him as fully grown and matured man… so the scientists will say…”ohh! Adam was created 20, 25, 30 years ago, etc!!!” LOL!.. bear in mind…that’s how God created him (already grown up).

    In science, the scientists will say that the earth is already million years old or so… Yes!… because that’s how old it is when God created it from the start. He created the earth as fully matured and complete planet. When it was created, there were already old rocks, stones, dried leaves, etc. included in the creation… The scientists will show that as evidences. LOL!!! lol!!! to deceive people from believing God.

    IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE in GOD… whose lost? :)


    1. Ozie, it really isn’t that simple. Instead, it is about believing one interpretation over another.

      Further, you addition to the text is in of itself against what I assume you would normally believe – extreme literalism.

      In other words, for you, it is not really about believing the Word of God, but about believing your interpretation.


      1. The word of God clearly says how he created the earth and Adam. Yes, it is really literal because you don’t have to manipulate what is clearly written in the bible. The bible is clear how God created the earth. I just posted it because they are just complicating the issue. It’s just simple, if you accepted Christ and believed in God, then you must believe what He said in the Bible on how the earth was created.

        That issue will just complicate if you don’t believe that the bible is a word of God, or you don’t have God at all (maybe other gods). If so, there’s no argumentation, coz that’s what you believed. Thanks.


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