1. Phoenics

    If you look at pictures of the actor in real life and contrast it with his role as Satan in this series, his skin tone as Satan has been darkened substantially with makeup. They made his skin tone darker (the old dark=bad) while the “good” characters of the bible typically had lighter skin tones.

    I think that is what bothered many.

    I found your justification to be unsettling and disingenuous, sadly.

    My heart grieves at how some wish to remain so willfully ignorant of society’s treatment of minorities, all while claiming to know Christ. It gets tiring after a point and illustrates why Sunday morning is the most segregated day in America.


    1. Justification?

      While I respect your right to your opinion, I feel that you like others are clouded by your own agenda.

  2. Phoenics

    Above corrected to say the good characters of the series were portrayed by actors with lighter skin tones.


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