1. I hear you. If we assume that going to war with the Algerian pirates was necessary, then it would make sense to have a united government capable of taking on the pirates.

    However, relentlessly skeptical as I am of warfare, my next step would be to try and figure out whether a concerted national war against the Algerian pirates was ever necessary.

    Pirate, in this case, is a very prejudicial term, as the boats in question were working for the Algerian government.

    The other problematic assumption here is the assumption that US citizens should continue to enjoy the protection of the US government no matter where they go, even in far-off waters claimed by the Algerian government. The idea that the US should be able to militarily dictate to the Algerians the legal status of waters near Algeria might well be, if you ask me, the basis for a very imperialistic approach to world affairs which has plagued us ever since.


    1. Mitchell, my friend, I have a suspicion that you may not fully know about the historical situation surrounding the events, nor have, is what is in my opinion, an accurate view of the role of government as seen by the Founders.


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