1. rey

    “Let Marcion and Paul of Samosata then blush, who will not see what the Magi saw, those progenitors of the Church adoring God in the flesh.”

    I’m sure Marcion would blush for having deprived MAGICIANS of being able to see God born by an unnatural birth. (sarcasm)

    Marcion believed Jesus descended from heaven fully grown already having his flesh, much as Jesus is made to describe it in John 6 “I am the bread that came down from heaven…the bread is my flesh” (i.e. I came down from heaven already having my flesh). In this way Marcion deprived a couple of MAGICIANS from seeing an unnatural birth. Oh boo hoo.


    1. You do make a habit of missing every point possible, don’t you?

  2. rey

    Well Joel, you said you wont get into the “science of the star” but that you are certain “there was a star of some sort which brought the Magi of the East to look for the birth of the King.” On what evidence does this certainty rest? Only Matthew records it and nobody else, unless you count commentaries on Matthew as somehow independent verification. (smurk) Do you base this certainty on Matthew’s perfect track record of always telling us the truth? Since he was obvious perfectly correct about the Zombified corpses of the OT saints rising from the graves when Jesus died but staying there like good dogs until Jesus also arose and then showing themselves in the city (also recorded by nobody else) and then doing only God know what (dying again?) And since his constant twisting of OT scripture to force it to be prophecies of Jesus and his making up a prophecy out of thin air (“he shall be called a Nazarene”) are obviously so exactly on the mark. Well, I guess we just have to bend all the laws of nature to make a start appear there in Bethlehem. Its just not possible that someone as perfectly accurate as Matthew could be wrong. Especially since we are 100% certain that’s his real name.


    1. You sure are cool (sarcasm).

      Most likely, following traditional methods of theological storytelling, the star was an angel, btw.

      As far as the ‘OT saints’ (doesn’t specify that, actually, but you do seem to add to scripture a bit anyway), you need to read some better explanations of what happened. Further, he didn’t ‘fit’ ‘prophecies’ to Christ. Instead, he interpreted the life of Christ by the Old Testament. Duh.

      Not sure you point, but wow (smurk).


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