The Secret of the vision board

Megan Castran had a dream for Oprah to visit Australia. When Megan was in Chicago for a taping of an Oprah program she gave Oprah a card inviting her to Australia. Oprah said she would come for dinner. Later at home in Melbourne, Megan placed a photo of Oprah on her vision board … and a few months later Oprah is in her house having dinner. The vision board is a component of the Law of Attraction. Oprah on The Secret:

The secret to The Secret is that there has to be a definite belief. And then you have to work.

So belief and works. And a vision board. Your dreams will come true. It works for Megan. She has really fallen for the cult of the church of Oprah.

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Living the dream, in Sydney.

4 thoughts on “The Secret of the vision board

  1. And my “vision board” for Joel and Jar Jar Binks has not worked either … jar jar hasn’t been erased yet and joel still loves him.

  2. wait for it, jim. i’ve heard rumors about her leaving her show here in a couple months. you’ve gotta be patient while the universe twiddles its thumbs and tries every so hard to work up the motivation to grant your request.

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