1. Gary

    Let’s go back a couple hundred years, when a doctor got paid with some chickens. Congress should receive their salary in the equivalent number of live chickens. It would have a two-fold benefit. It will prop up the chicken market (good for those congressmen that favor farm subsidies), and it will give them something to pluck besides us.

    As a side note to Mitt, I wish the taxes went up on everyone above $250K, since I am a slacker, looking for freebies. Just don’t like congress and Swiss bank accounts. This should boost Joel’s hits on this post. Notice the across the board cuts are postponed for two months. See which has a priority, more tactical fighters or grandma’s medicare.

  2. Skid

    Well, my first comment to my wife this morning was that this was only more big government and big bonuses for big business all laid on the backs of the little guy. You can’t blame neocons as they are on the same side as the President when it comes to unfunded spending. The CBO reports $4T more debt but history says that will be low unless Washington changes course. BTW, what’s with the ammendment pic? I didn’t think there were any ammendments from the house on the cliff legislation. I haven’t checked your link but I will later as it’s not so easy on the iPod.


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