1. Gary

    I can identify with this. One uncle died in a iron mine in Northern Minnesota (had his head pulled off in a conveyer belt accident). One uncle was captured at the beginning of WW2 on Corregidor, and spent the rest of the war working in a Japanese coal mine in Japan. Two working conditions that were not optimal. Some unions may be bad, but many potential employers are much worse. I think of this everytime I hear Republican say how bad the unions are.

  2. Dr. David Tee

    One thing should be noted–the Bible does not record any verse granting support or permission for the establishment of unions. it also doe snot talk about rebelling against one’s employer. Notice that Paul sent a slave back to his master.

    If you are going to use the Bible, then tell the whole story not just the part you like.


    1. Oh my….

      First, your idiocy knows no bounds.

      Second, the Church is a union. Slaves do obey their masters, but employees aren’t slaves. Their is neither slave nor master… And, we could go further. Paul sent the slave back because it was law, but Tradition tells us the slave was freed and became a Christian bishop.

      Surely, surely one with even your inability to read Scripture knows the difference between employee and slave, right?


      1. Dr. David Tee

        The only idiot I see is you. That is news to God. You really do not know what you are talking about


        1. So… God doesn’t know everything?

          How about this – put up or shut up.

          1. Dr. David Tee

            Your problem is you have blinders on and assume much. If you had read my original post honestly, you would have seen that I did not disagree with the part that speaks about employer responsibility towards their employees.

            The same verses that apply to employees apply to employers. If business owners actually followed God’s word then they would treat their employees a lot better and pay them like they should.

            But your haste to insult me just destroys your credibility and point. Discussion does not exist to insult those who may say something contrary to your point of view, nor does it exist for you to place your interpretation upon other people’s words.

            You like throwing the baby out with the bath water because it helps you find excuses to continue to follow sinful ideas.

          2. In other words… You think a slave = an employee. You realize you have no credibility right?

  3. Dr. David Tee

    p.s. The verses ‘do good to those who do evil…’; ‘do not repay evil for evil…’; ‘do unto others…’ apply to employees and how they treat their employers


    1. Yes, and James 5.1-6 applies to the employers as well… as does the words of Jesus… and Paul… and Moses…

      But, then again, I doubt you get Tom the Tank Engine so I wouldn’t trust you to understand Scripture.

      1. Dr. David Tee

        You really do not know what you are talking about do you? Notice, that those verses do not grant permission to form unions, to strike, to return evil for the evil done to the worker. Notice, verse 8 where it says ‘don’t grumble against each other…or you will be judged…’ You seem to cherry pick the verses to avoid doing what God wants.


        1. Have you not read the OT?

          Do you not realize that Scripture doesn’t lay everything out?

          Unions are drawn from the rights of the worker in the OT and in the NT – and in Christian Tradition.

          I do not condone violence, however, protecting one’s right is Scriptural. Further, grumbling is a bit different than saying an honest day’s wage for an honest’s day work.

          1. Dr. David Tee

            If God didn’t lay everything out, then the Bible is of no good to anyone. God may not use specific words or phrases that you are used to hearing but HE has laid everything out for man to know what to do.

            Please list the scripture references that detail the ‘rights’ of the workers. Then compare them with the parable of the employer who hired workers at different times of the day but paid the same wage to all. Read his words carefully.

            These supposed rights you proclaim do not over-rule nor negate employers’ rights. Rights, if they truly exist and George Carlin didn’t think so, are a two way street.

          2. Wait… You think scripture lays everything out perfectly? That stands against all Christian tradition, logic, and reason. Say… How about the nuclear bombs? Or democracy…. Or the rights of children…

            You are a devilish little IMO and worse than an atheist.

            For the rights of worker, read all of scripture.

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