1. faatih

    Nothing new about this.

    Many of these heavily conjectural orientalist polemics have been refuted.

    The claims about the Sana manuscripts are quite laughable as the variations are essentially to do with vowel differences and some dialectical differences. If it was anything more serious we would hear more about it.

    Anyway a lot of orientalist polemics are carried out by people from a certain cultural background trying to superimpose their own very cynical understandings of Islamic history and trying to twist things around to suit their pre-concieved ideas.

  2. alex

    Great article. The very fact that the koran was not written down at the time mohammed recieved the message means that an oral tradition was present in between the immaculate reception and its written form. naturally, oral traditions will have some variation over time and over person to person. As Quranic textual studies continue to gain momentum, more will be coming out in the next few years and it will be interesting to see if it heralds an Islamic reformation.

  3. khalid

    I have read all controversaries presented here and on other websites. First time in my life I have read all this with patience, logic and vision. please you or your designated persons to throw light on this :-
    1. Why God or heavenly body donot contact humans personally instead of prophets.
    2. Is it genetically true that Adam could be borne without a mother and father and then even borne out of man i.e man can give a birth to woman?
    3. Is it possible that Jesus Critst could be borne from Marry as mentioned in Holy Books.
    4. As per Islam 1,24000 prophets visited on this earth. Is it true all came on Arab Penninsula and that too 250 km radius. How come God doesnot need his followers on other parts of earth.
    5. Why Christians not murdered upon quittal christianity and joining Islam or other religions.
    6. As it possible Prophet David had Jins and could travel in Air. He liked Queen of Saba and she was broght to him against her wishes.
    7. Moses remained 40 days at Mountain Tore, met God and broght just 10 commandments. All rest were given later at his own.Have we ever tried to preserve some other dead body to see what has been said about Pharoh in Egypt.
    8. Please tell me the trust about Ram and Seeta. Were they Prophets? and what the Indians are following.
    9. What is real spirtual commonality anddifference between Bible and Quran?
    10. I have 5 more questions and suggestions which will be issued upon answering the about questions


  4. Is the koran the word of al-ilah? al-ilah says sick 65:4 pedophile all children of the world, 76:19, 56:17, 52:24 sodomy, 4:34 beat 78:33 full breasted women, 4:3 polygamy sex lust, 56:36 virgin paradise is a sex joke, all obviously made by men to get away with murder & sex crimes with a fake god excuse.

    Arab myth pagan moon god al-ilah is the same non existent moon al-ilah today.

    360 al-ilahs pre-mohamed, is father & uncles name.

    1972, Muslims found the Sanaa manuscripts prove the koran is man made, experts prove koran words were changed, absolute clear proof islam is total fraud, not a religion but crimes against Muslims with a pretend god called al-ilah. In other words Muslims were lied to so men would have advantages with a phoney god excuse for power & control!


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