1. Amen, “As we rediscover Tertullian today, we acknowledge his historical importance, his alien setting and his strongly individual mind. It is plain that in him the Western mind (‘der abenlanische Geist’) finds its first Christian expression. ‘In Western Christianity everything seems to commence with Tertullian: the technical language of Christians, theology, interpretation of scripture and other manifestations of a religion which in part already settled and in part on the move.’ (C. Moreschini, Aspetti della dottrina del martirio in Tertulliano, Compostellanum, 35 -1990-, 55.) This continunity is qualified by our estrangement from his world, where a surfeit of gods gave him a setting which is alien to our secular scene.” (Eric Osborn, Tertullian, first theologian of the West; Cambridge, 1997…2003 first paperback edition)
    Fr. R.


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