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Examination of Cantor’s Zionism and Bachmann’s Dominionism

Both Eric Cantor and Michele Bachmann have extreme religious beliefs. In Cantor’s Zionism God expressly desires a piece of land in Middle East be ruled and occupied by Jews. Bachmann’s Dominionism asserts that Christians should play a special role in the American Republic. However, the major news outlets have treated their religous beliefs very differently. While it is open season on Bachmann, Cantor’s Zionism is off limits. In a bizarre marriage of extremism, Zionism and Dominionism are joined at the hip; one never speaking a word against the other. But which one is truly dangerous for America? via Cantor’s

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Have you seen the Messianic Movement In Israel?

Read the entire thing. In line with this grasp of history, Tau has encouraged many of his disciples to limit their time in the study hall and seek careers in the military, which he sees as the road to power and influence within Israeli society; a growing number of leading IDF senior officers are his students. In time, Tau confidently believes, the current occupants of positions of power in Israel will yield their place to those who alone understand the subtle dialectics of God’s movements through history. Nobody can deny that, in recent decades, the dreams of religious Zionists for

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What Role is Israel Playing in Keeping Mubarak in Office?

Egypt has been Israel’s near partner in maintaining peace, albeit a ‘cold peace’, for many years. What would a democratic government in Egypt do to that process, especially if it was the Muslim Brotherhood who controlled the Government? “The Israeli government is freaking out,” said Dr Shmuel Bachar, at the Israel Institute for Policy and Strategy. “For the past 30 years we have depended on Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel. Now, suddenly, we have rediscovered the existence of something called an Egyptian public, the existence of which we’ve vigorously tried to ignore.” (here) The President of the United States

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Is Post-Zionist Theology is an Attack on God’s Character?

Image via Wikipedia I didn’t know it was post… I thought Christians were simply returning to a better theology which is found solidly in church history. Not everyone agrees with me, I reckon. Surrounding by enemies on all sides, both literally and figuratively, Israel has long known that it can count on the Evangelical Christian Church as a stalwart ally, a shield against an increasingly aggressive campaign to reverse this nation’s divine restoration. But that is starting to change. Within the Evangelical Church itself there is a growing trend toward a different view of Israel, one that questions whether

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Christian Zionism is a ‘A Fanatical and Dangerous Ideology’ – UK Gov’t told

A film produced earlier this year that depicts Christian Zionism as a fanatical and dangerous ideology is gaining popularity in the UK, and is even being peddled to government ministers in an effort to snuff out the influence of grassroots Christian support for the Jewish state. A municipal councillor in Northern Ireland notified Israel Today that he and many other local and national officials have been invited to attend a screening of the film “With God on Our Side” on November 11 at Queens University in Belfast. The event is being sponsored by The Ireland-Palestine Alliance. Among those invited

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Are we Encouraging Apartheid in Israel?

I am becoming more and more convinced that Pastor John Hagee will one day be viewed as being a part of this unfortunate fraternity of clergy who were trusted to preach the truth of God and instead proclaimed a lie. For his personal and political gain, he is preaching a message of separation, discrimination, and occupation in light of Palestinian people. Apartheid literally means “separateness“. The article links to another article, this one supported by South Africa, which concludes that yes, what Israel is doing is in fact apartheid, There is growing international awareness of the occupation and oppression

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Is Middle East Peace Likely? Abbas agrees to Israeli control over Western Wall

This is always a touchy issue, politically and religiously, but it seems that at least for now, the Palestinian Authority is making overtures for peace with Israel. Could a two-state solution be in the forecast? Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has given U.S. special envoy George Mitchell a list of written proposals for reaching a peace agreement with Israel, which includes leaving the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem and Western Wall under Israeli control, Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat reported on Saturday. … Abbas is said to have proposed the creation of a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, but with a