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Christians do not behead

We have seen the pictures and videos (or, preferably, read the headlines) about the horrible atrocities committed by ISIS and other Islamic fundamentalist groups (plenty of Muslims oppose ISIS). They do so to appease their god and to keep the land/movement holy. They do so because the believe in the wrath of their malformed god. Christians long ago gave up beheading for crimes. Indeed, the last major spate of beheadings occurred during the French Revolution. Many of us consider the death penalty wrong. Some do not. Many Christians in those two various camps, however, believe in caring for the


Fred Phelps has died

I pray for the soul of Phelps who has died this morning. I hope the reaction from those he hated is “out of all proportion” to the damage he has done.

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The Greatness of Christianity

Ignatius of Antioch, in writing to the church in Rome, concludes a passage with the thought, “Christianity is greatest when it is hated by the World.” There are a few ways to look at this, I guess. The first, is through the lens of the self-proclaimed martyr who believed that only through his death could he be ‘proved a Christian.’ The second is through what some may label empire critical and the such. By this, I mean we understand Christianity as the other kingdom, opposing the World System. In this case, like much of the New Testament, World =

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Is @TheIRD floating the idea of supporting #WestboroBaptistChurch?

I’m trying to make sense out of Barton Gingerich’s latest post at the IRD blog. He opens with But how much do we know about them? Yes, they make it above the centerfold on the front page, but what else? It seems our disgust at such revolting behavior keeps most of us from researching Westboro any further. However, I think it is incredibly important to know who and what Westboro actually represents since they have left thousands of Christians cowed in shame for believing in traditional marriage. The Westboro Baptist Muzzle | Juicy Ecumenism – The Institute on Religion & Democracy’s Blog. He


Ironic title about Tim Tebow and Westboro Baptist Church

Guess both really like Pepperdine: On Monday, Pepperdine’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts announced quarterback Tim Tebow as the keynote speaker at the 2013 Pepperdine Associates Dinner. “Each year we try to pick a speaker that we think will be a draw to our constituency and has something important to say,” wrote Keith Hinkle, senior vice president for Advancement and Public Affairs, in an email while out of town. “He’s found a way to win when many have said he couldn’t. We also wanted someone who could speak to faith, leadership and courage, which we believe Tim can do


Another Westboro Scion Leaves Her Church – Different one from this morning

If they keep this up, either the church will be empty or we can just wait until the old folks die off. Her departure has hurt them already—she knew it would—yet there was no way she could stay. “My doubts started with a conversation I had with David Abitbol,” she says. Megan met David, an Israeli web developer who’s part of the team behind the blog Jewlicious, on Twitter. “I would ask him questions about Judaism, and he would ask me questions about church doctrine. One day, he asked a specific question about one of our signs—‘Death Penalty for


Yeah, I sorta know how Libby Phelps feels

I have to say sorta because I wasn’t in her shoes. We didn’t have enough guts to go an stand on the street corner and “share” our beliefs. Instead, we set in our pews and preached to each other about them: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy More sites are carrying her story as well. This is a great one here.