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Bath Salts, the poor man’s meth which was the poor man’s crack which was…

When Neil Brown got high on dangerous chemicals sold as bath salts, he took his skinning knife and slit his face and stomach repeatedly. Brown survived, but authorities say others haven’t been so lucky after snorting, injecting or smoking powders with such innocuous-sounding names as Ivory Wave, Red Dove and Vanilla Sky.

Some say the effects of the powders are as powerful as abusing methamphetamine. Increasingly, law enforcement agents and poison control centers say the advertised bath salts with complex chemical names are an emerging menace in several U.S. states where authorities talk of banning their sale. (here)

Honestly… why? Who actually thinks of these things…

It is becoming a problem here, and frankly, we already have enough problems with drugs in our small towns. This will just make it easier.

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