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More on the Death of Bethany Deaton and connections to IHOP

When the news broke last week, a commentator on this blog said that the group had started in Texas and therefore the cult mentality could not be blamed in Mike Bickle and the bunch. Yet, there is more news. Tyler Deaton and his group was from Georgetown, Texas, a small town north of Austin and south of Waco. Do you want to take a guess as to what group has a location in this town?

An International House of Prayer.

On campus where were associated with IHOP.

Birds of a feather.

The cult mentality and heretical teachings of Mike Bickle may not be directly responsible for the death of Deaton and others, but it is is passively so. It attracts and validates those with such views and gives them the intellectual argument to continue their cult — all in the name of God, all blessed by Mike Bickel.