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The Problem with “God’s Plan”

George Zimmerman, in an interview Wednesday with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, called the shooting death of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin a “tragic situation” and “the most difficult thing I’ll ever go through in my life.”

The volunteer neighborhood watch leader spoke about details of the shooting, said he’s sorry that Martin’s mother and father had to bury their child and, when asked if he regrets anything that happened that February night, he said, “No.”

“I feel that it was all God’s plan, and for me to second guess it or judge it,” Zimmerman shook his head.

via Zimmerman says he’s sorry Trayvon Martin’s family had to bury their child; family calls apology insincere | Fox News.

Wow… So, poor guy, he shot an unarmed kid that he chased down, and he’s have a rough spot.

Oh, and killing that kid… no regrets because God made him do it?

Civil Rights Groups Patrol Streets in Wake of Trayvon Martin’s death – Except…

A Fox Orlando affiliate decribed Neo-Nazis as “a civil rights group” on a television broadcast and online. The group of Neo-Nazis, known as the National Socialist Movement, has been conducting armed patrols of the streets of Sanford, Florida, the town where Trayvon Marting was shot dead.

via Fox Orlando Affiliate Calls Neo-Nazis ‘A Civil Rights Group’ | ThinkProgress.


#TrayvonMartin and the Porch Monkey Hunting Joke

Friends, don’t think I usually speak like this, but I wanted to bring to your attention a long standing “joke” in the Deep South. I remember receiving in my copy in 1994-5, and I have seen it since in various forms, with various states at the head. The idea that is is somehow justifiable to kill a young black man because it was done by another color is not a foreign one. We joke about it. We laugh about. We do it. We do it in video games; we do it on television. In jokes. Books. Sports. We do it in war. On death row. It’s easily done, with no remorse, and supported by society.

We have our excuses too. They look differently. They are crime ridden. They are less than human. These justifications excuse us.

The murder of Trayvon Martin is a symptom of a bigger, underlying disease in us. Below is the joke… the mentality which is prevalent for those who, like Glenn Beck, can coyly suggest that Trayvon had it coming (for breathing while being black). You don’t think these things play a part in the way we perceive these actions? Why then are protests happening in New York and not New Orleans or Tallahassee, Atlanta, or Richmond?

Due to the extremely cold and icy conditions and regional flooding of LOUISIANA game lands this past winter and early spring, breeding populations of most game animals are far below the normal limits for the upcoming hunting season. Therefore, the hunting of deer, rabbit, pheasant wild turkey, squirrels, bear, raccoon, and bobcat WILL NOT be permitted in the state of Louisiana during the 09-10 hunting seasons. However, Governor Bobby Jindal has provided by special decree, a substitute game animal to be hunted in order for the state not to lose license revenues and for hunters not to lose their woodland skills. 

Effective September 1, 2009 thru June 1, 2010 there will be an open season on porch monkeys (UNEMPLOYUS AFRICANAS) occasionally known as jigaboos, saucer lips, shines, jungle bunnies, spooks, ******, shadows, spear chuckers, bluegums, coons, deuces, spades, critters, blackies, splibs, tar babies and moon crickets.

The following regulations will be enforced:

1. Hunters may not hunt in parties of more than 50.

2. No single hunter may use more than 20 dogs.

3. There will be no hunting in areas considered to be game reserves such as welfare offices, food stanp distribution centers, liquer stores, Cadillac dealerships, pork rib sections of meat markets, ghettos or arenas where professional basketball is played.

4. Traps may not be baited with pork chops, fried chicken, collard greens, watermelon, cheap whiskey, Ripple wine or Air Jordan athletic shoes.

5. No more than 5 grams of crack cocaine are allowed to be used as bait per day, per hunter.

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