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Can we narrow down who gets rights even further?

Tony Perkins states, I would use that term ‘Christian’ loosely. That title is — let’s talk biblical, here’s the deal, it’s like with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that we worked on in Mississippi and failed in Arizona and other places, here’s a test of what is a true religious freedom, a freedom that’s based on orthodox religious viewpoints. It has to have a track record, it has to come forth from religious orthodoxy. Note, not only is such a test actually forbidden in the US constitution, but the Founding Fathers who themselves couldn’t qualify stated numerous times the

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The Official Unsettled Christianity Statement on Duck Dynasty

Since everyone else is issuing an official statement, I might as well too. I’ve seen the show twice, perhaps. I am not a fan, but I am not non a fan either. I respect the showcase of family values, however, given the scripted feel of the show I am skeptical about the reality behind the reality. Recently, the patriarch of the family, Phil Robertson, participated in an interview with GQ magazine wherein he compared homosexuality to terrorism and said homosexuality leads to bestiality. This has attracted the expected reaction from the Left, the overreaction of A and E, and

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No Military Court Martial for Christians — what will @toddstarnes do now?

These are accurate statements quoted within a proper context without hyperbolic rhetoric: Members of the military are free to share their faith as long as they don’t harrass others, the Department of Defense said in a statement today. A Pentagon ban on proselytzing had caused an uproar in social media this week. Conservative activists claimed that service members could face court martial for talking about Jesus. via Military says no court martials for sharing faith | The Tennessean | Or, in other words, things you’ll never see on Fox News. Among the other things Starnes will do is

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Tony Perkins doesn’t understand modern economics

“American liberals are upset that Ugandan Pres is leading his nation in repentance — afraid of a modern example of a nation prospered by God,” the FRC’s Tony Perkins tweeted on Monday. Uganda Has Tony Perkins Support | What? How do I know? Because killing gays is not the best way to obtain your god’s favor for good crops. Killing Virgins, on the other hand.. Where is Rick Warren and other big namers who supported this bill? And why is that Tony Perkins can get away with this, let loose by other Christians when everyone who can read knows

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No, the FRC is not biblically based…

So stop wondering why it is labeled a hate group by the SPLC, Nathan. I can’t figure out how any group, especially one that is biblically based can legitimately be called a “hate group.” If living out the tenets of one’s faith and operating an organization based on those principles is enough to warrant being labeled a hate group then SPLC is going to have to update and increase their list of hate groups to include every Catholic charity, Christian owned business, religious non-profit, and individual citizen living out the beliefs taught in the Bible on homosexuality. That’s a

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Tony Perkins is the face of Christianity?


Religion and Politics

Maybe Anne Rice was correct: Family Research Council: ‘We Support Todd Akin Fully And Completely’

Zeke Miller at Buzzfeed reports: “We feel this is a case of gotcha politics,” Mackey told reporters outside of the Republican National Committee’s platform committee discussions. “He has been elected five times in that community in Missouri. They know who Todd Akin is. We know who Todd Akin is. We’ve worked with him up on the Hill. He’s a defender of life. He’s a defender of families and this just a controversy built up, I think, it looks as though, to support his opposition. Claire Mccaskill on the other hand, has supported planned parenthood all these years, which is