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Thomas Nelson stops publication of David Barton’s “book”

The Thomas Nelson publishing company has decided to cease publication and distribution of David Barton’s controversial book, The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed about Thomas Jefferson, saying it has “lost confidence in the book’s details.” (See “The David Barton controversy,” Aug. 8.) (here) Wonder if Barton is a martyr for this? Will the Becky-beck-beskistan-Beckster stop with the Barton circus? Or, more than likely, Baron will sell his fantasy to others who simply believe what is written in a book unless it is a real book. Confused? But, bully for Tommy N. Good job.

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More from the Zondervan and Thomas Nelson merger – The MacArthur NIV Study Bible

You know how I feel about Christian publishing houses as ruled by Murdoch, especially when you consider that 50% of the Christian publishing market is essentially controlled by Murdoch. Anyway… It seems that John MacArther will not added his notes to an NIV Study Bible: The project has been in the discussion and planning phase for more than a year now, said Chip Brown, Zondervan’s senior vice-president and publisher of bibles. Under the deal, Zondervan will license the NIV translation to Thomas Nelson, which will publish the bible, expected to be released in fall 2013. How Zondervan struck a

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Ahh, yes… the spawn of the Thomas Nelson/Murdoch Empire Merger

Shawn as brought to my attention a book to be released by Thomas Nelson, authored by none other than just about the greatest fiction writer today, David Barton. It purports to expose the “Jefferson Lies.” These are some of the “myths” which will be explored: Jefferson and Sally: Did he really have children by his slave, Sally Hemings? Jefferson and Jesus: Did he really abandon the faith of his family? Jefferson and the Bible: Did he really want to rewrite the Scripture? Jefferson and the church: Did he really advocate separation? Jefferson and slaves: What is the truth about

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Um, does it bother you that Rupert Murdoch own a lot of the Bible publishing market?

I enjoy HarperOne’s publishing, but as I have stated before, I am not a fan of Zondervan because of the bible thing. I don’t like bible publishers owned by the likes of Murdoch. Now, Thomas Nelson will join that group as well: HarperCollins Publishers today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Thomas Nelson, Inc. for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition, which is expected to close by the end of the calendar year, is subject to regulatory clearances and other customary closing conditions. Thomas Nelson is one of the leading trade publishers in the United States. 


Review: The Sacred Meal: The Ancient Practices Series

As another entry in the “Ancient Practices Series”, The Sacred Meal explores the value and meaning of the Communion. Granted, many see little value in the ages old practice, but Nora Gallagher brings to light some of the hidden uniqueness of the Eucharist and invites her readers to partake in a valued Christian Tradition, but more than that, to make that same well-worn tradition come alive once more and truly be a communion event. The style is conversational, and in several instances, I found myself talking back to her. She is a high church Episcopalian, but an emerging artist


Review: Dad’s Bible: The Father’s Plan (Hardcover)

With notes by Robert Wolgemuth, Thomas Nelson has devotional-style bible geared to fathers, and just in time for their special day. The embossed hardcover book is not meant to be a traditional study bible, noticeable by the use of the New Century Version, but to be used by fathers in ‘daddy situations.’ It is wholly conservative evangelical in its approach to biblical headship, the authority of the husband, and other issues (found int he Q & A section in the appendix) such as Creation. The notes are arranged into several topic including ‘Walking in Authority’, ‘Godly Character’, ‘Passing it

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Review: The Voice New Testament

From Amazon: The Voice™ is the product of the best minds in this emerging generation of Christian leaders. Together they are helping young people fall in love with the Scriptures. Instead of confining God’s Word in the framework of biblical criticism, The Voice™ highlights the beauty of God’s communication to His people. In The Voice™, the voice of God is heard as clearly as when He first revealed His truth. This is the first-ever complete New Testament in The Voice™ translation. Writers include Chris Seay, Lauren Winner, Brian McLaren, Greg Garrett, David B. Capes, and others. Features include: Bronze,