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What you need to know about the Million Vet March, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and the Tea Party

From the groups official statement:

We have, as a group, been prevented from certain groups that have piggy-backed off our grassroots efforts, to effectively create a comprehensive media message campaign. We made the mistake of trying to partner with some Washington insiders that thwarted many of our genuine concerns for keeping this apolitical and grassroots. While we support many of those groups common causes for Veterans, we do not support the manner in which they go about it. We chose instead to not incite or create panic.

via Million Vet March Organizers Condemn Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and the Tea Party.

By the way, it was hardly 1 million, but it was just big enough to have Confederate flags and other familiar Tea “We’re NuT Racists” slogans (lay down the quran, etc…).

Now I guess Sarah Palin and Ted ‘My Dad was a Communist’ Cruz gets to call the Veterans communists.


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Zeeda Andrews – “The President is really Osama Bin Laden”

The fact that these soldiers were set up to die in a no return operation is obvious they had knowledge that Obama didn’t want leaked. This is the Seals that killed Osama Bin Laden. I don’t believe this story. He is alive call me crazy but, Osama Bin Laden is our President Obama do your research. The CIA has been preparing for this since he was a boy. They have same height, bone structure, hands and ears both are left handed the Osama face was created by Hollywood. The fox is in the hen house.”

via Organizer of ‘Ride for the Constitution’ Believes President Obama is Osama bin Laden | Americans Against the Tea Party.

HT to TV via FB.

Remember, Fox News trumpeted this as possibly 10,000 truckers. Glenn Beck calls her a courageous American.


Maybe the truckers decided she was nuts and didn’t show. According to reports, about 30 showed up.

And remember, she is loved by the Fox News crowd.

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Report on IRS screening of nonprofit applications

You can find it here. Unfortunately, this is not that big of a scandal — not really a scandal.

Here are some other facts. Of the 300 targeted groups, 75 were Tea Party. Not, Party, as in Political Party. Others were Democrats. If you look at the process, I have to agree with Scott Hodge of the non-partisan Tax Foundation when he said, speaking yesterday on Morning Briefing, that there is no crime, but at the most, some boundaries may have been stretched. Further, there is no connection established to the White House, unlike the last President. The problem is, is that we do profile expected problems. Duh.

Now, the Justice Department will investigate… unlike last President.

If you actually believe this is a scnadal, I pity you. The real scandal is how much you are ready to see this President fall.

Good luck, America.

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So… about the #IRS thing


The IRS inspector general will release an audit sometime this week, but congressional aides gave several media outlets a draft of the audit. According to the document, IRS employees in the Cincinnati office used several troublesome phrases to single out 501(c)4 applicants for review — including, at various points between 2010 and May 2012, groups that “criticize how the country is being run,” aim to educate Americans “on the Constitution and Bill of Rights,” and lobby to “make America a better place to live.”

In order to avoid paying taxes under section 501(c)4 of the tax code, groups are supposed to have “social welfare” as their primary goal. And while advocating for issues and legislation can be a secondary goal, outright politicking is forbidden, especially for individual candidates. After the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in January 2010 allowed 501(c)4 groups to raise unlimited amounts of money, the IRS was flooded with applications.

via How big is the IRS scandal? – The Week.

This article (above) is about the most non-partisan, least fear-mongering one I can find.

Here’s the deal — a lot of hands are in this one. Bush appointees, Obama appointees. Congress. Decade-old reorganization. Stuff like that. But, more. SCOTUS with their citizen’s united decision. What happened? Read the article.

So, you have groups with the sole purpose to not pay taxes, to violate laws regarding the first amendment, and you expect the Government not to keep an eye on them?

Why now?

We want the Government to watch out for every dark-skinned person (dark, and I mean just this side of Chickasaw County, Mississippi) person, but the very people telling you they want to “take their country back” and they respect no laws expect the Constitution (not that they have clue as to what that means)… these people you want to go free?

Not to mention, the IRS under the previous administration investigate liberal groups.

No — ideology should not be the driving factor in investigation…but read the article.

Now, we are four days into this. Don’t make up your minds. Because if you do, it is likely no amount of facts will sway you.

Good luck, America.

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What is ‘pro-Constitution, pro-America’?

Clearly, at one time, it was the American Fascist Party.

James Ives, who was listed as the president of the Greater Fort Bend County Tea Party in 2011,confirmed to The Texas Tribune on Monday that he had made a promotional video for the American Fascist Party and advocated tea party principles on a Fascist Party message board.

Texas tea party leader promotes Fascist Party as ‘pro-Constitution, pro-America’ | The Raw Story.

Oddly enough, this is not the first time a far-right Fascist Party has co-opted the pro-Constitution, pro-America spill.

Maybe they are. Maybe they understand the role  white people were originally meant to play in this country, at least the role assigned to them by the Founders and enshrined in the Constitution under the word “people.” Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking the effective history of the great check mentioned by Dr. King was really what the Founders intended.

Oh, and I dare anyone to tell me with a straight face the Tea Party is not about racism…

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