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What listening to Todd Bentley and John Crowder get you”>empty

First, here: “Eisegesis” — from the Greek root word “eis,” which means “into, in, or among.” Eisegesis is the errant hermeneutic practice of reading or forcing a desired meaning into a text, by applying either an unbiblical or extra-biblical presupposition to the text. “Exegesis,” on the other hand, is the biblical hermeneutic practice of drawing the true meaning of a verse or passage from the text, by using other sound hermeneutic principles to assist in arriving at the right interpretation. Proper exegesis of Scripture requires the Bible student to set aside subjectivity for objectivity. I would like you to

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Mercy Ministries (HillSong) exorcism books leaked

First here, then here. We have to remember that this is the same group which was unable to discern Michael Guglielmucci‘s deception concerning his ‘cancer’. Now we see that they have a bit more explaining to do concerning their mental mistreatment of young women and others. This is what happens when you make the ‘worshiping’ the central part of the service, of that of the Worshiped. When you remove doctrine, there is no end to the amount of false teachings and practices that will arise. Handbooks allegedly used to perform exorcisms on sick girls at the controversial Mercy Ministries


Sid Roth – Mind Control

Sid Roth is a ‘Messianic Jew’ with his own television program. We have previously examined some of his statements and statement concerning him to reveal that his doctrine is false. In this video, Sid begins to speak about ‘speaking in tongues’. I will not discuss the idea of cessationism, either the merits (none) or refutation thereof (many), but I will discuss Sid’s take on the tongue talking. Whatever we do, or claim to do, must be done in the light and shadow of the holy Scriptures. If we claim to speak in tongues, it must be measured, and not


Sid Roth’s (False) Messianic Vision: An Appearance By the Archangel Michael Walters

I posted on Sid Roth a long, long time ago, and yet he is constantly being viewed. As a matter of fact, my original post is third in Google’s search for Sid Roth. Not only is that pretty cool in of itself, but more people have a chance of seeing the truth about Sid when they go looking for a lie. via Sid Roth’s Messianic Vision: An Appearance By the Archangel Michael Walters Kathie Walters and Sid Roth ministered at a conference in North Carolina in mid July. The following is Kathie’s report from the Saturday night meeting where

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Minnesota Report issues short guide to Sarah Palin's connection with Joel's Army

Minnesota Independent: News. Politics. Media. » God’s Army: A short guide to Sarah Palin’s extreme religious worldview. Media coverage of Sarah Palin during the run-up to her debate with Democratic counterpart Joe Biden has focused increasingly on her apparent ignorance in matters of policy and public affairs, and understandably so. But it’s an open question whether all the things Sarah Palin doesn’t know are really more disturbing than the things Palin believes she does know as a function of her religious faith — a militant (and, where real-world politics are concerned, militaristic) evangelical creed that sees it as the

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From the Bible that is rarely read: Sirach 15.9

Simply a thought… A hymn of praise is not fitting on the lips of a sinner, for it has not been sent from the Lord. For a hymn of praise should be uttered in wisdom, and the Lord will prosper it. (Sir 15:9 RSV) I have made no bones about enjoying the Orthodox Study Bible, and this is one of the reasons why. While reading Acts 16 today, I came across a cross reference pointing to Sirach 15.9 as well as Luke 4.43. Now as we were going to the place of prayer, a slave girl met us who