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The Right Reverend Stephen Colbert and Lawrence Krauss


Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow – Vote for Herman Cain in South Carolina

Again… money does not equal speech. What Colbert is doing is a great thing, I think. This is not about endorsing a presidential candidate. This is about equalizing the American democracy. Money does not equal speech.

Well… good luck…

It’s time that all good people come to the aid of their country… Stephen Colbert

Whatever you may say about Colbert – he’s a comedian, a Catholic, a white guy, a guy with a funny looking ear – one thing you must say is that he is single-handedly calling attention to the abuse of money in politics. Money does not equal speech. Well, it shouldn’t.


He’s also given an interview this morning, which is particularly funny. He pulls a Newt Gingrich… you know… well watch.

Colbert to run for President, maybe

Stephen Colbert is transferring control of his super PAC to fellow Comedy Central host Jon Stewart, making it legal for him to explore a presidential run.

“I’m proud to announce I plan to form an exploratory committee to lay the groundwork for my candidacy in the United States of South Carolina,” Colbert said during a Thursday night taping of his show, according to CNN. (here)

Wow…. Wish I was in South Carolina…

Anderson Cooper Rips Stephen Colbert

Sometimes, you just have to laugh (and while I usually laugh at Jeremy, Anderson Cooper is pretty funny too).

So, laugh…