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WV Delegate wants Science Fiction Taught in Schools

“In Southern West Virginia, there’s a bit of a Calvinistic attitude toward life – this is how things are and they’ll never be any different,” he said. “[Science fiction] serves as a kind of antidote to that fatalistic kind of thinking.” via Bill for compulsory science fiction in West Virginia schools | Books | This is the same delegate, by the way, who suggest that children from homes who cannot afford school meals be forced to clean toilets and do other menial labor jobs to pay for it. He’s a far right Republican, by the way, supporting things


Star Trek – Into Darkness – Final Trailer

Oh my goodness…


Star Trek – Into Darkness Trailer: Kirk Gets SherLOCKED

My prediction: Sherlock is Gary Mitchell returned from death — Kirk had to kill him when he became a god — to break cray cray on Earth.   Or…   It has something to do with the Return of the Archons. It was remade as a comic book two-parter where the supernatural stuff was taken out and replaced with government conspiracy. Maybe Benedict is playing Cornelius Landru This looks like the deflector dish. In the comic book, a similar scene has the hull of the ship in this location, along with the same type of robes/coats. Boom. You are welcome. Oh,

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The best Abbey Road meme ever

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The meaning of Star Trek…

I grew up on Star Trek… Loved it. It provided me – still provides me – with a hope and a dream. Plus… the Orion girls…


I think Benedict Cumberbatch is playing a Vulcan in Star Trek 2

No one knows who the evil dude is, but I think that he is a Vulcan – Sybok maybe? Read about it here. If you’ve been following the comic book tie-ins, you will note the story line of a Vulcan revenge plot against Romulus. Umm….

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Star Trek had a God

Yesterday, I posted something on a documentry, and movement it seems, relating to people thinking that we are Cylons. (Read Dr. McGrath’s take on it as well). Anyway, today I found and article by Chase Masterson (Leeta, ST:DSP) about religion in the Star Trek Universe. Apparently, it was not as atheist as I thought. Personally, I like the notion of religion as found in BSG more than I do the one in Star Trek, but it is interesting for those who find reception theory enticing. Sadly, many of us have had less than stellar experiences with religion in our