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Congressman Lamar Smith: Pirate, Hypocrite

Lamar Smith, the politician in question that has been pushing the bill that has even the tech Gurus over at Mashable screaming foul over SOPA’s extreme overreach and censorship capabilities, has allegedly used a photograph for the background of his campaign website without giving credit to the photographer or paying for its use.  That’s right, the guy who wants to stop online piracy is apparently an Internet pirate himself – Arrrrrrr You’ve got to read this article… before it is taken down…   Related articles The SOPA Blackout… ( SOPA Rep. Lamar Smith blasts Wikipedia blackout, says law to go forward


Don’t “Strike the Internet” in protest of SOPA. If you go dark, they win.

As Jim noted earlier this morning, several major internet sites are protesting SOPA by “going dark.” Even my good friend Chris is participating in it. Don’t. This is what the major organizers of SOPA want. Those radicals, like us, who are actually the internet, going dark will be the best thing for them. It’s like this… a law is passed that threatens to take away the ability to preach. So… all the preachers do not preach for a day. They boycott preaching. You know, to make their point that if a law is passed not to preach, they aren’t going to