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Seriously, I am so happy I could — may already have — cried a little. I actually feel like I may one day have the ability to call myself a scholar, one day. Anyway, Giving your Students to Molech’s Fire May Be Permitted (Co-Presented with Thomas S. Verenna; Online Publications Section, 2013 — Baltimore) Working on a Building: Mark’s Correspondence to Daniel’s Structure (Markan Literary Sources, 2013 — Baltimore)

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2013 Annual Meeting’s Program Book is online #SBLAAR

Find it here. Meeting Begins: 11/23/2013 Meeting Ends: 11/26/2013 Call For Papers Opens: 12/15/2012 Call For Papers Closes: 3/1/2013


My SBL (2012) Paper

Thanks to Bryan E. Lewis for recording this. I would suggest putting in the head phones and cranking it up, or reading the paper. I would like to thank everyone who came to hear my paper and those who have supported me along the way with my blog and the like. Thank you to all of my friends and those scholars who have created the educational space. I chose not to overly correct it — although I know there are my usual typos and other things. Call it a natural paper. The entire paper and footnotes can be found here: From Blogging


Is there or should their be a Farrer Section/Seminar at SBL?

I tend to think so. Sure, it might go better at the International SBL, but I do think that maybe we should, if we haven’t already, start one. Maybe I’m missing it. Help me out if I’m missing something. I’d like to see it look at how Matthew and Luke used Mark.

Publications and Papers

SBL Paper Accepted: From Blogging to Book – The Fruits of Accessible Scholars

I’ll be presenting: How is that a blogger went from knowing it all, to knowing nothing to writing an academic book? This paper will seek to answer those questions, showing the value of accessible scholars and scholarship and the effect it has had on my, moving me from fundamentalism, pushing me into seminary, and finally, allowing me to engage scholars. In the middle of book reviews, follow-up, biblioblog wars, and questions of where the women are, I managed to find a workable thesis and a publishable idea. That’s the importance of ‘biblioblogging,’ that it can serve to reach seeking

Mark / Mimesis / Scholarship / etc.

Do all literary sources need to be, well, literary? Adam Winn on (non-)literary sources

I am trying to write my proposed SBL paper (since it is my first time, I have to turn the entire paper in). It will be fore Markan Literary sources: This Seminar on Markan Literary Sources will explore Mark’s literary dependence on extant literature, especially Jewish, Christian, and Greco-Roman—a topic that has long been neglected. The method will include awareness of: (a) ancient methods of reshaping texts; (b) recently-developed criteria for judging literary dependence. For those who have followed my blog – and to Robert who constantly has to hear about mimesis – you can see why I would


I need help – What does an SBL paper consist of?

I want to submit a paper for next years SBL… thoughts? Suggestions? What are the requirements?