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On Simcha…

Dr. Robin Jensen and her employer, Vanderbilt University, have filed motions to dismiss thelawsuit brought against themby pseudoarchaeologist, professional filmmaker, andrecent filer of multiple lawsuits against critics who disagree with his conclusions, Mr. Simcha Jacobovici.

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Apparently the mayor is not the only one in Toronto smoking crack

Simcha is trying nail down another paid-for award, it seems. That’s right, the nails are back, but his analysis has gotten even worse. Much worse.

By the way, this has been refuted by a real archaeologist.

I don’t have the time or the wherewithal to point out the phallacies Simcha needs to firm up his case. He tries to wrap his hands around it, but keeps getting the shaft. He just keeps spitting it out and expecting the world to swallow it.

Anyway… as someone pointed out… nails near or in a tomb doesn’t point to death, rather… they would point to the resurrection. The nails only become important IF JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD.

HT to XCV8 via the tweeters for the title. It just seemed to fit.

Wait. Dang it. Am I seeing Simcha everywhere? I mean, Simcha sees Simcha everywhere. In every line. Every line is an attack. Every attack is about Simcha.

Dang it. I’ve got SimchalookatmebecauseeveryoneisalwaystalkingaboutmebecauseimSimchaits.

What has Simcha done to me!!!!!?!?!??????!!!!!!

Must be a Canadian thing.

I wonder if Little Honey Tee Tee is a Canadian?

@Goodacre Finds a Bride for God

Mark Goodacre writes –

On Sunday, I posted some comments on Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson’s forthcoming book and documentary, Jacobovici and Wilson’s “Lost Gospel”.  It led to a very interesting comments thread in which the possibility came up that their “lost gospel” might in fact be a section from Pseudo-Zachariah Rhetor featuring a Syriac text of Joseph and Aseneth as well as the correspondence that prefaces it.  In response to this, Richard Bauckham has sent the following comments, which I am here promoting to a post of its own….

via NT Blog: The Bride of God or the Lost Gospel of Joseph and Asyath, Richard Bauckham.

Go. Read.

@goodacre on Jacobovici and Wilson’s “Lost Gospel”

I’d usually just retweet this, but you need to read this.

NT Blog: Jacobovici and Wilson’s “Lost Gospel”.

Why? Because it is likely this book (from some inside sources I have on the matter) will be delayed once again. But, read the above post to find out why.

Dr. Cargill on the Rhetoric of Simcha Jacobovici

He concludes,

He states himself that he is not an academic. Perhaps we should stop expecting him to argue like one.

Granted, Simcha will not recant of his false accusations, his deceptions, and his hyperbolic notions of awards and titles, but at the very least, people will get to see the full story.

McClellan on Jacobovici’s (rather immature) Rhetoric

Daniel concludes –

Mr. Jacobovici is fabricating an ideological opponent and juxtaposing characterizations of our work to rhetorical jabs at that strawman in order to associate us with it and thus appeal to a growing and popular ideological community that is interested in a specific anti-establishment and humanistic Jesus.

via Jacobovici’s Rhetoric | Daniel O. McClellan.

A fantastic read.

What can you buy with enough money?


Title$, position$… and the revi$ion of hi$tory.

First, note this post… Hilarious.

If you’ve followed the Simcha/Tabor fiasco, you’ll note the need to call into question certain items, especially related to Simcha’s interview with Father Puech. This has caused some to reconsider some of the long standing issues from the beginning, such as the number of replicas in the possession of Simcha, et al.

Dr. Mark Goodacre has revealed that there are two replicas.

simcha is paranoid 1

Simcha swears that his opponents are something like 33rd degree Masons

Dr. Tabor has since responded, suggesting that their is a pre-existent narrative (we are unable to prove) and,

They are indeed somewhat different since two different labs produced them using the photos we had taken. I think the second might be a bit more accurate overall, especially in the proportional size of the “fish” and a more careful representation of the “little fish” along the border, plus a few other details, such as the “zig zigs” on the left end that should have been added.

As Tom Verenna has pointed out, Tabor has been shown to have changed certain items and representations based on criticism, without citing either his changes or his motivations for such changes.

Notice who Tabor says made the second replica –

The second was done in Israel by Associated Producers, for the launch of The Jesus Discovery film

Associated Producers is Simcha’s company. Further, there is considerable time between the creation of the two replicas. What transpired in this time? The criticism leveled from actual scholars.

There are issues here as well, but more on that as it develops.

For instance, see Tom’s post on what makes a replica a replica.



It has been shared in numerous venues, but Father Puech, a research giant in the Dead Sea Scrolls and latest victim of the Simcha propaganda machine, is now retracting much of his previously aired statements in support of the so-called Jonah fish. Fr. Puech has gone so far as to say he was abused by Simcha. If you have seen the video, and there is no reason to post it once again, then you will have noticed the reproduction was not what the actual pictures showed. Thus, the Professor was lulled into a common trap — the presenter gives only the evidence followed by subtle suggestions so that the respondent is left with but one simple choice.

I would wager heavily that had Puech dismissed Simcha’s claims, we would not have seen the video at all. But, that is in the past now.

Fr. Puech was visited by someone he thought was Noam, but then introduced to Simcha.1 Of course, he was called for an interview on his area of expertise, and then surprised with this.

I am ashamed to have been abused by the Simcha Jacobici film and by the exploitation of the interview they did. Simcha never presented himself by his name before the inerview; I was called by Noam for an interview first on the Dead sea Scrolls, with that addition in two different occasions.

For now, the professor maintains with a guarded edge a reading of Jonah, but I suspect when he sees the evidence, he will retract.

And this follows neatly the revelations by Daniel McClellan and Tom Verenna about certain word games and uncited changes. This hasn’t stopped Simcha from still posing as a legitimate (co-)director of an archeological dig. Remember, you can buy this position but it is more like an ex officio position than anything requiring work.


Dr. Mark Goodacre as asked for Simcha to apologize.

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  1. Note, this site links to James Tabor’s blog, Simcha’s partner as it were. I must give high praise to Dr. Tabor who posted the letter on his blog.

Tabor, Jacobovici, and deception? Feudal Academia

Cannes Film Festival

this is the image of the real Cannes Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daniel concludes, in part…

It should be needless to say, but the title of Tabor’s blog post is entirely deceptive. Whether that deception was calculated or the product of naivety and lack of forethought is not clear (the latter may be possible in light of the author’s misspelling of Émile Puech’s name, by the way).

via Tabor, Jacobovici, and THE Cannes Film Festival | Daniel O. McClellan.

You’ll have to note that the New York film festival is akin to the ‘a film festival located in Cannes to rip off the name of the town’ — you essentially buy your award…

Much like Simcha purchased his ‘co-directorship’ for the archaeological dig…

No word yet on how he got his no-cla$$es-assigned adjunct position at Huntington… I don’t want to speculate…

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Simcha is the new Dan Brown

Others are reporting Simcha’s latest stupidity:

Lately, I’ve been posting a lot about the Jews of Spain, the Inquisition and the “conversos” i.e., those Jews who were forcibly converted to Catholicism back in 1492. I’ve even traced world champion tennis player, Rafael Nadal, to a converso family. But now I want to go further and let you know that some of the Jews who were persecuted by the Spanish Inquisition were actually descendants of the earliest Christians. In fact, and I know this may sound far-fetched, I believe the evidence is overwhelming that Jesus himself traveled to Spain.

This is sorta like the plot line to various movies and books descending from [Holy Blood, Holy Grail]]]. I’m not dating Simcha is so low on new ideas he has to retread the same old myth… But I’m not not saying it either.

Note, this is also akin to the legendary Acts 29 where Paul does go to Spain (and then to Britain) so I guess why not Jesus too.