Some thoughts on #Sherlock’s Finale

It was awesome. There are some loose ends which I hope will be cleared up, but over all, this was a a vehicle which showed some development for the Sherlock-Watson friendship, as well as Sherlock’s character over all. After all, the line which separates the villain from the hero is a rather small one. Sherlock and Jim are the same, except for one small issue. Sherlock has rationally chosen friends above himself, even will bemoaning that he has no actual friends. If you’ve read the books, you know that Holmes faked his death once, so to see it on


Excuse Me, But Your Moral Absolutes are Showing

In a 2005 episode of the BBC’s Doctor Who, The Doctor is on a space station that broadcasts nothing but game shows in which the penalty for losing is death. In this world, the “weakest link” gets incinerated in front of millions of people. In a key scene, The Doctor turns to the manager of the station and says “Your staff executes hundreds of contestants every day.” “That’s not fair,” the manager replies. “We’re just doing our job.” “With that response,” growls The Doctor, “you just lost the right to even talk to me.” The fascinating thing about this scene