Beck, Hagee, 7 Mountains and Dominionism

Again, PJ, with thanks for ruining my day: Instead, I want to use this to further explore something I mentioned last week in my “The Religious Right and Six Degrees of Dominionism” post: though not every person who shares a stage with a controversial figure can be said to share that figure’s views, those who either invite such figures to participate in their events or else themselves agree to appear at events hosted by such figures are offering, on some level, their validation of such views. In the case of last night’s Beck program, it would be unfair to say that

Janet Porter, Dominionist – Discernment Ministries are ‘Cultural Nazis’

PJ is keeping up with these types, more than I am these days, I reckon, and does a fine job at it. From here: Porter has dedicated her entire column to attacking Discernment Ministries as a bunch of “cultural Nazi’s” who want to see hymns “re-written to praise Barack Hussain Obama”: We now have two generations who are lost in the lies of humanism, evolution and homosexuality, facilitated into fornication and abortion, trapped in pornography and devastated by divorce. Congratulations. If you’re still having a hard time discerning what to do, here’s a helpful hint: if you find yourself

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Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan and Wagner’s Dominionism

This is sort of an answer to someone about Rick Warren’s involvement with Dominionism which is currently being led by C. Peter Wagner: C. Peter Wagner yet again – Bruce Wilson finds an interesting quote from Wagner’s 2008 book Dominion! How Kingdom Action Can Change the World, in which he discusses Rick Warren’s “P.E.A.C.E.” Plan, which seeks to improve conditions in Africa (p. 174): I think the P.E.A.C.E. plan fits most comfortably into Phase One, the “social action” phase of strategies for obeying God’s cultural mandate. The Phase Two emphases on strategic-level spiritual warfare and associated activities have not

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Dominionist Patricia King wants to make movies

I’ve tried to stay away from the Elijah List’s comedy hour/house of horrors, but everyone once in a while, I get an email that makes me laugh/gets my dander up. Such as this one. As part of the Seven Mountain Mandate these dominionists say that they must take over different areas of culture (Business, Media, Education, Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion). One of these ‘mountains’ is the entertainment industry. Seriously. Before Christ can come back, the Church has to make movies. The Lord has been speaking to me for a number of months regarding the entertainment industry and His plans

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More 7 Mountains Nonsense – Spoke it and Soak it

Seriously – DON’T buy this cd. “Seven Mountain Symphony” — Jesus Is Speaking Through Some Of His Chosen Generals In This Hour To Release Revelation and Impartation! This CD is a new sound! It’s a “Spoke and Soak” — it has the spoken word with soaking music. There is not a sound like it in the earth. It is a new sound for a new day. Seven Mountain Symphony is a sound commissioned and inspired by Holy Spirit. It is a symphonic ensemble of some of the leading apostolic and prophetic voices of this generation — the voice of

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Jake White’s church is ‘toxic Christianity’ (Hillsong invades South Africa)

Hillsong Church, Australia’s charismatic religious movement, which established itself in Cape Town just six months ago, has been described as “toxic Christianity” by some, but as having a “vibrant and positive outlook on life” by others. With the World Cup-winning former Springbok coach Jake White, as well as controversial Western Province flank Luke Watson, in its congregation, the church has said it wants to be “so large that the city and nation cannot ignore it”.

Lance Wallnau and Rick Joyner want your money

Lance Wallnau, Rick Joyner, David Yarnes, Rich Marshall, and Eric Metaxas want your money. Seriously, they are promoting a Kingdom Business Conference, which they say, The Kingdom Business Association has gained amazing traction, becoming a format for prophetic insight that has proved accurate and desperately needed for these times. If you are a Christian business person, or have a marketplace ministry, you will not want to miss this conference. Seriously, that’s all that I can find. Here are the media sets from the 2008 conference. This conference is devoted to teaching the most powerful and effective kingdom principles that